Finally, A Virtual Assistant Service That’s Built for Startup Teams

Virtual Assistant Service

When ambitious, entrepreneurial individuals follow their dreams of business ownership, they are starry-eyed with the promise of fulfillment. Building a startup seems simple, and they are usually quite confident that they’ll soon reap the benefits that are bound to come their way.

However, most of them quickly discover that running a business isn’t an easy feat.

Still, most of them decide to forge ahead and find ways to weather the challenges of creating an enterprise from the ground up. And virtual assistants are a valuable addition to any startup team looking to hit the ground running.

How Virtual Assistants Help Startup Teams Be More Efficient?

Virtual assistant services can significantly impact your everyday business operations because you get reliable support for specialized and generalized tasks.

The right virtual assistants can be transformative for a startup since they manage labor-intensive tasks such as composing emails, scheduling appointments, helping with hiring/onboarding, making travel plans, and more.

The market for virtual assistants is primed to grow by 4.12 billion US dollars from 2021 to 2025 at a 12% CAGR in the forecast period. All in all, virtual assistants can help your startup team increase your productivity and efficiency. Here’s how:

Simple Content Creation And Editing

Virtual assistants from a startup-focused marketplace can help a new company develop a digital marketing campaign, research where your target clients gather online, find industry-related social groups to join, and provide marketing analytics.

Furthermore, they serve as an essential asset when getting your message out and across by helping you create articles and blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, etc.

They can also proofread your web content to ensure it’s SEO friendly while transcribing the information, writing guides, designing promotional email templates, and guidelines for your service or products.

You can also count on them to format and edit important documents, invitations, formal letters, presentations, and more.

In addition to this, VAs help you increase your social media followers by scheduling and writing your posts and tweets on social platforms. Also, they can assist in marketing a specific project, create customer feedback forms, and advertise your startup in the press.

Product Development Support

For most startup owners, hitting their first major milestone is enough fuel for them to keep going. Whether it’s winning funding, smashing a sales goal, or some other win, startup owners attempt to keep the momentum going by replicating their processes repeatedly and at scale.

One of the easiest ways to scale a business is through online marketing. A robust marketing strategy is vital to captivating the target audience’s attention.

Virtual assistants collaborate with marketing, sales, and product development departments and conceptualize a compelling marketing strategy for creating a niche in the respective market segment.

A virtual assistant trained to help startups will enhance your business operations and focus on other critical tasks that require your attention.

Having a dedicated virtual assistant for product development means you can offload things like the documentation of operational scale and requirements, setting the needed tech stack, and resolving technical issues, clearing your schedule for higher level development concerns.

Recruitment Support

Talent acquisition can quickly take a backseat when you have many other business processes to look after, and hiring a dedicated HR team is too big of an expense for most startups. So, having a VA working on recruitment will be a great help, especially if you’re ramping up hiring.

You can trust your startup VAs to handle:

  • Searching for applicants based on pre-set criteria 
  • Screening applications for must-have skills
  • Scheduling video and in-person interviews
  • Collating portfolios and resumes
  • Sending offer letters to the candidates
  • Following up with qualified applicants
  • Encoding and maintaining candidate data

Secondary Research And Data Gathering

As you build your product and scale your business, it is pivotal to have a more statistical heft to substantiate your argument—and this is where a dedicated virtual assistant steps in.

Virtual assistants can put up their sleeves and dive into the data to get the relevant statistics and help you make your case or your decision.

With some briefing, you can leave a good VA to thoroughly research your vendors and competitors on your behalf. They will investigate potential business opportunities and prospective clients, prepare reports about the current market, find new services and products, compile statistics and market data, and update you about industry-related changes, and more.

Administrative And Clerical Tasks

Virtual assistants are also of great help for clerical and administrative tasks such as following up with your deadlines, organizing your email inbox, scheduling client appointments, etc. 

Moreover, they can coordinate and plan staff meetings or events, send invitations, handle incoming inquiries and customer relations, send customer invoices, prepare confirmation emails, and update information in your database. 

Leveraging a virtual assistant service for bookkeeping, SEO, marketing, and lead generation is something that various startups are doing for the right reasons. As an entrepreneur, you can’t be there for lead mining all the time.

But, virtual assistants can be available round the clock and put in the extra effort to stay connected with the quality leads and keep them engaged.

They allow you to locate and find business contacts, connect with your leads, seek new potential markets and prospective clients, prepare promotional material, make telemarketing calls, and handle the sales administration.

Virtual assistants also keep you organized by overseeing your schedule and calendar, managing your team meetings, and handling your daily to-do list. They can also help with things like making reservations at your preferred restaurant, arranging travel, and booking flight tickets.

Why is Wing Assistant the Best Virtual Assistant Service For Startup Teams?

Irvine, CA-based Wing Assistant aims to shape the future of work with managed virtual assistant services for small to medium enterprises. Their AI-driven platform offers assistant services connecting startups, businesses, and executives with vetted dedicated virtual assistants.

From simple tasks like ordering things online or setting reminders to intricate business functions like bookkeeping or online research, Wing Assistant can do it all for your startup. You can leverage human assistants, enhanced by AI, to fulfill requests, get things done, and delegate diverse tasks easily.

It doesn’t hurt that Wing Assistant has startup DNA—it started in 2018 as a personal concierge app, but quickly pivoted into the B2B space. The shift proved beneficial, as Wing is great at helping business owners free up their time while giving them a chance to access global talent.

Wrapping Up

Until you know if your business or product is successful, you don’t have many avenues to fund your project. Startups often operate on minimal funds. So to succeed as a new venture, it is pivotal to beat the competition in the early stages.

This means putting immense effort and working hard upfront to make sure it thrives and stands out.

However, you can’t do it all by yourself. Although a startup may have employees, they typically have more work to do than counterparts in established enterprises. Hiring a VA can help lighten the load for startup teams.

Having virtual assistants lets you focus on your core activities and grow your business.

VAs offer knowledge, skill, the right attitude, and advanced technologies to get your business up and running.

For an entrepreneur nurturing a business, a real-time, on-demand, and dedicated virtual assistant can be a game-changer and boost productivity considerably.


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