Cipla Success Story | Pharma Company Business Model 2022

Cipla Success Story

Cipla Success Story – Pharmaceuticals industries are one of the most crucial industries as they are considered to be the largest contributors to the economy of a country. We know that the pharmaceuticals industries are responsible for creating various medicine. In India, pharmaceuticals companies are growing at a fast rate, making India one of the leading exporting countries for pharmaceutical.

Pharmaceuticals companies have made greats strides in the field of biomedicals science and offer numerous solution to humanity with their innovative & effective medicine.

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Cipla Success Story

Cipla is one such multinationals Indian pharmaceuticals company that develop various medicine to treat differents types of diseases. It was founded in 1935 & is headquartered in Mumbai.

Read on to learn more about Cipla. In this article, you will learn Cipla startup story, its founder, business models, revenue growths, challenges faced, awards obtained by Cipla,

About Cipla

The Indian multinationals pharmaceutical business, Cipla Limited, is based in Mumbai. Founded by Khwaja Abdul Hamied in 1935, the pharmaceutical company focuses on creating medicines to treat a variety of illnesses, including asthma, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, depression, & many other.

Cipla aims to never stops working to ensure that patients in need have access to high quality medicines at reasonable prices. For the past eight decades, medical professional & patients around the world have trusted Cipla for this reason.

Caring has been the cornerstone on which Cipla as an organization has been built, brick by brick. The company has expanded its presence into more than 80 market and offer more than 1,500 medicines in numerous therapeutic categories in more than 50 dosage form. Cipla is currently expanding its presence in key areas, such as India, South Africa and the United States, as well as in the economies of other developing nations, in an effort to make healthcare more accessible globally. Cipla is also present in countries such as: Kenya, Australia, South Africa, USA, Europe, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uganda and UK.

Company Highlight

Startup NameCipla Limited
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
FounderDr. Khwaja Abdul Hamied
Revenue$2.7 billion (FY21-22)

Cipla Industry

The Indian pharmaceuticals industry is the third largest in the world by volume and the fourteenth largest in terms of value. According to the Indian Economic Survey 2021, the domestic markets is expected to grow 3 time in the next decade.

India is reported to supply about 20% of generic drug globally in terms of volumes. As already mentioned, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is in the top 10 for having the highest value of drugs and medicines during 2020. (Cipla Success Story )

Cipla Founders & Team

Dr. Khwaja Abdul Hamied laid the foundation for Cipla in 1935. Dr. Hamied was born to Khwaja Abdul Ali and Masood Jahan Begum in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh in 1898. He was a follower of M.K. Gandhi and also a founding professor along with Zakir Husain of Jamia Millia Islamia, Aligarh, which is now based in Delhi. Dr. Hamied received his undergraduate degree from the University of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, and his master’s and doctorate degrees from the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. Dr. Hamied was a scientist who opposed imperialism and was a nationalist and freedom fighter in India.

Yusuf Khwaja Hamied

Yusuf Khwaja Hamied is the Non-Executive Chairman of Cipla Limited. An Indian scientist and billionaire businessman, Yusuf took over the company after his father, Dr. Khwaja Abdul Hamied. His popularity is known beyond national borders, as he is best recognized for fighting powerful Western pharmaceutical companies to offer affordable generic AIDS drugs and therapies for other diseases that greatly afflict people in the world. Developing. Furthermore, he was elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences of India. (Cipla Success Story)

Umang Vohra

Umang Vohra is the Managing Director & Global CEO of Cipla Limited. He has completed the Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka and obtained his Master of Business Administration degree from T.A.Pai Management Institute, Karnataka. Umang was also director of the North American business at Dr Reddys Laboratories and director of financial planning at Pepsico India.

Cipla Startups story

Cipla’s history dates back to 1935 when Dr. Khwaja Adbul Hamied founded one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India. Initially, the company was known as ‘The Chemical, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories’. Later, in 1984, the company was renamed ‘Cipla Limited’.

It was in 1968 that Cipla’s revenue exceeded Rs 1 crore. Shortly thereafter, at the Mumbai headquarters, the company installed an ORG 2001 computer to streamline payroll and financial accounting processes, saving seven people 20 days of work. Then in 1991, Cipla’s turnover exceeded Rs 100 crore.

History’s first oral iron chelator, Deferiprone, was introduced by Cipla in 1995. The company made antiretrovirals available for HIV treatment in 2001 for less than $350 per patient per year. (Cipla Success Story)

To provide patients with real-time monitoring, coaching and advice, Cipla partnered with Wellthy Therapeutics in India and Brandmed in South Africa in 2019. This collaboration combines behavioral science, real clinical evidence and artificial intelligence.

Mission & vision

Cipla values include guidance & conduct in every conversation, organizational decision & action of its employees. Cipla mission is to be the world leading healthcare provider, using innovation & technology to meet the basic need of all patient. The company’s mission & vision in the words of Cipla President Dr. Y K Hamied: Our job is not just to make medicines. It’s about making a difference. (Cipla Success Story)

Cipla – Competitor

Some of the top competitors of Cipla are:

  • Sun Pharma
  • Divi’s Laboratories
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
  • Torrent Pharma
  • Abbott India
  • Gland
  • Alkem Lab
  • Pfizer
  • AstraZeneca
  • Procter&Gamble

Cipla Challenges Controversies faced

Like any business, Cipla had to go through some challenge & criticism. In August 2007, the company introduced an over the counter emergency contraceptive drug known as the i-pill. dose.


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