Unacademy Startup Story: How Unacademy Has Become India’s Largest Online Education Platform in 2021

Unacademy Startup Story

Unacademy has become India’s largest online education platform today. Due to Coronavirus, the number of students at Unacademy has increased a lot. Over 80,000 students have joined the Unacademy in the last two to three months. Today we will talk about Unacademy Startup Story and how Unacademy valuation is crossed $510 million.

How Unacademy Started

So now, let’s talk about how this startup idea came to the Unacademy founder’s mind. Gaurav Munjal who is co-founder of Unacademy, like every student, completing his B.Tech from NMIMS University Mumbai in 2010. On 31st December 2010, Gaurav took his New Year resolution and told his friend that if we keep going like this then we can’t achieve anything, then why not we start something.

But he had no idea Gaurav was a student of computer science, then he recorded a video of variable and uploaded it to YouTube but had no idea what would happen. After that, he started uploading regular videos after 1–2 months a lot of students send messages, and he got a good response from YouTube, along with he started a job in a company as well.

He completed his study. And doing jobs and YouTube simultaneously. Then he started a startup called FlatChat with his friend Himesh. Flatchat’s response is good, after which he got funding quickly. Then he meets with Roman Sen. Roman Sen had chacked the AIMS exam at the age of 16 and then he cracks UPSE with 18th rank.

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After that, the investor buys Flatchat, then Gaurav and Himesh got the exit. Gaurav and Roman were very good friends and after cracking two big exams by Roman, Gaurav told him to make videos on how to crack competitive exams, then Roman started uploading videos on YouTube with Gaurav. Then they started Unacademy.

Unacademy Startup Execution

Unacademy targets those students who want to get a very good education in less money from those who have scored good marks in the competitive exam. Then he thought that I would not be able to change the lives of many people by becoming an IAS, but through Unacademy, I can make a big impact on the life of many students. Then he left the Civil Services job.

In 2016, Gaurav, Roman, and Himesh jointly launched the Unacademy app and website, along with his YouTube becoming India’s largest e-learning channel. Already there are many coaching institutes that launch online courses but the Unacademy is different because all the teachers who teach in it, Already have scored good rank in various competitive exams. Now Unacademy also launches its courses in regional language where students can read any subject.

Are Unacademy courses free?

These Free Live Classes will be available across test classifications like UPSC, Bank Exams, Railway Exams among others. These classes are not restricted to the individuals who have a current Unacademy membership and are available to all.

What are the courses offered by Unacademy?

Unacademy offers courses for all famous entrance exams, for example, UPSC, SSC and bank exams, rail ways exams, Indian defence exams, JEE and NEET planning, State PSC, NET exams, GATE, ESE and IIT-JAM, NEET PG, TET exams, Management and Foreign Studies, CA, CS and Law exams, CBSE and Personal and Skill Development.

How do I join Unacademy as educators?

How to turn into an Unacademy Educator? Download the Unacademy Educator application from the Android Play Store. When you download the application you should apply to be an Educator by presenting a brief demo exercise. Make this demo exercise with full enthusiasm, and give a see of how well you can show a specific topic.


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