Petpooja Success Story of No.1 Restaurant Software

Petpooja Success Story

Petpooja Success Story – The relationship of the Indian with their food is intimate. Food here in India is an emotion that also reflect the culture of the country and its personality. One may be surprised by the wide variety of food that India has to offer as each state has its version of grocery item.

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Petpooja Success Story

Indian culture also contemplates the extensive & rich food culture. Due to the infusion of a wide list of delicacies, the concept of the restaurant business has also taken hold throughout India. Today, we have thousand of food chain, hotel, and restaurant offering many different dishes based on a variety of cuisines.

While food is not just limited to India, it is an important aspect in most countries. The food business has become very popular in almost all part of the country. To help with this restaurants business, some companies manage and help organize unorganized food & beverage sector.

About Petpooja

The lack of proper technology in the F&B sector is what motivated the founder of Petpooja to come up with one of the best restaurant management software to help them provide a seamless experience management experience. Petpooja is the leading next generation PoS platforms for the food & beverage industry. The legal name of the company is Prayosha Food Services Pvt. Limited.

Your PoS systems runs all of your customer operations seamlessly, allowing them to focus on other functions to further expand their restaurant business. The company has more than 35,000 clients in India, the United Arab Emirates & South Africa.

Petpooja PoS system includes a billing system, inventory management systems, reporting, customizable menus, CRM, & online ordering. Petpooja boasts of being present in more than 140 cities not only in India but also in the United Arab Emirates. It has employed more than 750 people worldwide.

The Petpooja platform processes more than 200,000 invoices per day and receives more than 50,000,000 API requests per day. The platforms is independent of the operating systems Windows, Mac or Linux & the browser. Node.JS, Python, PHP, Adobe, MySql, MongoDB, SqlLight, and ReactJS are among the technologies used on the platforms.

Petpooja work with companies and organization such as Dunzo, IIFL, Bank, PayTM, HDFC NPCI, Zomato & Swiggy, partnering with over 300 restaurant. (Petpooja Success Story)

Company Highlights

HeadquartersAhmedabad, Gujarat
SectorIT services
FounderParthiv Patel and Apurv Patel
Legal NamePrayosha Food Services Pvt. Ltd.
Valuation$35.8 million (2021)
Revenue$126 million
Total Funding Raised$8.9 million

Founders – Apurv Patel

Apurv Patel is the co founder and CSO of Petpooja. He has a degree in Electronics & Communication from Sardar Patel University. Before founding Petpooja, Apurv worked in many organizations engaging in different roles. He started out working as an executive assistant at Claris Lifescience, then worked as a business analyst at Elitecore Technologies, etc. Apurv Patel is a people person & always advises to be ethical and transparent when doing business.

Founders – Parthiv Patel

Parthiv Patel laid the foundation stone for Petpooja together with his friend Apurv Patel. Before starting the Petpooja journey, Parthiv has partnered with many companies. To be precise, he began his career as a Senior Project Engineer at Wipro Technologies and later worked as an Associate Vice President at GVFL.

Petpooja Startup Story

The founders of Petpooja – Apurv Patel & Parthiv Patel started Petpooja with the mindset of turning the unorganized sector of the food and beverage industry into a more systematic and methodical sectors. The due were friends from school, who met for a single day to end up discussing their love of food in the city of Ahmedabad. This is one of the most important reasons before starting Petpooja. (Petpooja Success Story)

In the early days of Petpooja in 2011, it started as a delivery service for corporations & multinational corporations. They served as a go-between for their restaurant partner to deliver large number of corporate dining order. Within two years, Petpooja made considerable progress serving over 200 corporate client in Ahmedabad and partnering with over 300 restaurant.

During the delivery process, the duo realized that they had to work very hard to get the process done, which involved ordering, constant follow up, inventory and order and invoices, and much more. Keeping up with manual order taking is what pushed the founder to grab the right tech help. They wanted to automate monotonous and repetitive processes, giving the restaurant owner more time to focus on customers service & business success.

After presenting the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadopting Petpooja point of sale PoS software, the company raised its funds and achieved a positive result. It grew from a team of two members to more than 200 employees in 2019. Gradually, the company upgraded its software by adding features like Kiosk, AI-enabled software, and FoodBot, which is a robot that does the serving duties of a waiter in a restaurant.

Petpooja Business model

Petpooja business model can be said to have a B2B2C model. Since Petpooja provides restaurant management software solution to most restaurant business owner, it offers a complete product or service transaction process. The company business model allows for mutually beneficial product or service delivery channel through its PoS systems. (Petpooja Success Story)

Petpooja operates its business by offering PoS system that have a complete system for an online operation that facilitates the operation of many restaurant owner. Services include :-

  • Invoicing system : Deskstop invoicing software allows customers to manage invoices for large orders seamlessly. The software is operational on any device be it a laptop, desktop, tabs or any touch screen electronic device.
  • Inventory Management Software : This Petpooja software allows customers to manage all of their restaurant’s stock, such as raw materials, and even control semi-finished items in the kitchen module system. Petpooja inventory app gives your customer the freedom to keep their stock list up to date in minutes & automatically sync all data with the Petpooja cloud.
  • Report : Whether it’s tax, an email report, write-off report, or other invoice reports, they’re all stored in the streamlined reporting dashboard to give your clients a look at important reports in one place .
  • Menu Card Board : Petpooja also gives their customers the freedom to add their restaurant menus. The feature also allows them to customize based on the availability of their food. In addition to this, it also has special notes for the restaurant owner’s customers to allow them to give special instructions.
  • CRM : This Petpooja service allows their customers to interact with and track their loyal customers to help build healthy relationships. Petpooja feedback management system allows its customers to collect feedback and other suggestions from their customers via SMS links, QR codes, or via tablets or mobile phones. (Petpooja Success Story)
  • Online ordering integration : Petpooja PoS offers seamless online order management. Companies like Zomato, Swiggy and Amazon use Petpooja’s online order management system.

Revenue model

After relaunching with the PoS systems, Petpooja made a good amount of income. With a new approach to the business model, Petpooja slowly picked up his career and turned his business into a more scalable one. Petpooja early years were tough, but now the company has a total revenue of $126 million.

The two streams from which Petpooja generate its income are:

  • Petpooja App Marketplace by offering additional features and other integrations.
  • Through online and credit card transaction.

Petpooja Growth

It can be said that the growth of Petpooja is commendable as the company work closely with big companies like Havmor, Jumboking, Apsara, TGIF, The Beer Cafe, Thalappakatti and many more. From starting as a delivery service to now offering innovative software services to various businesses, Petpooja has come a long way.

Today, the company has a strong and expanding family of more than 800 people, and has also begun to scale its operations abroad. The recent Series B fundraising of $4.5 million will help the company pursue its ambition to disrupt the restaurant technology business and improve the efficiency of all restaurant and F&B models. (Petpooja Success Story)

During the pandemic, Petpooja came up with unique features to help many businesses, which closed due to lockdown in 2020. The company came up with ideas to help businesses recover from the pandemic and deal with losses in a more useful way. Launched strong features like Scan Order Pay, Voice Ordering Kiosk, Petpooja Restaurant Analytics Insights, SMS Service, Online Order Reconciliation, Vendor Center, etc.


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