Top 5 Web Design Trend Most Popular Design 2022

Web Design Trends

Web Design Trend – Web developer are working hard to make web browsing a more satisfying & rewarding experience for user. With so many new idea & tool coming into play, it’s no secret that the Internet is going to have a lot of fun hooking user.

The field of web design is one that is continually evolving. New languages & tool are being developed every day, and web designer could not ask for a more eventful era. New trend emerge every day that contribute to creating a more immersive experience for user. With typography, floating type, exciting font, behavioral engineering, a retro revival, & much more, 2022 is set to be an epic year for web designer.

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Web Design Trend

1. Complicated Gradients

Complex gradient are number one on the list of web design trend for 2022. Gradient, on the other hand, are not a new fad They have come a long way in recent year. Complex gradient are becoming one of the most populars web design trend as they are used more & more in modern web design and are often used to provide depth to flat images.

It is growing in popularity, according to site designer & specialists. As a result, this web design trends should not be overlooked. With Instagram gradients logo, gradient made a comeback in 2018. Since then, it has set new standard in term of originality & commitment.

The popularity of this approach can be attributed to the fact that it provide more room for creativity. Second, the user is apprehensive. On the one hand, they prefer minimalism, and on the other hands, they tend to believe that if a designer uses only two color, he has not put much efforts into the design.

2. Typographic Hero Images

Creating the first impression that lasts the longest on visitor is a very essential parts of web design. Using images or graphics to grab attention is quite normals. But with the new trends, images with typographic graphic are making their way in the markets.

The hero image artworks is scaled back to be replaced by bold word that can really carry the weight of an images. The effect seen with such images is almost the same as reading a compelling news headlines. The same patterns can also provide a fantastic elegants display of inventive styles.

3. Behavioral Engineering

He began walking, noting how many calories he burned, and was pleased with the results. He encourages you to keep up the habit by rewarding you with great badges & prizes. That’s a case of behavioral design in actions. It makes the users experience compelling enough to trigger specific action.

You see, when you connect with an app or website like this, you performs a certain actions, create habit, and do things like walk, ride a bike, paint, meditate, etc. That is the goals of behavioral design. It combines psychology, design, technology, & creative method to determine why people do what they do and how to activate them to change their behavior through experimentation.

This 2022 web design trend is essentially a set of concept, approaches, and principles to modify behavior. It is about triggering user behavior using visual cues. You can see some of the web application that creatively implement this wonderful web design trends

4. Revival of the Past

Retro is making a big comeback in the field of web design. It’s like they say, old really is gold. With web design becoming a fulltime career options for people these day, there really is no shortage of fresh idea. However, trend from the early days of web design are making an appearance once agains.

Previously, web design was not restricted by as many rules as it is today, allowing designer to be more creative with their works. However, in today world, there are several rules that designer must adhere to. Despite all that, background color, page layout, etc. of the late 90’s are once again sweeping the markets.

Web design has become much more sophisticated in these few decades, and there is much more room for creativity, however, retro trend seem to be coming back into the game once again.

7. Fonts That Are Engaging

Font are no longer a simple thing in today worlds. They have the potential to degrade website performance. Visitor are influenced by sources. As a results, selecting the right font and using them creatively is criticals. Fonts can now be used to express all one’s originality & imagination, thank to modern technology & the availability of material.

Take a look at Dillinger website, for example. Use a font that change weight as the cursor moves over the text. It’s worth noting that the text reductions effects on the black background here makes the selected text more readable, which is a nice addition for usability.

Using new platform withouts code, it is now even easier to create more complex effect than in the past. When incorporating interactivity into font, keep in mind that some people are easily distracted by moving characters. As a results, don’t overdo it.

6. Interactives That Are Fun to Use

2022 is the year for web developer to take the basic rules & add a little oomph to them. Take web design to higher level. Adding fun interactives can definitely be the way to go. In the past, developers only focused most of their creativity on main section & page transition.

However, the trick is to make sure that user don’t just scroll, but interact with the page by clicking, swiping, etc. Adding variou type of interactive element to your page not only makes it more attractive, but allow user to really connects. with the site Animation can always play an important role in achieving this.

The more you focus on the creativity of your page, the more user you will attracts. However, interactives should only be used in appropriate places, making sure not to clutter your website with unnecessary detail.


The goals of the year 2022 was to provoke a momentary sense of wonder. And respecting the goal of each witnessed trends, he was somewhere related to it. The above article contain some of the best web design trend to watch to know what was hot in 2022.


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