Now You Can Video and Voice Call Through Desktop: WhatsApp Introduces Video and Voice Call Features

WhatsApp Introduces Video and Voice Call Features

In the official blog of WhatsApp, he told about the new features in WhatsApp. He said that now video calls and voice calls can also be made from Desktop WhatsApp App. It has just been launched in beta version, along with many more features that will come in the coming time.

Right now this feature has been launched one to one video call and voice call. So, that you can talk to only one person at a time. WhatsApp said that we will also launch group video calling. You can make video calls and voice calls in groups. It will also be end-to-end encrypted like calling in our mobile is end-to-end encrypted. It will be very secure in itself.

According to data from WhatsApp, They said that this year about 1.4 billion videos and voice calls have been done through WhatsApp in this new year. Which is a huge number itself. There are many such applications on the desktop as well, that allow you to make video calls in groups such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc. WhatsApp wants to give a more smooth environment to people so that people will be able to make video calls easily through the desktop.

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According to WhatsApp, you will be able to make video calls in both the landscape and portrait orientation on the desktop. Apart from this, if you have made the call on the browser, then that video call will be fixed on the top of your desktop. So that if you can work in other tabs also. It has many features which give you the experience of making a very smooth video call. You do not have any kind of trouble while making a video call.

There are some requirements for making video calls on your desktop. Such as if you use Windows PC or Laptop then you should have Windows 10 with 64-bit version 1903. If you use a Mac, then you should have a macOS 10.3 and a new version, depending on which device you use.

Other than that, your device should have a microphone and camera for making video and audio calls. You must have an active internet connection both on the computer and the phone, although it will not calls through the phone still make the call your mobile must have net connectivity. Apart from that, you will have to give permission to WhatsApp to access the microphone and camera so that your video call and voice call can establish.

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