Understanding The Close Bond between Omega Watches and 007


The bond between the popular movie hero James Bond and the longest-running Omega series began in 1995. It was Pierce Brosnan who wore the Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M Quartz in GoldenEye, his first James Bond movie. That watch brand and model since then has been a preferred brand for the most renowned spy in the film.

Why Was the Seamaster Chosen for James Bond?

The Bond film producers wanted the suave spy to have a trendy yet sophisticated European look. Lindy Hemming, who was then in charge of the wardrobe for the movie, chose Omega Seamaster in honor of the role of the watch series in the Special Boat Service of the British military. This is the branch of the military where the original Bond character supposedly came from. She also felt that the watch represented the worldly-wise look of this special undercover operative.  

It was indeed an intelligent choice because the Seamaster is the longest-running series under the Omega brand. It was introduced in the market in 1948 during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Omega watch. The design featured the O-ring gasket, a device used by submarines to provide its waterproof seal. It allowed the watch to be less affected by temperature and water pressure changes when used underwater.

And long before the Bond movies used the brand, it already made history in 1955 when it was worn while diving the depth of 62.5 meters in Australia. Research and continuous testing helped the brand to create history, and in 1970 the Ploprof Seamaster 600 model was the first waterproof watch to reach 253m in Ajaccio, France. And then, one year later, the Seamaster 1000 ticker reached the depth of 1000m. This was accomplished in collaboration with submarine Beaver Mark IV who did underwater dives while the watch was attached to its robotic arm.

Other James Bond Movies Featuring the Seamaster

The Seamaster branded as the “James Bond watch” appeared in several more movies under the movie series. In 1997 Pierce wore the Seamaster Professional Diver 300M Chronometer in Tomorrow Never Dies and again in 2002 in Die Another Day. The helium release valve of the watch was transformed into hidden gadgets and functions as a remote detonator or a laser cutter, helping the hero accomplish his breathtaking tasks.

In 2002 a James Bond-inspired special edition of the Seamaster was released. It’s a Diver 300M; the watch is identical to the original model except that it has the 007 logos inscribed across the blue watch dial and at the back case of the watch. Even the clasp of the band of this watch has the logo of 007. Only 10,007 were produced under this special edition.

Daniel Craig Takes Over from Pierce Brosnan

The next James Bond actor Daniel Craig wore the watch but also mentioned its name during the Casino Royale movie. The Seamaster Planet Ocean model was used in all Craig’s versions of James Bond movies. This model had a limited production of only 5007 sold in the market. Another special Omega watch model 007 Professional 300M model was launched during the opening of Casino Royale. It featured a 007-gun logo on the second hand and the rifle pattern on the watch face. It represented the gun barrel that is also synonymous with the movie series.

In 2008, the Quantum of Solace, again starring Craig, featured the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean with a black face and a steel bracelet. Another version of this model featured a checkered face with the logo of the movie in it.

And in 2012, with the success of the collaboration with the Bond movies, the Omega watches company co-produced a documentary entitled Planet Ocean. It was a successful venture that promoted the plight of the ocean and the value of saving it.  

In the same year, another Bond movie entitled Skyfall with Daniel Craig was shown. Craig used both the Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean and the Seamaster Aqua Terra in this film. 

The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M featured the black dial and bezel, while the Seamaster Aqua Terra is a classy watch that features the blue dial. Both watches are shockproof, thanks to the Omega Co-Axial Calibre 8500 feature.

Spectre in 2015 featured Omega Spectre limited edition with rhodium-plated hands and the famous James Bond NATO Strap. In the same strap holder ‘007’ has been engraved. The model is driven by the OMEGA Master Co-Axial caliber, a movement that’s resistant to magnetism up to 15,000 gausses.

The Most Recent Movie Featuring an Omega Watch

In the latest Bond movie, Omega’s Diver 300M will be back. The new movie titled “No Time to Die” features the newest watch with its black dial, titanium case, and Milanese mesh strap. The model is powered by Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer 8806. It is indeed a one-of-a-kind watch designed in collaboration with Daniel Craig. Although the Omega Diver 300M 007 edition was launched in the market last year, the movie is scheduled for release in October 2021.


History has proven the value of the Omega watch and shown how it is associated with the James Bond movies. This relationship continues to capture the hearts of all spy-loving fans throughout the world and beyond. If you want to walk in the shoes of a real spy, try purchasing the Omega Seamaster yourself to see if you suit that role, even if only in your imagination.


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