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Top 10 Best Interior Designer In Bhopal

Top 10 Interior designer in bhopal Interior designers have become an important part of Bhopal long time ago. We can also find here some of the best interior designers in bhopal, awarded, published in the most important magazines in the sector. Best affordable Interior designers in bhopal and Interior design company in bhopal

Top 10 Best Interior Designer In Bhopal

  • Eclectic Designs
  • Vibgyor Interiors
  • Tatva Arch
  • Design Brix
  • Art link Interiors
  • Apna Interior Designers
  • Sanrachana Interior Designers
  • Aarav Interior
  • Home2decor
  • KR Architecture Studio

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Eclectic Interior Designer In Bhopal

Our Signature name Eclectic reflects our design philosophy. Designs taken from various sources and a mixture of exotic designs is the philosophy that we love to follow. Good planning with special lighting effect and colors play a very important role in our designs, so we go the extra mile to make the space look more elegants. Giving a traditional touch to contemporary theme is our greatest experience.

Eclectic Designs offers exceptional design with an innovative approach. Their staff have excellent knowledge in this field, and they offer a professional and efficient service. They go the extra mile to make the space look more stylish and elegant. Eclectic Designs brings a traditional twist to contemporary themes is their greatest expertise.

Design is our experience in shapes, lines and colors. We changed the interior design concept in Bhopal and have also launched some projects in other cities. Varied and excellent design is our forte to meet the ever increasing demands of discerning elite customers.


  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Residential Interior
  • Planning
  • Architectural Elevations
  • Landscaping
  • Lighting & Colour Selection


Website : Eclectic Designs

E Mail :

Phone : 9907441237

Address : Eclectic Designs 2 The Mall Shopping Complex Chuna Bhatti Bhopal M.P. 452016.

Vibgyor Interior Designer In Bhopal

Vibgyor Interiors is a family business. They offer high-quality and design-conscious interior solutions. They have successfully delivered quality work to over 500 individuals and organizations. Vibgyor Interiors offers interior design solutions for individual homes, small businesses and large businesses.

Based in the city of lakes Bhopal today it is a leading interior design solutions brand in central India providing high quality and design conscious interior solutions to leading organizations in the state. Over time, Vibgyor has successfully delivered quality work to more than 500 people and organizations. We offer interior design solutions for individual homes, small and large companies. At Vibgyor you can be absolutely sure that you will get the best design services in the whole city, within the stipulated time frame and budget.

Our area of ​​specialization includes but is not limited to Interior Design in general Space Planning 2D Layout, 3D Perspective or 3D Animations Virtual Reality Plaster works: plaster ceilings, partitions and decorations and all kinds of wood works and contemporary furniture design.

So no matter you have a large-scale villa, office, university, hospital, clinic, shop, store, exhibition, or even a township that you want to decorate or enhance using the shapes of the designers of interiors. Then you are one step away from enjoying and living a new lifestyle, just by letting us decorate your property.


  • Bed Room Design
  • Living Room
  • Bath Room
  • Space Planning
  • Gypsum Works
  • Ceiling
  • Partitions



E Mail :

Phone : 9893707040

Address : Shop No. 4 Gokul Apartment Lalghati Square Bhopal-462032

Tatva Arch Interior Designer In Bhopal

We believe that interior design is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Whether your needs are Residential or Commercial Interior Design or Model Home Marketing, our commitment to your project.

We denounce with just indignation and disgust the men who allow themselves to be seduced and demoralized by the charms of pleasures at that time, so blinded by desires, that they cannot foresee the indignations that some displease men so seduced and demoralized. We are an interior designers, who believe in excellence, quality and honesty, home interiors yes we designs beautiful.

Experienced Team : The righteous indignations working fooled all the demoralized who blinded our works.

Guaranteed Works : Accepted annoyances must be repudiated The wise therefore always sustains.

Free Consultation : he Rejects pleasures to get other pleasures, endures pain to avoid worse things.

Reasonable price : our power of choice is unlimited and when nothing prevents us from being able to.


