Top 10 Sustainable Startups in India 2022

Sustainable Startups in india

Sustainable Startups – Climate change has just become real & a huge concern as a result of unpredictable event. Climate changes is accelerating every years as a results of greenhouse gas emissions the burning of fossil fuel, methane & carbon dioxide to generate energy consumption & externals activities carried out by industries polycarbonate pollution, electric power accelerated deforestation for papermaking, oil drilling, transportation and other acts.

All of this is causing wildfires, a sudden rise in sea level, loss of ice mass in Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic, and the melting of glaciers.

So to help save the environment to some extent, many new sustainable companies are emerging. These startup work on the principles of sustainability and also encourage people to take the path toward sustainability. In this article, we will review the top sustainable startup in India.

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Best Sustainable Startups in India

Today there are several startup that contribute to protecting the environment by developing sustainable brand & manufacturing green product. The following are the top sustainable startups in India :-

1. Ather Energy

Ather Energy is a Bangalore based startups founded by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013 that manufactures electric vehicle with the intention of reducing air pollution. The two friend wanted to redefine the automobile sector by introducing AI & IoT powered electric scooter, which navigate smoothly, making our life experience seamless. The company has established more than 350 charging station in 38 cities in India called Ather Grid. The company received much praise in its fundings stage, which helped them expand their manufacturing facilities in the developments, testing, productions, and launch of the vehicle.

2. Phool

Ankit Agarwal & Prateek Kumar established a Kanpur based biomaterials startups in 2017. The company uses discarded flower from temples & recycles them into something useful like incense cones, incense stick, and vermicomposting Phool. Ankit and Prateek realized that the flower damaged by the temple waste management could cause environmental problem as they contain pesticides & insecticides. The company introduces ingenious packaging Florafoam, a durable, moldable, high performance material made exclusively from recycled flowers. (Sustainable Startups)

3. ZunRoof

One of the leading solar roofing companies in India is ZunRoof, which makes personal energy consumption better, cleaner & more affordable for all Indians consumer. ZunRoof was founded in 2016 by Pranesh Chaudhary & Sushant Sachan and is based in Gurugram, Haryana. Currently, the company has installed over 10,000 residential solar roof and has over 30,000 system designed across India.

4. Yulu

Yulu is a technology driven micromobility platforms based in Bangalore that enables integrated urban mobility across private & public transports mode. The company was founded in 2017 by Amit Gupta, Naveen Dachuri, RK Misra, and Hemant Gupta. The company is recognized by green transports provider with the intention of making urban mobility in India shareable, seamless and sustainable by using IoT, AI and machine learning for supply and demand managements & efficient operation.

5. Boss Lady Cosmetics

It is one of the leading vegan, cruelty free & sustainable cosmetic brand offering natural makeups product. Kajol Bafna, the founder, defined the Boss Boss as anyone who goes against the patriarchal belief of society to achieve her dream. That’s why the brand gives you a sense of who you are by giving your style a voice and empowering you with tool you can choose to express who you are. Kajol implemented her ideology by challenging gender, body, skin, color and beauty stereotypes in the Indian cosmetics industry, ultimately providing a free space for self expression.

6. BluSmart

BluSmart is a Gurugram based startups & India first all electric ride sharing mobility platforms that is known for its efficiency, sustainability, affordability & smart mobility. Anmol Singh Jaggi, Puneet Singh Jaggi, and Punit K Goyal founded BluSmart in January 2019, and the following months, the company launched its first electric vehicle together with sister company Mahindra & Mahindra. BluSmart became a renowned mobility platform for carbon emission accreditation. In 2022, Tata Motor signed a MoU with BluSmart to manufacture 10,000 EVs and also partnered with Jio BP to establish its charging infrastructure across the country. (Sustainable Startups)

7. Banyan Nation

Making our nation zero plastic is becoming a huge challenge, which is why Banyan Nation founder Mani Vajipey came up with the idea to recycle industrials plastic into a better quality plastics than virgin plastics. Banyan Nation became the first vertically integrated plastic recycling company in the country. The brands uses eco friendly detergentd in plastic cleaning that remove harmful contaminant to supply near virgin quality plastic. In addition, it is the first company to use the cloud & IoT to integrate thousand of last mile collector from the informal sector into its supply chain to recover post consumers & post industrial plastic waste. (Sustainable Startups)

8. Just Organik

A certified organic food manufacturing & selling brands, Just Organik want to make safe & healthy organic food more accessible to the consumers. It also aims to create sustainable wealth for farmer by encouraging them to adopt organic farming practices in India. Pankaj Agarwal started this business in the basements of his home in 2013 and now owns 2 main branches across the country along with a processing unit based in Delhi. The startup slogan a walk to a healthy future focuses on providing 100% natural ingredient, chemical free, healthy food, affordable & tastier than your usual food. (Sustainable Startups)


The startup mentioned above have made a difference in the worlds by adopting an environmentally safe method that help improve the environment and people lifestyle. These startup work on the principle of sustainability & also encourage people to walk toward the path of a sustainable lifestyle.


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