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4 Tips for Starting Up a Porta Potty Rental Business

Porta Potty Rental Business

Are you ready to start your porta potty business? If so, there are some things you need to understand to ensure success. Providing porta potties goes beyond delivering outdoor toilets to a designated location. Read on for more insight about such a business.

Tips for Starting Up a Porta Potty Rental Business

1. Have Enough Toilets in Stock

Be mindful of the city you live in, as some places have large annual events. If you’re in a major city or any place that thrives on big festivals, you may be called upon to supply several portable toilets at one time. So if you want to stay in business, you want enough outdoor toilets on hand when your customers need them.

It’s recommended to supply one porta potty for every 50 people you expect to attend an event. When people call your customer service
line, you should be able to advise them on how many toilets they will need. Always ask them how many people they expect at their event so you can give them a good estimate on the right amount they should rent

2. Work with the Right People

Regardless of how well you handle your business, you could lose it all if you have the wrong people working for you or have partnerships with bad companies. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), fraud costs businesses around 5% of their revenue each year.

That’s why it’s important to vet any potential employees, contractors, or vendors before you bring them under your wing. For example, even if your porta potties are clean and functional, your driver or maintenance vendor could hurt the company by not doing timely toilet deliveries or cleaning. You also need permits and those requirements can change based on the city. Always make sure any legal paperwork is complete
and in compliance. Otherwise, your business could face fines.

3. Promote Yourself

No one will know about your business if you don’t get the word out. In 2022, the Portable Toilet Rental industry’s market size is over $2 billion. That’s a lot of money you can tap into if people know that your services are available.

You can utilize social media, blogs, and email marketing to let people know about your services. Using banners around the city is a great way to let everyone know they can get outdoor toilets from you. Don’t forget to create a professional-level website that describes your portable toilets, pricing, and related services. Always provide the best way to contact you for a quote or additional customer service.

4. Be Aware of Large Events

Is the County Fair coming up? How about graduation parties? Do you live in a city like Austin or Houston where festivals can take place year-round? You can tap into those markets by finding out who is in charge of those events and adding them to your contact list. Then you can market your services with a first-time renter discount or guarantee. Don’t forget about the holiday season. Whether it’s summer holidays like Independence and Memorial Day or a month’s worth of Christmas parties, your outdoor toilet service may be needed more than

Starting a portable toilet business can take work to get off the ground, but it’s worth it. This lucrative industry will continue to grow, and you can be a part of it with the right balance of expertise and professionalism. Have a good product on deck and work with other reputable
vendors and contractors so that your business reputation stays intact. Get to know all the major events and who handles them. Before long, you may be the premier portable toilet business around.



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