6 Ways To Store Your Bikes Indoor in 2021

Ways To Store Your Bikes Indoor

Bicycles are not new. It has been one of the most effective means of transportation for almost a century. However, it was only in the past couple of years when bicycles or bikes have become a fitness routine for many people. There have been a lot of triathlons and other athletic competitions that involve riding a bicycle. Because of this, many people have become more fascinated with buying and setting up their bikes.

These bikes are not cheap. Some of them cost almost as much as cars. Because of that, these bike owners and enthusiasts cannot just leave them locked in the garage or lawn. Their precious bikes have to be stored indoors with proper care. However, regardless of whether your bike is expensive or not, you need to make sure that it is properly stored to take care of its functionalities. In this article, we will list down some of the most effective ways of storing your bikes indoors.

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1. Using a wall mount

If you want to save some floor space, or if you can’t use a bike rack indoor, but you still want to keep your bikes inside the house, you can use a wall mount. It’s pretty much like the wall mounts that people use for televisions. All you need is enough wall space and install the wall mount to hang your bike.

A wall mount holds the integral parts of the bike to make sure that it will keep its place. Aside from the fact that it keeps your bike safe, it also adds a little decor inside your house or your room. It’s like a functional installation display that can be a conversation starter to any of your visitors. 

2. Using a bike wall hanger

Another subtle way of storing your bike indoors without using floor space is through a wall hanger. It’s smaller than a wall mount but it still keeps your bikes safe and secured. It’s also perfect for wide-open wall space. It can also be a great display for your living room or bedroom. You can also choose colors and designs to make sure that they will align with your interior design.

3. Using a vertical bike hook

The coolest and simplest way to store your bikes on the wall is by using a vertical bike hook. It’s very convenient to attach to the walls of your room and it’s sturdy to hold your bikes. It’s a hook that you need to install on an open wall space so you can easily hang your bikes. However, you need to make sure that it is attached to a solid wall so it can hold it properly.

4. Using a floor parking rack

If you are not comfortable hanging your bikes on the wall but still want space-saving storage, you can use a floor parking rack. It’s a simple bike rack to use indoors but it’s portable. It means that you can move or transfer the rack around the house. It’s best to use if you want less-permanent bike storage. Floor parking racks are attached to your bike’s wheels which keeps it from balancing even without using the stand.

5. Using a freestanding storage rack

For extreme bike enthusiasts who have more than one bike in their collection, you can consider using a freestanding storage rack. It’s like a tall shelf with hooks that are designed to hold about two bikes per stand. It is best if you are going to store your bike in a room with high-ceiling such as the shed or garage because it stacks your bike in a vertical position. Each bike is securely locked on each mount so you don’t need to worry if it might fall or collapse.

6. Using a standing rack

Another effective way to store your bike indoors is by using a standing rack. It’s like a metal grip that you will attach to your bike’s wheels to keep it standing. It’s also a compact and portable type of rack that you can bring around the house or wherever you will go. You can also use this in case you are visiting a friend or a family member. It’s also easy to store because it can fit in your backpack. So, if you are looking for an indoor back rack that you can bring anywhere, this is the best choice for you.

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Surely, there are more ways for you to keep your bicycles safe inside the premises. Regardless of whether you prefer to use a wall hanging or bike rack indoors, you will certainly find something that will fit right to your preference. If you are looking for more inspiration, you can always check out Storables.com. They have a wide variety of choices for various home improvement storage ideas for all types of needs. Visit their website today.


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