Top 5 Whatsapp Alternative App

Best whatsapp Alternative app

Are you looking for a Best WhatsApp Alternative app which are privacy focused then you are at the right place, we will cover 5 Best WhatsApp Alternative app which make you feel safe about your privacy.

WhatsApp has recently update their privacy policy and Terms of Service, advising user how data is handle on the app. The Platform also told how it exchange information with Facebook, in addition to other things. WhatsApp already gave a deadline to users till 8th February to ‘Agree‘ to the new privacy policy to continue using of WhatsApp.

So to concern about user privacy policy , there are other many Whatsapp Alternative App that have features like Whatsapp but also care about your personal data.

Here is Top 5 Best Whatsapp Alternative app –

Best Whatsapp Alternative App

1. Signal

Signal is a good choice for privacy focused WhatsApp Alternative app , you could go with it in 2021. All things considered, first of all, it doesn’t gather any user data and offers end to end encryption simply like WhatsApp. On making another profile, all it asks is your phone number, that also isn’t connected to your profile.

As features, you get one on one chat, group, video/voice calls, vanishing messages, just as a protection lock to get your own messages far from your family or friends. Its simple to use smooth interface will make you forget about Whatsapp.

2. Telegram

Telegram is the most popular Whatsapp Alternative app for both iOS and Android Telegram is also an use end to end encryption like Whatsapp but it is more secure than Whatsapp as Telegram uses MTProto protocol.

It has unique messaging features like this supergroup of up to 100,000 people, public channels, and has the capability to share data of up to 1.5 GB, also makes self destruct messages with finish to complete description in-screen chat.

3. Viber

Viber is also a decent choice for Whatsapp Alternative app. All messages on Viber are end-to-end encrypted and can be set as self-delete mode with a particular timer like in Telegram. Viber also offers a Trusted Contacts include that make you confirm the other user’s identity in a cjat by trading secret keys. So Viber will update you if your contact changes their account details later on.

Viber as WhatsApp alternative will lets you allow voice and video calls to your contacts for free of charge and but like Skype, it offers international calls at affordable prices.

4. Google Hangouts

Hangouts is the best messaging application that place you’ll have the option to chat with every one of your family or friends who have a Gmail account. You may also use the messaging trademark inside your Gmail. You can make groups, share data and moreover can look for messages as well.

5. Threema

Threema is another Whatsapp Alternative app for mobile phones with a comparative interface like Whatsapp. You can send pictures, instant messages, and GPS location in the chat.

It also sync up all your contact list so you can undoubtedly get Threema user. Indeed, even developers have no real way to see messages from the application; it implies all your chat history is ensured and locked forever.

Secure your All Messages from Best Whatsapp Alternative app in 2021

So above are the Top 5 Best Whatsapp Alternative app in 2021 which are much better than Whatsapp. But keep in mind Privacy policy of App changes day by day.

What are the best Whatsapp Alternative app in India?

Here is the top 10 best Whatsapp Alternative app as given below –
1. Signal
2. Telegram
3. Viber
4. Google Hangouts
5. Threema
6. Kik
7. Snapchat
8. Discord
9. Skype.
10. Element


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