Fasal : Startup which Helps Farming on autopilot using IoT to help horticulture


Fasal is the pioneer of exactness farming and is an IoT based powered intelligence stage for agriculture crops. It catches continuous information on conditions from on-farm sensors to convey farm explicit, crop-explicit and crop-stage explicit noteworthy suggestions to farmers.

For quite a long time, Indian horticulture has depended on farmers’ instinct when it came to crop cycles, soil supplements, climatic conditions, and different boundaries.

Yet, even experienced ranchers have not generally had the option to get away from the risks of environmental change, losing their harvests to eccentric climate conditions, soil corruption, and unmitigated nuisance assaults.

This is the thing that Ceo of Fasal Ananda Verma, who comes from a farming family of UP’s Azamgarh District near Varanasi. Growing up, he has seen his father suffer due to loss in crops because of climate related uncertainty and lack of information.

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How does Fasal Start

After completing his graduation from IIIT Bangalore, and working in the IT software companies for over five years, Ananda understood that he had an answer for this issue by using tech headway in Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML).

Fasal app

This combination of horticulture and technology and a conviction that accuracy farming and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can get second Green Revolution in India drove him to begin Fasal with his co-founder Shailendra Tiwari.

The official name of the company is Wolkus Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd. based out of Bangalore, Karnataka. The company has a motto to ‘Give Back To The Society’.

How does Fasal Work

The Fasal Smart Agriculture Basic Solution Kit engages to observe characteristic norms in agriculture zones, grape plantations, greenhouses.

The startup has created an IoT-LED device with far off sensors that can be handled to record harvest, soil, and climate conditions. The real time data gathered by the device which is used to create farm specific, specific and crop-stage-explicit insight using AI and ML, which permits farmers to use oral language ​​through the FASAL application .

Particular sensors for distinguishing soil moisture level and temperature, humidity, leaf wetness and air pressure are introduced to control the measure of sugar in grapes that improves wine quality.


The sensors also measure miniature atmosphere conditions that are more valuable to the farmers than climate forecasts to increase the crop yield.

Fasal has launched ‘Fasal Water Credit‘ to motivate its farmers to save water and their money with sustainable farming rehearses.

Fasal is also working together with the UC-Berkley Andhra Pradesh Smart Village activity, which is a collective activity between Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and the University of California Berkeley.

Brilliant Villages goal engaging, improving, and connecting towns, while empowering supportable improvement by using Digital Technologies. Fasal did its first installation under the Smart Village activity in Kuppam.

Fasal Business Future and Funding

With the vision to run farm on the auto-pilot mode, Fasal is planning to get one of the unique stages of the farmers. The stage where any farmers can put the name of the yield they need to grow and Fasal will guide him to create the top quality crop and sell on best price in the market.

Fasal has raised seed funding of $1.6 Mn from Omnivore and Wavemaker Partners in 2019 October.

Various Investors in the round included Mount Parker Ventures and Animoca from Hong Kong and Mistletoe from Japan including Existing investors Zeroth, an AI-ML quickening agent and Artesian Ventures of Australia also in the round.

Faisal have competed with Aigroedge, farmer, SenseGrass, PlantixCropIn, Intello Labs, Tartan Sense and other in this field


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