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Success Story Of BoAt | Business Model of boAt 2022

Success Story Of BoAt

Success Story Of BoAt – Aman Gupta Behind the Startup 2022 It is quite rare that you see an Indian company on the list of top global wearable brand. According to a report by IDC, the boAt company has successfully made it to the list of top five global wearable devices. Even though the company mainly focused on the Indian market. The boAt success story has proven inspiring. Founded in 2015, boAt company sole purpose is to be a lifestyle brands.

Success Story Of boAt Company

Currently, there are several brand that manufacture music devices. The main problem was that the devices were not profitable. This is where the boat company stepped in and revolutionized the industry. It offers a wide range of service, such as headphone, earphone, speaker, travel charger & premium cables.

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The company also designs audio-focused electronics such as wireless speakers, earphones Airdopes, wired headphones, home audio equipment, and a variety of mobile phone accessories. This India based startups has managed to attract customers with its modern and pocket sized product. (Success Story Of BoAt)

The journey from a small Indian company to a large company is extremely fascinating. Let’s go ahead and know all about the boat company and the mind behind the startup.

The inspiration behind the startup

The founders, Sameer Mehta & Aman Gupta, wanted to create a lifestyle brand that dealt with trendy audio focused electronic. The BOAt company started out as a manufacturer & seller of cables and has now expanded its empire.

The sole objective of the boAt company was to provide affordable, durable and most importantly fashionable audio products & accessories for millennial. They came together and laid the foundation of the company in 2016.

The slogan, tagline and logo

the slogan of the ship company. Nirvana means attaining complete peace & freedom. The founders thought of this as the catchphrase because perfect music allows users to connect with their souls. It also helps create a boundary between them and the living world.

Growth of the BoAt Company

Also, celebrities and Indian cricketers have run the company. The company is constantly growing and extending its services to millions of ‘boAtheads’. boAtheads is a term the company uses for all of its consumers and brand ambassadors. It’s only been five years since boAt’s inception, and yet the company stands out with over 800,000 satisfied customers. (Success Story Of BoAt)

Why is BoAt successful?

Achieving success is not an overnight process. Constant dedication and perseverance lead the way to success. BOAT Company has modified its approach from the beginning and to date has continued to improvise. There are several factors that put BOAT on the road to success.

Growth of the company

Additionally, celebrities and Indian cricketers have run the company. The company is constantly growing and expanding its services to millions of boAtheads. boAtheads is a term the company uses for all of its consumers and brand ambassadors. It’s only been five years since boAt inception, and yet the company stands out with over 800,000 satisfied customers.

Consumer satisfactions at its best:

The company aims to meet the needs of users and develop products by closely observing their requirements. The company first product was an indestructible charging cable and charger from Apple. After the founders perceived its urgency, the product was developed. In the past three years, people are looking for more and more sports and drop proof earphones. Following the need, boAt company released drop proof earphones. Along with that, it also introduced interesting colors for its products. (Success Story Of BoAt)

Variations in the boat catalog:

The second product the founders brought was an audio range, which included headphones. Since Indians love bass, the company named its first headphones BassHeads. The organized headphone market was growing at a rate of 20 to 30% per year. In 2018, boAt launched speakers, and in 2019, sound bars and home audio systems. Sound bar sales were expected to reach 200 million to 300 million in 2019.

A lifestyle brand:

The company believes that boAt is a lifestyle brand and not a consumer electronics brand. This strategy was showcased at Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai in 2019. During the event, models wore boat products as their only accessories when walking down the ramp for one of the designers.

Marketing strategies:

The boAt company has stuck to online marketing instead of selling the products in retail stores. He deliberately stayed away from conventional media such as television and the press. The founders mentioned that the reason is that millennials sell the products online. The company primarily runs its campaigns on Facebook and other social networks. It also uses word of mouth from Celebs as its marketing strategy.

Target the right audience:

The company is well aware of its target audience. It presents stylish and affordable products that appeal to young people. With that in mind, the boAt company has appointed all the young faces in the industry as its brand ambassadors. These ambassadors represent India’s most followed passions & obsessions Bollywood and cricket.

Therefore, when celebrities and cricketers represent the brand, it creates a lot of buzz. The boAt company has recently started to develop products with the main objective of being young people. Developed sports headphones and Bluetooth speakers have caught the attention of fitness focused millennial. Thus, customers pick and choose accessories that fit their workouts, trails, hikes, basically their lifestyle.

What drives the future of BOAT?

boAt sees the growing trend of smartphone embedded audio equipment as its next growth channel. You’ve noticed that almost every major phone manufacturer has partnerships with audio companies. For example, Apple has Beats, Samsung has Harman and JBL, Huawei has Sennheiser, and many more. Therefore, the company hopes to attract more new customer with attractive bundled offers, thus saving people from having to invest in separate headphones or earphones.

Why is the boat company so famous?

The BoAt has an amazing collection of wireless headphone, earphone & speaker that are distinguished by the quality, affordability & world class design that the company offer. BoAt, founded in 2016, is hailed as India No. 1 company. 1 Brand of Audio Headphones

Is BoAt made in India?

Currently around 10% of Boat’s products are made in India. The remaining 90% is produced in China and Vietnam, with the latter contributing a paltry 1%. Boat’s goal is to manufacture about 40% of its production volume in the domestic market by 2024.

Who owns BoAt?

Aman Gupta is Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd., doing business as BoAt. Aman Gupta is the co-founder and CMO of BoAt, an India based consumer electronic brand with a focus on audio technology.



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