Top 10 Best Venture Capital Firms in India 2022

Venture Capital Firms in India

Venture Capital Firms in India is an essential part of the startup ecosystem. Once a startup has reached its growth stage, its most important requirement is undoubtedly the backing of reliable investors and an ample amount of funding to scale. Although the startup concept has gained momentum recently.

The small number of investors willing to show their confidence and invest in startups has been a problem for startups. Many startups find it difficult to approach venture capitalists and many times the investor’s investment structure is inappropriate for the startup.

Top Venture Capital Firms in India

  • Sequoia Capital
  • Accel
  • Blume Companies
  • Elevation Capital
  • Tiger Global Management
  • Kalaari of Kalaari
  • Matrix Partners
  • Nexus Venture Partners
  • Indian Angels Network
  • Omidyar Network India

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Sequoia Venture Capital Firms

Founded in 1972, Sequoia Capital is an American venture capital firm in California, USA. Since its inception, it has invested in more than 1,000 companies, including Apple, Google, Github, LinkedIn, Yahoo, WhatsApp, Oracle, etc. Sequoia select 15 to 20 startup every six month & invests $1 million to $2 million with the participation of other investor. It has $5.4 billion of assets under management in India, spread across seven fund.

FounderDonald T. Valentine
Founded in1972
Deals245+ (FY20)
Notable InvestmentsApple, Google, Oracle, Nvidia, GitHub, PayPal, LinkedIn, Stripe, Bird, YouTube, Instagram, Yahoo!, PicsArt, Klarna, and WhatsApp
Key SectorsAgnostic
StageEarly Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Seed

Accel Venture Capital Firms

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA, Accel is a venture capital firm that operates funds in India, the UK, and China. Accel currently manages over $1.6 billion AUM and closed nearly six funds in India. Accel has financed Indian companies like Flipkart, Swiggy, Blackbuck, etc. The company focuses on established businesses that require larger amount of capital to expand their operation.

FounderJim Swartz, Arthur Patterson
Founded in1983
Notable InvestmentsFreshworks, Swiggy, BlackBuck, Bounce, BookMyShow, Flipkart
Key SectorsAgnostic
StageEarly Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Seed
SubsidiariesACCEL PARTNERS LIMITED, Accel Partners Management LLP

Blume Companies Venture Capital Firms

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Blume Ventures is an early stage venture fund that aims to increase funding for startups in India. The company mainly focuses on technology companies & has invested in Series B to D round in Unacademy, Servify, etc. Blume Ventures has a total capital under management of nearly $225 million & has backed more than 150 startup.

FounderKarthik and Sanjay
Founded in2010
Notable InvestmentsDunzo, Unacademy, Instamojo, Procol, HealthAssure, Milkbasket
Key SectorsAgnostic
StageEarly Stage Venture, Seed

Elevation Venture Capital Firms

Formerly known as SAIF Partners, Elevation Capital is a scenario & sector agnostic private equity firms. Headquartered in Gurugram, India, the company makes minor investment in early stage, seed stage & mature companies. You have already invested in companies like Paytm, ShareChat, Swiggy, MakeMyTrip, Just Dial, etc.

FounderAndrew Yan
Founded in2001
Notable InvestmentsCapital Float, Firstcry, Swiggy, IndustryBuying, Aye Finance, Rivigo, Cleartax
Key SectorsAgnostic
StageStage Agnostic, Private Equity

Tiger Global Management Venture Capital Firms

Tiger Global Management LLC is a venture capital firm that invests in high-quality FinTech, consumer and software companies. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in New York, the company has invested in more than 442 companies worldwide with 7 designated fund. In India, it has invested in more than 97 startup including Flipkart, Moglix, Urban Company, etc.

