Telangana Govt Launches Web3.0 Regulatory Sandbox 2022

Telangana Govt Launches Web3.0

Telangana Govt – Telangana IT Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan said, To remove the confusion and ambiguity around Web 3.0, we are setting up a Web 3.0 regulatory sandbox. Jayesh Ranjan also launched India Blockchain Forum and GMR Group’s Blockchain Center of Excellence.

For Blockchain CoE, GMR Group’s innovation vertical, GMR Innovex, has partnered with Polygon, CoinEarth, India Blockchain Forum, and Very Once.

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Telangana Govt Launches Web3.0

During the India Blockchain Forum launch event, Telangana Department of Industries and Commerce I&C and Information Technology IT Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan launched a Web 3.0 regulatory sandbox to help build and promote Web 3.0. announced plans. Startups, innovation, technology and ecosystem in the state. (Telangana Govt Launches Web3.0)

The sandbox will help the shortlisted startups in a number of way, such as providing access to governed data and domain knowledge expert. Also, the structure of this regulatory sandbox and the governance structures that will delve into issues like what will be given, what will be said will be discussed in a larger forum and your input and suggestions will be included, Ranjan said. (Telangana Govt Launches Web3.0)

The sandbox aims to address the issues and challenges facing Web3 startups, particularly in the areas of DeFi, Metaverse, and Web3.0.

India Blockchain Forum Formally Launched

Until now, known as an informal group in the Indian blockchain lane, Ranjan officially launched the India Blockchain Forum.

Founded by Prasanna Lohar, CEO, Block Stack; Pankaj Dewan, Founder and CEO of Ideallabs Futuretech Ventures; Colonel Inderjit Singh, Director of Cyber Security, Vara Technologies; Sharath Chandra, Blockchain Evangelist, and Srinivas Mahakali, Chief Commercial Officer, Secure Cloud Technologies, The Forum envisions a model for collaboration with governments, regulators, industry, and academia.

Its goal is to help create a holistic framework for the proper adoption of Blockchain and Web3.0. It will also create community chapters across the country to raise awareness and increase access to global best practices. (Telangana Govt Launches Web3.0)

GMR Group Establishes Blockchain Center of Excellence

In line with the Telangana government announcement to make Hyderabad a Blockchain District, which will have a Center of Excellence, Incubation Center and more in 2018, Chief Secretary Ranjan has unveiled the GMR Group Blockchain Center of Excellence.

A day before the announcement of the Web3.0 regulatory sandbox, Ranjan, while launching the CoE, mentioned that the government of Telangana relies heavily on blockchain.

We haven’t published much, but we’ve been able to demonstrate some very successful use cases, like home voting or remote voting. In India, remote voting is still a fairy tale and you can refer to that. One can imagine where voting takes place in our country where EVM is also suspected.

GMR Innovex, the innovation vertical of major Indian infrastructure group GMR Group, has launched a Blockchain Center of Excellence to identify and explore blockchain use cases in aviation and ancillary industries. The company has also announced plans to launch its next robotics center of excellence in the coming quarter. (Telangana Govt Launches Web3.0)

GMR Innovex has partnered with various blockchain companies and organizations to establish Blockchain CoE. These include Ethereum sidechain L2 Polygon, CoinEarth, India Blockchain Forum, and Very Once.


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