  • Concept Designs
  • Project Designs
  • Make Overs
  • Consulting
  • Glass & Wrought
  • Space Planning


Website : Tatva Arch

E Mail :

Phone : 9893974866

Address : E4/38 C Arera Colony, Near Bhojpur Club, Bhopal 462016

Design Brix Interior Designer In Bhopal

Design brix prioritizes customer satisfaction through an innovative and qualitative approach to projects. We are a team of qualified and experienced architects, interior designers, structural consultants, graphic website designers and digital marketing experts. Our partnerships include leading electrical, landscaping and fire consultants. We believe in designing places to enrich people and build a sustainable community.

A complete hassle-free solution for all your requirements related to Architectural Designs Interior, Exterior, Isometric and Planning, Website Design & Development, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing are provided under one roof. We strive to create physical environments that are client specific and achieve a high degree of craftsmanship and beauty. We offer innovative and responsive design solutions. We integrate architectural, landscape, and interior strategies into the design process, helping to establish identity, orientation, and branding.


  • Architectural Design and Planning
  • Landscape and Planning
  • Structure Design
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design Services
  • Interior Design
  • 3D Visualization and 3D Rendering Services
  • Project Review and Value Addition in Design


Website : Design Brix

E Mail :

Phone : 9977990897

Address : M-2 first floor, Radha Krishna Complex Behind Sargam Cinema Zone-2 M.P Nagar Bhopal-462011

Art link Interiors Interior Designer In Bhopal

Art link Interiors is the best interior design company in Bhopal. We are an architecture studio dedicated to simplicity. We are driven by our desire to create meaningful spaces that enhance the nature of your life. We provide the best commercial project services in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Art link Interiors is developed with passion to drive the spirit you need for your business in today’s business world.

Art link Interiors is the best modular kitchen design service provider in Bhopal, India. With the help of our specialized offices, we take care of offering modular kitchen design services. We design homes that reflect the personal style of each individual. For 10 years now, it has been building itself as a brand that holds fast to a strong vision, quality delivery and a track record of incredible service in interior design.

From the initial process itself, our design team will come up with a conceptual design and this slowly develops into reality based on the client’s budget, space in the house and raw material selection. We also carry out quality checks during the production process, where we have a dedicated production team that performs the complete room makeover. This is what makes us one of the best interior design companies, in Bhopal, to give your home a contemporary look.


  • Home Interior Design
  • Commercial Interior
  • Office Interior Design
  • Modular Kitchen Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Civil Construction Services


Website : Art link Interiors

E Mail :

Phone : 9425018921

Address : 144- Sanyog Vihar, near Shahpura Police Station Bhopal-462039

Apna Interior Designer In Bhopal

Apna Interior Designers: one of the best interior designers. Apna Interior Designers has challenged the straight path of interior design and given a new magnitude to the art of interior design. Our specialization lies in the interior design of residential and commercial projects, hospitality design, commercial and office design, kitchen design, elevation design, ceiling design, traditional design and providing a unique combination of comfort and style to our clients. .

Our plan is to offer our clients a modified and personalized design that goes beyond their thoughts. We conceive an exclusive and elegant design that not only reflects the experience and preferences of our clients, but also enriches their lives. Our design reflects the fashion, demands and personality of our clients that are sophisticated, subtle and elegant.


  • Residential Design
  • Hospitality Design
  • Commercial and Office
  • Kitchen Design
  • Ceiling Design
  • Traditional Design


Website : Apna Interior Designers

E Mail :

Phone : 9285055540

Address : 1st Floor, D-Block, Surendra Landmark, Hoshangabad Road Bhopal 462026

Sanrachana Interior Designer In Bhopal

In 2010 we started a firm called Sanrachana Interior Designers and Civil Contractors as a sole proprietorship company with a vision to bring the best interiors to people with a motive for innovative approach towards interiors, over time we have learned and achieved numerous objectives. and followed the improved practices for interiors that we believe we should continue forever because learning is a never ending process as the quote describes.

On our way, we have followed the complete client coordination of the company to obtain the best possible interiors so that our client is happy and satisfied. We have also achieved quality satisfaction certification for complete customer peace of mind to make our work more efficient and fruitful for our customers, the pattern of our work is fully molded for customer convenience which is in accordance with the needs of our customers. customers. be it financial, technical or social.

