Telegram, nearing 500 million users, start monetizing the app


Instant messaging application Telegram is “approaching” 500 million users and plans to produce income beginning one year from now to keep the business above afloat, its founder Pavel Durov said on Wednesday.

Durov said he has by and by bankrolled the seven-year-old business up until this point, however as the startup scales he is searching for approaches to adapt the instant messaging service. “A venture of our size needs in any event a couple hundred million dollars for every year to continue onward,” he said.

The service, which bested 400 million dynamic user in April this year, will present its own promotion stage for public one-to-numerous stations — “one that is easy to use, regards protection and permits us to take care of the expenses of worker and traffic,” he composed on his Telegram channel.

“If we monetize enormous public one-to-numerous channels through the Ad Platform, the proprietors of these channels will get free traffic in relation to their size,” he composed. Another way Telegram could monetize its services is through premium stickers with “extra expressive features,” he wrote. “The craftsmen who make stickers of this new kind will likewise get a piece of the benefit. We need a huge number of Telegram-based makers and private companies to flourish, improving the experience of every one of our clients.”

A few analysts were trusting that Telegram would have the option to monetize the stage through its blockchain token project. However, after a few deferrals and administrative difficulties, Telegram said in May that it had chosen to desert the project.

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For this project, Dubai-based Telegram had raised $1.7 billion from financial specialists in 2018. It had intended to appropriate its token, called grams, in the wake of building up the blockchain software. Telegram offered to return $1.2 billion to financial specialists recently.

Telegram has a long range interpersonal communication measurement. Our gigantic public one-to-numerous channels can have a great many endorsers each and are more similar to Twitter channels. In numerous business sectors the proprietors of such channels show promotions to bring in cash, in some cases using outsider advertisement platform. The advertisements they post look like ordinary messages, and are regularly meddlesome. We will fix this by presenting our own Ad Platform for public one-to-numerous channels,” Durov said today.

All current highlights will stay free, said Durov, who is perhaps the greatest pundit of Facebook – possessed WhatsApp, adding that Telegram is focused on not acquaint advertisements in private one-with one visits or gathering talks since they are a “ill-conceived notion.”

“We won’t sell the organization like the owner of WhatsApp. The world requirements Telegram to remain autonomous as a spot where user are regarded and excellent help is guaranteed,” he wrote. “Telegram will start to produce income, beginning one year from now. We will do it as per our qualities and the promises we have made in the course of the most recent 7 years. On account of our present scale, we will have the option to do it in a non-meddling manner. Most clients will scarcely see any change.”

On Wednesday, Telegram likewise presented another gathering voice talks highlight to the application. The new voice talks highlight, which is like Discord’s consistently on room, underpins two or three thousand members.


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