Top 10 B2B Ecommerce Startups in India in 2024


B2B Ecommerce Startups – Today, there are a lot of startup in the B2B e-commerce industry that provide companies with goods & services from others companies. There are more than 6.6K startup in this industry, which also includes those companies that operate as electronic dealer, exchanges and trading platform. And being one of the hot spot for investor, the B2B e-commerce industry has raised USD 60.5 billion in fund from more than 2K companies & a third of these funds have been raised in the last three year 2019 to 2023

B2B Ecommerce Startups

If you’re in the B2B industry, you must have heard the names of prominent investor like 500 startup, Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital, Techstars, and Plat Tech Center. These are some of the most active investor in the B2B eCommerce industry with numerous investment.

Speaking of the industry, we introduce you to the list of B2B eCommerce startup in India in this article. So, let’s starts with that!


Udaan is a leading Indian b2b e-commerce platforms that started in the year 2016. The company operates in a wide range of categories such as electronic, home & kitchen, lifestyle, pharmaceutical, FMCG, consumer goods, basics, toys, fruits & vegetables and merchandise in general.

‌‌Udaan headquarters is established in Bangalore, India. According to recent media report, the company was valued at $3.1 billion. This further includes GGV Capital venture partner, Moonstone Capital, DST Global, Altimeter Capital & Tencent, Octahedron Capital and many more.


Being revolutionary in fresh produce supply chain direct from farmers to businesses across India, Ninjacart is built on advanced technology. The company is considered a pioneer in solving one of the world major supply chain problem through advanced technology. They guarantee the supply of product from farmer within 12 hours only.

Furthermore, Ninjacart is the first platforms that worked for the benefits of farmer, consumer and retailers together.

Thanks to this innovative supply chain method, farmer benefited from a 20% improved income stream, payments within 24 hours and transparent weighing. Meanwhile, retailer enjoy competitive prices, high quality assorted product, and home delivery.


Being an Indian business-2-business marketplace, Zetwerk is built for manufacturing item. The company sells product such as parts of a crane, chassis of various machines, doors and stairs. It operates primarily to serve the foundry, fabrication, forging, and machining businesses. The company has recently closed a significant numbers of funding rounds based on its operation across the country and benefiting local businesses to find client around the world. In recent report, Zetwerk raised $210 million in its Series F funding round led by Greenoaks Capital in December 2021.


ShopX is among the fastest growing B2B eCommerce platform and was founded in 2015 by Apoorva Jois & Amit Sharma. The company is quite famous among the retailer as it brings many benefit to them. It was developed to use technology to organize commerce & make it accessible and preferable to those who need it.

ShopX has had a social & economic impact on the Indian economy and places a high value on long term sustainability in this sector.

‌‌With its proprietary technology, the company has transformed retailer by creating a technology enabled platforms that contain all the services retailers require to attract more customer. Through ShopX, retailer gain access to the latest products and various services.


Bizongo was founded in 2013 by three IIT graduate, Ankit Tomar, Aniket Deb & Sachin Agrawal, as a digital marketplace for all those holistic B2B packaging solution. The company transform the broken and disorganized B2B segment with the unique concept of personalized product.

Today, Bizongo offers packaging, apparel, textiles, and various other contract manufacturing product to a network of over 1,500 select manufacturer. (B2B Ecommerce Startups)

In addition to this, the company offers supply chain automation, digital supplier managements & supply chain finance to enterprise client through its proprietary digital platform of Partner Hub, Procure live and Artwork flow.

Infra Market

Being a unicorn, Infra Market is a building based solution creating India largest multi product building material brand. Through the use of advanced technology & scale innovation, Infra Market has been transforming the entire ecosystems. They produce a wide range of lifestyle product & building material for interior spaces.

The company was started in the year 2016 and within a few years, it became one of the fastest growing B2B e-commerce platform in India. And as a technology pioneer, Infra Market shines in both the B2B & B2C sectors by meeting a wide variety of requirement.


Another widely preferred B2B e-commerce platforms is Industrybuying, which is an online marketplace created primarily for industrial supplies. Through this platforms, user can easily browse various products categories and search by titles and brand. (B2B Ecommerce Startups)

According to report in 2015, Industrybuying hosted more than 500 brands, 1000 suppliers and around 1.5 lakh products online. Additionally, the company has a large omnichannel presence that includes both online e-commerce & offline corporate clients.


As one of the fastest growing agricultural technology companies, WayCool has had a huge impact on the food economy of India. It was founded in July 2015 to develops the world largest food supply chain & distribution services. And according to statistics, WayCool is known to impact the lives of around 500,000 farmers.

Today, the company handles more than 900 tons of food every day, sourced from 100,000 customer and a network of farmer of more than 85,000 in 50 regions of India. Its services include food processing, sourcing, branding & marketing, agricultural inputs, and last-mile distribution.


Serving over 50,000 Kirana store, Jumbotail is a virtual B2B marketplace containing wholesale food & groceries. The company is once again transforming the food and grocery value chain through the use of data science, technology and design. It connects thousand of grocery retailer Kirana store and supermarket with basic brand & producer. (B2B Ecommerce Startups)

‌‌Offering a wide range of high quality staple food, personal care, home care and packaged food product from leading commodity producers and brands.


Eunimart, the startups is famous for helping brand and manufacturers sell their product through prominent e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and some local channels. Along with this, it helps to explore retail and B2B channel option for sales to seller.

Eunimart creates a comprehensive ecosystems consisting of more than 30 shipping partner and fulfillment partners in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and India. (B2B Ecommerce Startups)

In addition, the company offer a proper supply chain management system that includes warehouse management, global managements, vendors management, and inventory management.

‌‌Apart from all this, what makes Eunimart unique is the knowledge they offer. This helps to triple the revenue of brand than usual & reduces the cost by 35% using AI tools. It mainly help predict sales and optimize everything. (B2B Ecommerce Startups)


In conclusion, we can say that the B2B eCommerce industry is growing massively with key interest from prominent investor. There are over 3.7K startup as reported in 2019 and the numbers is surely growing. With the vast sum of fund, the industry is embracing new technologies & advancement to make it grow. In the coming years, we will see more growth and development in this sector. Stay tuned for more content.

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