Top 5 Best Dental Practice Management Softwares

Dental Practice Management Softwares

Oral care experts rely on a wide range of tools to run their dental practices, and many of them go beyond clinical application. Managing appointment, keeping accurate record, and preventing security breaches are essential to running a successful dental Practice. Therefore, you need to choose the right dental managements software for your practice.

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That said, there are dozens of different vendor to choose from, and that’s just counting management software that specializes in dental practices. In this article, we’ll briefly define dental managements software & review the benefits of choosing the right options for your practice. Plus, we’ll share our picks for the top 5 dental Practice management systems you currently have available.

What is dental Practice management software?

A dental Practice management software is a platforms that allows oral care professionals to manage the internal operation in their offices. This includes all day to day function such as new patient registration, appointment scheduling, post treatment follow up, and billing. In addition, comprehensive dental Practice managements software tools also allow you to manage patient communication, create marketing campaigns, and organize dental care schedules.

There are many types of dental software, but they can all be divided into cloud-based or locally hosted solutions. Locally hosted application have more requirement because they are installed on the practice servers. On the other hand, a cloud-based dental Practice software solutions can be easily accessed through any web browser, creating a more flexible setups.

Benefits of dental Practice management software

The goal of having dental Practice management system is to give professional more control while reducing their workload & improving profitability.

This means that a management systems should help you harness your knowledge and create a sustainable business focused on quality care & revenue. Now, there are many different ways a dental practice management solutions can help you achieve this goals.

A better patient experience

Patient involvement is essential in all clinical fields & dental care is no exception.

If you choose the right dental practice software managements systems, you should have all the tool you need to keep your patients up to date on upcoming appointment and new services. This can include things like a patient portal, dedicated helpline, reputation management solution, online marketing tools, and others feature.

All of this results in a better experience, which can increase the numbers of treatment purchased & improve patient retention rates at the same time.

Fewer cancellations and no shows

Cancellations and no shows can be expensive, even if you have a contingency fee in place. But keeping track of patient schedules can be difficults for practices without an organization systems.

In addition to tracking patient data & schedules, dental managements software can reduce the numbers of cancellations and no-shows by sending automatic appointment reminder. In the vast majority of cases, you can decide when you want to send the notifications and customize the message to more resonate with your patient base.

Enhanced clinical record systems

One of the reasons dentists need specialized software is because their practices have unique need. For example, the storage of patient data in the form of dental chart system that can be easily read by dental care professional.

In addition to including medical history, progress notes & similar data, innovative dental practice managements software can improve the accuracy of the charting systems. This can also help connect practices from multiple location or group practices that have multiple dental professionals collaborating on a collection of treatment plan.

Top 5 Dental Practice Management Software

From patient registration & document management feature to online training and e-prescribing, there are many things to look for in a dental Practice management software provider.

In addition, there are dozens of providers that offer excellent services. The key is to find the platform that best suit your requirements while improving your practice at the same time. To helps you, we’ve put together a list of 5 dental Practice management software solution. Our selection include both traditional practice management software and cloud based platform so you can select which one is best for you.

1. Membersy

Membersy is an innovative cloud based dental office management software solutions that allows you to create in house dental membership plans for your patients. This fully integrated solutions provides a set of capabilities that revolve around improving the patient experience and increasing practice revenue. You can schedule a demo or contact supports to find out how it work.

  • Modern ecommerce sites
  • On demand marketing campaigns
  • Real-time analytics

2. Curve Dental

Curve Dental has been in the dental office software market for over 15 year, making it one of the most populars alternative in the US & Canada. It is designed to be a simple and healthy solution that enables everything from call handling to payments processing.

  • Cloud-based setup
  • Management insurance available
  • Ideal for practices with multiple locat

3. Tab32

Marketed as a patient centric cloud-based solution, Tab32 is an excellent platform that can be used as a stand-alone dental office management software or as a more comprehensive tools. This all in one solutions also functions as a data warehouse & electronic medical record platforms that can be used by larger practices.

  • Trademarked data warehousing services
  • The ability to store x-rays and other important types of data
  • Settings are highly adjustable

4. Denticon

Denticon aim to simplify the management of your practice and remove the barriers that prevent your patient from improving their oral health through your services. This gives you the ability to focus on what matters most: creating a great experience for your patients.

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Personalizable practice patient flows
  • Comprehensive metrics and statistics tracking

5. DentiMax

DentiMax can be used as a cloud-based or locally hosted dental office managements software that also function as an imaging solutions. It also offers additional management tool, such as the ability to track employee time & quickly check patient insurance.

  • Advanced clinical features, like in-chart x-rays
  • Cloud and traditional hosting available
  • There are additional features that can be acquired separately


As a dental professional, choosing the best management software for your practice can be difficults. With so many option, it’s important to analyze the need of your practice, evaluate all of the management tool, and choose the best dental software based on your unique requirement.


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