We at sanrachana provide complete solutions for interior design of residences including bungalows, mansions, villas, apartments, duplexes, etc. commercial interiors such as offices, shopping malls, hospitals, showrooms, etc. Interiors for the hospitality industry such as in hotels, restaurants, resorts, lounges, etc. and exterior elevation plans, 3d and cad, as well as the supervision and complete execution of the aforementioned works. We also provide wallpapers, false ceilings, modular furniture, kitchens, textured, professional painting services.


  • Residential Design
  • Commercial  & Office Design
  • Hospitality Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Elevation Design
  • Ceiling Design
  • Traditional Design


Website : Sanrachana Interior Designers

E Mail :

Phone : 9039109191

Address : Sanrachana Interiors 9 Chetak Complex MP Nagar Zone-II Bhopal

Aarav Interior

Aarav Interior is the fastest growing interior design company situated in Awadhpuri, Bhopal. We have a team of talented interior designers who specialize in providing our client with their dreams home environment based on their lifestyles.

We have successfully conceptualized and completed interior designs for numerous residential, commercial, and architectural projects. We have completed some of the best designs with the help of our renowned designers.

Our mission is to offer beautiful interiors that reflect your personality and lifestyle!


  • Building Planning
  • Interiors Spaces
  • Small Offices
  • Renovating Spaces
  • Real Estates
  • Free Consultation


Website : Aarav Interior

E Mail :

Phone : 8815024998 / 8817939438

Address : Shop no. 20 Esarjee commercial Complex New Fort Extension, Near Vidhyasagar Institute, Awadhpuri Bus Stand, Bhopal-462022

Home2Decor Interior Designer In Bhopal

Home2Decor is a premier interior designer in Bhopal. We have hired professional and experienced interior designers who will meet your interior design needs. We offer residential & commercial interior design in Bhopal, on a very low budget. Our professional interior designers & decorators will bring you modern styles and colors so you can get the best interior for your space. We service are offered in Navi Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bhopal, Thane & Kalyan etc. Testimonials from our clients tell why we are the go-to when it comes to stylish interior design in Bhopal and other parts of India.

Home2Decor is a professional interior design company that is expanding rapidly. We have created our image as designers of elegant, contemporary and urban interiors. We offer designs for residential, home, retail, commercial, and hotel use. Our highly skilled and extremely prolific designers and interior decorating professionals understand customer requirements. So if you have something on your mind regarding residential or commercial interior design in Bhopal, give us a call & we will be more than happy to assist you. Feel free to discuss your interior design project with us and get the best interior design quote.


  • Home Theater Design
  • Interior Design
  • Kids Bedroom Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Living Room Design
  • Project Management
  • Space Planning


Website : Home2decor

E Mail :

Phone : 22489 31855

Address : 147, Besides Udayshree Girls Hostel, M P Nagar Zone 2, Bhopal-462011

KR Architecture Studio Interior Designer In Bhopal

The KR Architecture Studio team works with a proper flow of research and development, conceptualization, working on the technical aspects and bringing out the new. The team of associated architects and designers strives to constantly create projects that stand out for their well-defined and unmistakable approach to design, details and the latest & future technologies. Research is essential to be competitive in a constantly evolving international design market and the team pays special attention to it.

We believe that the creation of a new design is the result of careful study and constant well-researched experiments, incorporated with technical knowledge and artistic judgment. Awareness of detail, proportion-to-scale designs combined with prudence and judgment ensure that the finished product is fully developed with foresight within the concept.

Accomplished and contemporary developments include commercial, residential, health clubs, spas and salons, hotels and hospitality, corporate offices with mid-range and high-end residential interiors. Substantial use of CAD and 3D computer modeling, which is done autogenously, provides customers with a graphical computer interface to visualize their project in the best possible way and to their best visual understanding & satisfaction. KR Architecture Studio offers integrated services in the field of architecture, interiors, furniture design, landscaping, structure design with lighting design.


  • Architectural Design
  • Home Restoration
  • Landscape Plans
  • Architectural
  • Landscape and Interior Design


Website : KR Architecture Studio

Address : 202, Vijay Sthamb Commercial, Zone-1, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal – 462011


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