Starlink Open for Pre-booking in India: World’s Fastest Internet Service By Elon Musk is Now Available in India to Know All About Starlink

Starlink Open for Pre-booking in India

Starlink is the company that will provide the fastest internet service founded by Elon Musk, who has said that it is now available for pre-booking in India and its service will start in India by 2022. He says that the internet speed will be 50 Mbps to 150 Mbps. It is being started pre-booking in India for $99.

Starlink is a highly advanced technology equipped with very modern technologies that can provide the fastest internet in the whole world. Elon Musk has been planning this for many years ago. There are many technologies used in it, the biggest part of which is It has more than 42,000 small satellites left in space which will connect together and provide fast internet.

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All the satellites that have been sent around the entire Earth, so that all the satellites will be communicating with each other and provide super-fast internet. The most strange thing is that. We will be able to reach the internet to every corner of the whole world. Its maintenance is very low and we will be able to use the internet at a very low cost.

You can order Starlink by visiting Starlink’s official website. Keep in mind that it is not available in the whole of India, it is available in some places but in the coming time it will be available in the whole world. Now it has been launched in a beta version. After order Starlink kit will be sent to your address, along with that you will have to download Starlink’s mobile app.

Why Starlink is Better than Other Internet Service Providers

Starlink has been created by using very advanced technology, The Internet users will be able to use the Internet at a very low cost, that too super fast speed. It is also environmentally friendly. We are so much connected with technology that in this age of today we cannot even imagine our life without technology. Whatever kind of technology we use, no matter how eco-friendly it is, it does harm our environment, but if we use technology that has harm the environment very little. And we can easily use it, what can be better than this.

All the providers of the internet we are using now have towers in our area, but Starlink does not have any tower installation by this small satellite which has been sent to already in the space and we can use the internet from that satellite. with small hardware that can set up in our house.

To know more about Starlink, you can read on Wikipedia, other than that, if you have any query related to Starlink, you can read FAQs on Starlink’s official website.


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