Unthinkable Pizza: Domino’s introduces new ‘chicken-like’ pizza for vegetarians, India’s first plant-protein product

Domino’s New ‘Unthinkable Pizza’

The popularity of plant protein based products all-over the world has inspired the Domino’s to come up with the ‘Unthinkable Pizza

The Jubilant FoodWorks Limited, which holds the Indian establishment for Domino’s Pizza and Dunkin’ Donuts brands has announced that Domino’s Pizza has presented India’s first plant-protein based pizza variation, called ‘The Unthinkable Pizza’.

This new ‘Unthinkable Pizza‘ is Domino’s most recent pizza offering in the Indian market and is comprised of plant-based protein, which has ‘tactile properties of chicken’.

Domino’s New ‘Unthinkable Pizza’

All around the globe, the idea of plant protein based items is simply detonating. This has driven Domino’s to concoct the first of its sort pizza item in the Indian QSR area.

As indicated by Jubilant FoodWorks Limited,

“Plant proteins have gotten the creative mind of buyers around the globe, and Domino’s Pizza is the principal QSR brand to carry this most recent pattern to India,” the company referenced.

The Unthinkable Pizza will give the two vegans and non-veggie lovers an intriguing and imaginative alternative in the menu.”

This 100% plant protein based pizza will be available across the outlets of Domino’s in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore.

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Many new Outlet of Domino’s will Open in FY21

As referenced above, Jubilant FoodWorks holds the Indian establishments for Domino’s and Dunkin Donuts.

In the September quarter, the organization revealed a 3.8% expansion in net benefit to Rs 75.7 crore.

Be that as it may, in a similar quarter, solidified income from activities tumbled somewhere near 18.2% to Rs 816.32 crore.

While in this period, Jubilant opened 10 new Domino’s outlets the nation over, it has focused on opening another 100 new Domino’s outlets across India in FY 2021


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