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Top 10 interior designers in Mumbai | Best interior designers in Mumbai

interior designers in Mumbai

Our mood and personality are influenced by the environment in which we live, work, or spend a significant amount of time. Each place feels incomplete without the design aspect because each place provides an unparalleled level of comfort. During the two years of the pandemic, more and more people began to visualize their living spaces and interior decoration.

So the home renovation market has seen a surge. Therefore, people have started hiring designers, started investing in renovations, and are becoming very interested in interior design trends. The story is no different in India’s commercial capital, Mumbai. So, below, we have listed the top 10 interior designers in mumbai that are capable of combining their ideas and creativity to transform your living or working space.

7WD Studio interior designers in mumbai

7WD Studio is one of the famous luxury interior designers in Mumbai and Delhi. Create magnificent spaces in India’s most sought-after locations. 7WD studio’s turnkey package provides affordable, comprehensive interior design services. The teams have the ability to produce modern, stately, elegant and ethnic designs and are also well known for their minimalist and Scandinavian interior designs that complement your lifestyle. 7WD promises to provide timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful interior designs for your home.


  • commercial projects
  • Residential
  • high rise apartments
  • Villas
  • Floors
  • office space
  • Landscaping consulting services
  • turnkey packages
  • Villa exterior design in 3D
  • clubhouse exterior design
  • floor builder 3d
  • interior decoration

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Decorate space concepts interior designers in mumbai

Adorn Space Concept was incorporated in 2013. It is one of the leading interior designer companies based in Mumbai. Provides professional interior design services on commercial and residential projects. Adorn Space Concepts is a well-organized, extensive portfolio and reputable company with interior designers who have over 20 years of experience. The team creates new and dynamic designs to make spaces look aesthetically pleasing. Design and build exceptional architectural masterpieces using cutting-edge technologies. Therefore, Adorn Space Concepts is one of the most trusted interior designers in the Mumbai region.


  • commercial design
  • Corporate Design
  • residential design
  • educational design

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Aesthos Styling interior designers in mumbai

Aesthos is one of the best interior design companies in Mumbai since its inception in 2005. It offers creative, contemporary, cost-effective and sustainable design solutions for hospitality, housing and workspaces. Aesthos has the ability to design a home that is profitable yet looks like a million bucks. In this new era, people prefer an inclusive work environment to an isolated work culture. The team has the skill set to produce great designs and bring good vibes to spaces.


  • Hospitality- Restaurants, Bars, Cafeterias, Hotels
  • Retail- Boutiques, Showrooms, Malls
  • Work spaces: office, co-sharing
  • Living Spaces- Apartments, Houses, Rural Houses
  • interior decoration

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alcove study interior designers in mumbai

Alcove Studio is an interior design company founded by Sejal Mittal who had the goal of establishing his own company in Baroda. In a short period of time, he could achieve contemporary and futuristic interior designs for houses, apartments, bungalows, commercial spaces, etc. Alcove Studio is a conduit for you to visualize, conceptualize and transform your dreams in any residential or commercial space. It is dedicated to achieving industry standard solutions for design that revolutionizes the industry for the better.


  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Interior design
  • design consulting
  • pro bono services
  • Interiors Workshop and Webinars

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  • Website: alcovestudio.in/
  • Telephone number: +91-9723791721
  • Email: sejal@anclovestudio.in

Anish Motwani Associates interior designers in mumbai

Anish Motwani Associates, a renowned interior design firm, aims to use shapes, colors and textures to express the essence of emotions and thoughts. A beautiful interior decoration can bring good vibes and positively impact our lives. It produces innovative, functional and guided by quality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, before beginning any project, they consider factors such as space availability, natural environment, and storage requirements. Anish Motwani Associates approaches each and every project with new ideas and thoughts. Furthermore, it has been delivering modern, elegant and unique designs for residential or commercial projects.


  • Interior design
  • Project management consultants

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the ashleys interior designers in mumbai

Ashleys interior design company was established by two excellent young interior designers namely Pooja and Arbaysis Ashley in the year 2008. They are renowned for their unique design and creative ideas. For this, they have received prestigious awards from the Indian Institute of Interior Design. Both bring style and world-class professionalism to their work. Ashleys is known for her design sensibility, she creates amazing designs and amazes us on every project. This firm has an impressive clientele that includes multinational corporations, celebrities, leading developers, premium industrialists, and business tycoons.


  • Home
  • Office and Commercial
  • Retail sale
  • Club house and show floor
  • Hospitality
  • Architecture

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Blade & Associates interior designers in mumbai

Aspa & Associates is one of the leading interior design companies in Mumbai. It is known for the quality in the delivery of designs to projects such as corporate, residential, etc. In addition, it integrates a team with specialists from various fields such as architects, interior designers, analysts and technicians. He is experienced in creating beautiful and unique residential and commercial locations. Aspa & Associates provides exceptional and incredible interior design solution to clients at affordable prices. In addition, the associate is committed to developing ecological and sustainable designs for all projects.


  • Residential interior designs
  • Commercial interior designs
  • Vastu Design Consulting
  • warehouse projects
  • Modular furniture

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astral designs interior designers in mumbai

Astral Designs is one of the leading architecture and interior design firms based in Mumbai. It provides timeless architecture and interior design solutions to clients in and around the city. Astral Designs strives to provide the best furniture for the home and office. It is also known for providing high-end design solutions to clients.


  • Architecture
  • heritage conservation
  • Urban design
  • Interior design/decoration
  • Contracting, promotion and construction
  • landscaping

Contact details

  • Website: astraldesigns.in/
  • Telephone number: +91-9820093312
  • Email: dara@astraldesigns.in

AVN Interiors interior designers in mumbai

Aditi Vora Nair is a celebrated interior architect best known for classy and the best interior designs. This studio strives hard to fulfil thegrowing appetite for designs by providing exceptional design solutions to clients. Aditi takes care of minute details that can cause huge differences. The team has professional designers who create exclusive spaces for living and working.


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Workspace

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AUM Architects interior designers in mumbai

AUM is one of the best-known architecture, interior design and urban planning organizations in Mumbai. It was established in 2004 by Dr. Manish Dikshit Ar. Nachiket Borawake. They have a diverse profile that represents their experience and expertise in delivering cutting-edge projects to clients. AUM provides not only aesthetic designs, but also custom designs that fit your requirements.


  • interior decoration
  • architectural works
  • Construction and Engineering

Contact details

  • Website: www.aumarch.com/
  • Telephone number: +91-22 49761288
  • Email: info@aumarch.com


Finally, we come to know how important interior design is for a home or work space. The place where we live represents our personality and therefore it must be well designed. All the interior designer companies mentioned above are not only the key players in the Mumbai region but also operate on a global scale. The sprawling structures and building designs in Mumbai have the modern essence of comfort, style and elegance at the highest level. All thanks to the great interior designers and architects. So if you are planning to design or renovate your homes or offices, you can choose any of them. Therefore, we hope that this article was interesting and useful for you.



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