WOW!Momo : From Rupees 30,000 To 100Cr,The Journey Of Food Startup

WOW!Momo : From Rupees 30,000 To 100Cr,The Journey Of Food Startup

“At the point when You Make Well You will Share well this is achievement mystery for any business state’s Sagar Daryani fellow benefactor Kolkata Based food startup Wow!Momo.

Wow!Momo is a chain of drive-through eateries settled in Kolkata, represent considerable authority in Momos, begun by Binod Homagai, and Sagar Daryani in 2008.

I generally enthusiastic by brands and I might want to keep in course readings with logos of top brands like Nike Adidas and my companion’s reading material brimming with notes however my reading material was brimming with logos and brands. State’s Sagar.

Sagar Daryani Say’s I was messy with maths and numbers so and I realized I never clear CAT. In this way, the inquiry was what next after school. I generally needed to fabricate a brand and there is no preferable alternative over entering food business to build up a brand. In the food business, everything works through the informal. Prior to momos, we considered different ideas.

How Idea came In?

At the point when I was in school there is one auntie who sells momos and we called her as momo aunt I get one plate and eat one piece and momos are splendid That gives me the certainty the great quality momos will sell. At the point when Binod began making it I resembled yaar individuals play with burgers and pizzas for what reason wouldn’t we be able to play with momos Say’s Sagar. That is the how Wow!Momo came in.

Sagar and Binod began Wow!Momo with steamed momos, and before long concocted various assortments, Like chicken, chicken and cheddar, schezwan, and prawn. For vegans, the contributions incorporate corn, and corn and cheddar, among others.

The vision from day 1 marked KFC and dominos came from abroad we should make the Indian brand that travels to another country and that is the way Wow!momo made with little humble start.

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How Did They start Wow!Momo?

To begin their first source, Sagar and Binod moved toward the general store fasten Spencers to set up a slow down. In the previous days, Sagar would wear a Wow!Momo T-shirt and approach each individual entering the store, and request that they test the momos.

At the point when we began we don’t have cash to give one momo to everybody so we make one momo into 3 pieces and offered it to the individuals we were put stock in our taste on the off chance that they taste once they will come for another state’s Sagar.

Toward the beginning, they don’t have cash and started with acquiring Rs 30,000 from their folks as introductory capital. Sagar likewise figured out how to rope in low maintenance culinary expert Ramji KC who was working at a little cafĂ© in the city.

“Paying him low maintenance compensation of Rs 3000, we would get him to go to my dad’s carport, which filled in as a stopgap kitchen to make the momos for Wow!Momo,” adds Sagar.

Right off the bat, the group’s deals were Rs 2200, and before the month’s over, had contacted Rs 53,000. Today, Chef Ramji works all day for Wow!Momo, and is the head gourmet expert with a compensation of Rs 1.5 lakh a month.


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