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Top 5 Best AliExpress Alternatives For Dropshipping 2022

AliExpress Alternatives

AliExpress Alternatives – AliExpress is currently the leading online wholesale store for dropshipper, but due to the shortage of certain product & unreasonable shipping cost, most of the dropshipping store owner have started looking for alternative dropshipping websites to get better margin on their product.

  • DHGate
  • Banggood
  • DX
  • Taobao
  • Lightinthebox

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AliExpress Alternatives For Dropshipping

If you are the one who is looking for such alternatives, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we have included some of the top AliExpress alternative, which provide user with quality product at a discounted price. Therefore, being a dropshipper, you can gain a competitive advantage by using alternative shopping website when it comes to maintaining a reasonable profits margin.

1. DHGate AliExpress Alternatives

DHGate is a marketplace like AliExpress. It has vendor from the Far East who offers manufacture goods directly to consumer. It is a very populars AliExpress alternative used by many dropshipper. Both DHGate and AliExpress offers the same product so you can compare prices & get the most benefit.

The best product for Dropshipping

DHGate offer more than 10 million dropshipping product from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & others Central Asian countries. Lists product from all categories, including:

  • electronics
  • Smartphones and computers
  • Men and women clothing
  • Watches and Jewelry
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Home & Beauty
  • outdoor sports

Delivery time

DHGate also uses ePacket shipping for products delivery. So AliExpress & DHGate delivery times is the same.

2. Banggood AliExpress Alternatives

Banggood is another eCommerce marketplace that offer low prices on multiple product & good competition from AliExpress. It has everything from smartphone to drone, with over four millions product listed. Not many people know about this eCommerce stores, so naturally, it make it an attractive place to dropship product.

The best product for Dropshipping

Banggood offer multiple product from China, Hong Kong, & even the United State. Most of the product listed here are directly from the supplier. Buying the listed item from Banggood will be very beneficial for dropshipper :-

  • Drone & Robot
  • Smartphone & computer
  • Home & Beauty
  • outdoor & sports
  • garden & outdoor
  • Clothing & Attire

Why use Banggood

Banggood offer most of the product that are not available in others online shopping store, such as drone & robot. So if you are shipping these hard to find item, Banggood is a great place to looks.

3. DX AliExpress Alternatives

DX, formerly known as Deals Exchange, is an eCommerce shopping websites that has over two millions product listed. You have vendor & retailer listed with varying prices for the same product.

The best products for Dropshipping

DX offer a multitude of product that you can ships directly to. It has a best deal section that offers almost 50% discount on all product. So while dropshipping, you can easily select DX products & sell them at a higher price.

You can easily ship the following item :-

  • game consoles & toy
  • Smartphone and tablet
  • Smart Watche & Robots
  • diy products
  • garden and outdoor

Delivery time

Most DX product ship within one day. However, if you live in countrie further away from the actual location of the manufacturer, the delivery time may exceed 15 day.

4. Taobao AliExpress Alternatives

Taobao is one of the largest shopping website in China after AliExpress. It is also owned by AliBaba. The biggest difference between AliExpress anothers AliBaba subsidiary & Taobao is that Taobao is a B2C platforms that caters specifically to Chinese manufacturer. On the others hand, AliExpress is made for the international markets. It also has a wider variety compared to Taobao.

However, where Taobao stand out is its price. Most of the product offered on Taobao have a low price because they are only for Chinese customer. Dropshipper who want to use Taobao as a dropshipping supply point should first contact the supplier & ask if they actually ship product to other countries.

The best products for Dropshipping

Taobao is only available in Chinese language. Therefore, while looking for the best dropshipping product, you will have to take the help of Google translate. Here is a list of thing you can orders through Taobao.

  • sport & outdoor
  • Clothing and Apparel
  • jewelry accessories
  • smartphone & tablet
  • hobby and DIY tool

Delivery time

Taobao offer C2C customer to customer sales. Therefore, most product can take a week on average.

5. Lightinthebox AliExpress Alternatives

LightInTheBox is anothers Chinese stores that sell popular & trending product globally. It is based in China. The shopping stores is perfect to buy almost everythings. The best way to use Lightinthebox for dropshipping is to compare their prices with others dropshipping store & then make a wise decision.

The best product for Dropshipping

Lightinthebox offer everything from sport & outdoors gear to clothing & apparels.

But the most purchased item on Lightinthebox are :-

  • Fashion & Jewelry
  • Telephone & ElectronicsShoes and Bags
  • wedding and dance
  • Beauty & Hair

Delivery time

Lightinthebox has warehouse only in China, so most product may take 15 to 30 day on average to deliver your desired product.

Why use Lightinthebox

Lightinthebox offer reasonable price for most fashion accessories & home product. And, most of the times, they offers even lower prices than other stores that work in the same niches. These combined allow dropshipper to make the most profits.



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