Which Startups Are Going To Be Listed For US IPO In 2021-22

Which Startups Are Going To Be Listed For US IPO In 2021-22

Recently the government made a few changes to its policy according to the Indian startups. According to this policy, Indian startups can also be listed in overseas. But after the implementation of this policy, some startups have boosted a lot but some startups have suffered. So this is the biggest reason that many investors looking at those startups who are eligible for US IPO. Today we will talk about Which Startups Are Going To Be Listed For US IPO In 2021-22.

Apart from this, there will be more challenges like whether the US stock market will give to the Indian startup’s valuation that he wants. It is a matter of pride for any startup that it is going to be listed for an IPO, From the many startup points of view, staying private is a much better option.

List Of Startups For US IPO In 2021-22

Flipkart: According to the report, Flipkart which currently owns Walmart is eyeing US IPO next year. Currently, there is no funding shortage in Flipkart, despite it is about to launch an IPO in 2021-22 in the US at a valuation of $40-45 billion. According to the September 16 report, digitization and online purchasing have increased a lot due to Coronavirus Pandemic, which has Flipkart made it ready for the Next Year IPO.

Freshworks: In November last year, the software-selling company Freshworks raised a $ 150 million funding. With this, its market valuation has more than tripled to $3.5 billion, according to the report. The Freshworks is likely to be listed in the US NASDAQ IPO before the World Private Round 2021.COVID-19 pandemic pushed these plans. But it is still one of the few profitable unicorns and the US is the largest market place for Freshworks.

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Policybazaar: The Insurance Aggregator Policybazaar is going to be listed in the US IPO next year with a $3.5 billion market valuation. According to the report, the Policybazaar was going to be listed in Mumbai, but after the change of the government Policy, now it will be listed simultaneously in both US and Mumbai. Its market valuation in July is $1.5 billion and its existing investor SoftBank has invested $150 million in primary and secondary share.

Zomato: The most affected area of Covid-19 is the food delivery firm, even though Zomato may be listed for the IPO. Zomato told his employees in an email that it will be listed in the US IPO in the half of 2021, for this, he is working very hard on his legal and finance so that he can be ready for the US IPO. Zomato had a market valuation of $394 million according to the FY20, but after a 5% loss, its market valuation is $293 million.

Nykaa: Online beauty and cosmetics retailer Nykaa is also a candidate to be listed in the US IPO in the coming 2 years, according to the financial year 19, the Nykaa’s market valuation was Rs 1,159 crore. And in the july it has valuation is $1.2 Billion.


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