FounderChase Coleman III
Founded in2001
Notable InvestmentsUrban Company, Flipkart, Moglix, OPEN, Ninjacart, Razorpay
Key SectorsInternet, Software, Consumer, Financial Technology
StageGrowth, Late Stage, Private Equity, Post- IPO

Kalaari of Kalaari Venture Capital Firms

Kalaari Capital mainly focuses on technology companies in India and has made more than 92 investments in 3 fund in companies including Myntra, Snapdeal, Jumbotail, Cashkaro, etc. The company has come out of companies like Myntra & Snapdeal and partially from Zivame. Founded in Bangalore in 2006, Kalaari Capital manage AUM of $650 millions.

FounderVani Kola
Founded in2006
Notable InvestmentsCashkaro,, WinZO, Jumbotail, Milkbasket, Myntra, Snapdeal
Key SectorsAgnostic
StageEarly Stage

Matrix Partners Venture Capital Firms

Matrix Partners, a US-based private equity investment firm, invest in startup & early stage companies in the US and India. Software, communications, semiconductors, data storage, etc. are the main focus of Matrix Partners. He has invested in MoEngage, Apple Computer, Office Club, etc. Matrix Partners is said to manage nearly $4 billion in assets under management AUM.

FounderPaul J. Ferri
Founded in1977
Notable InvestmentsAvail Finance, Vogo, DailyNinja, Stanza Living, MoEngage
Key SectorsAgnostic
StageEarly Stage Venture, Seed

Nexus Venture Partners Venture Capital Firms

Nexus Venture Partners is a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley and Mumbai and is India & US first venture funds. It has helped a list of companies raise funds including Zomato, Rapido, Delhivery, WhiteHat jr etc. Nexus Venture Partner invest in early growth stage companies and had more than $1.4 billion in assets under managements as of fiscal 2019.

FounderSandeep Singhal
Founded in2006
Notable InvestmentsWhiteHat Jr, Delhivery, Rapido, Unacademy, Druva, Jumbotail, Bolo App, Pratilipi, Zomato
Key SectorsAgnostic
StageEarly Stage Venture, Seed

Indian Angels Network Venture Capital Firms

Indian Angel Network IAN is a group of Indian angel investors who finance startups. Founded in 2006 in Delhi, India, IAN is a SEBI registered early stage fund with more than 470 investors from 11 countries. The group has invested in companies including WebEngage, Druva, Box8, Faballey, Little Black Book, etc.

FounderSaurabh Srivastava, Padmaja Ruparel, Raman Roy
Founded in2006
Notable InvestmentsWebEngage, Druva, Box8, Faballey, Little Black Book
Key SectorsAgnostic
StageEarly Stage, Seed

Omidyar Network India Venture Capital Firms

Omidyar Network India is a social impact investment firm that invest in startups that help inclusive societies for less privileged people. The company was founded in 2004 and has invested over $300 millions in the Indian startups ecosystem. Some of his key investments include Dailyhunt, Indifi Technologies, Needslist, Bounce, Platzi, Pratilipi, Healthkart, etc.

FounderPierre Omidyar
Founded in2004
Notable InvestmentsDailyhunt, Indifi Technologies, 1MG, Needslist, Bounce, Platzi, Doubtnut, WhiteHat Education Technology
Key SectorsAgnostic
StageEarly Stage, Seed Stage

Key Characteristics of Venture Capital Investments

  • High-risk funding
  • High Tech projects
  • Participation in Management
  • Length of Investment
  • Illiquid Investment

Venture capitalists typically provide financing to early stage startup despite the significant risk associated with the company future earnings & cash flow. They invest in exchange for an equity stake in the business rather than debt.

The Indian venture capital market has become an attractive investment destination. Investor have earned a 25 to 30% annual return over the past 5 to 6 year by investing in pre ipo stock. However, it can be risky to invest your hard earn money without market research and investment guidelines.

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What is a Venture Capital investment company?

A venture capital investment firms is an investment firm that invest in startup & advises them on their growth. Venture capital firms are typically made up of well-off investors, investment banks, and others financial institution.

How many venture capital firms are there in India?

There are more than 800 venture capital firm in India, as of 2022.

What are early stage venture capital firms?

Early stage venture capital firm are the venture capital firm that are generally known for supporting startup in their early stages of growth. These stages also include the startup phase when project are still in the market research & developments stage.


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