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illustrake story – Best Designing agency in Mumbai

illustrake story graphic designing company in mumbai

People get jobs to sustain an affordable living and to get paid for what they enjoy doing. Then others follow their dreams, cross countless hurdles, and become an inspiration for many. illustrake is a sweet amalgamation of both. Founded in 2016, three friends stumbled upon the idea that they don’t want to work where their heart isn’t. Mihir Gadhvi, Satyansh Tiwari, and Prakhar Shrivastava are the founders of 3nions.com, illustrake, Preset.ly, and ListingTop10.com, who are proud to put “Get your dreams designed” on one of their websites. What started as writing articles, blogging, and graphic designing has spawned three different paths.

About illustrake

Mihir recalls the time that eventually led to the design of people’s dreams. 3nions.com is a sister concern where they produce blogs related to technology. One fine day, a gentleman approached for an assignment, which he describes as their first paid project. After two-three similar offers, they had a light-bulb moment to create an illustrake.

They stumbled upon the ‘illustrake’ name while working on various designs on Adobe Illustrator. If you had asked anyone the meaning of graphic designing, they would have asked you what it means. Fast forward to 2020; almost everyone had an idea about it. The market is competitive, and it’s an excellent time to exist.

illustrake team

Journey Of illustrake

The journey wasn’t all roses. Parents’ reaction to entering a competitive line was not favorable, but after the trio explained their business concept, they gave an unenthusiastic green signal. They experienced situations that they do regret but taught them a thing or two. One of the mistakes was agreeing to work on oral testimony. Risks are something they look forward to, which the trio sees as learning opportunities.

Mihir, Satyansh, and Prakhar don’t let it go to their heads when it comes to success. They invest in Consistency and experimenting. Taking different routes for the same journey is their mantra for when things don’t seem to work. When asked if they had a chance to reset everything, they would change the approach. Tackling procrastination and engaging in practical thoughts.

Innovation drives the trio. Tweaking an existing concept gets them ticking. They believe that not every idea is interesting, but something does come out of it. If you call them nerds, they won’t be offended; instead, they believe the term represents people who possess enough knowledge in their respective fields. A hard-working team inspires them, who strive hard to make the company’s name, are precious and hard to come by.

Quotes by Mihir Gadhvi

Motivational Quotes by Mihir Gadhvi

To advise those vying for a name in designing, Mihir, Satyansh, and Prakhar suggest planning things and taking action. They believe people get fantastic ideas, and they note them down but won’t execute them. One shouldn’t indulge in the kitchen-sink approach; just doing what feels right is a motto everyone should follow, no matter the risk. It’s either a yes or a no.

3nions story

When you visit 3nions.com, you’ll see the latest news from the world of technology and articles that tackle those technically challenged. From how-tos to step by step tutorials, the solution to your problems lies here. illustrake caters to those looking for an alluring website for their business that puts them on a map. You can also get your logos designed, have professional videos made, and promote your social media so that you have a wider reach.

Preset.ly is apt for social media as it offers free, high-quality presets for Adobe Lightroom. Other websites charge you a bomb for a couple of presets, but on their website, you’ll come across never seen before presets. ListingTop10.com cover the top 10 things of almost any field of interest you can think of. Be it the top 10 Instagram account or horror movies; you’ll have a good time here.



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