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Startup News Of The Week

In order to always be updated in the world of startup and business, Startupcrow has started a series for you, where you get all the top news of startups and businesses every Saturday. Today where startups and businesses are on a lot of trends, there is also a lot of news where. There are many peoples who are so busy in their work that they cannot know all the news, so in this series, you will get every top news Which you should know if you want to stay updated in the world of startup and business. Top Startup News Of The Week.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth Crosses $200 Billion

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’s net worth has crossed $200 billion, According to the Real-Time Billionaires List by Forbes With it being one of the wealthiest people on the planet whose net worth has crossed $200 billion for the first time. Jeff Bezos also holds shares of many companies apart from Amazon, including Aerospace, Blue Origin, and Washington Post.

Byju’s Raises 909 Crores From DST Global

Today, where the operation of e-commerce has increased a lot and at the same time, the trend of e-learning is also very much in trend, especially due to COVID-19 Pandemic, online education is also very popular in India. The largest company which provides online education BYJU’S recently raised a fund of 909 crores from DST Global. With this, BYJU’S Net worth has grown to more than $5.4 billion and has also become the world’s top largest Edtech company that provides online education in the world.

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Walmart To Join Microsoft To Buy Tik-Tok

A few years ago, short video sharing platform Tik-Tok became very famous all over the world, as well as it is currently banned in India, during this time, Walmart who is the Emperor of the retail company, type with Microsoft. It has been said in the report that an agreement assigns between Walmart and the parent company ByteDance to sell Tik-Tok in the US, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand with $20 billion to $30 billion range.

OYO Valuation Drops To $8 Billion

According to the report, Oyo has lost its entire $8 billion valuation due to this coronavirus pandemic, but if we compared it to other hotel chain companies, the decline is small, apart from Airbnb which is the world’s second-largest hotel chain. It decreases the entire 50% or $18 Billion market valuation.


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