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Key Features of E-scooter by IIT Delhi: How We Can Use E-scooter at Just 20 Paise/Km

Key Features of E-scooter by IIT Delhi

In recent times, we are seeing that the price of petrol and diesel is going to reach the peak. Traffic prices have seen a lot, this is the biggest reason that we need to use electric cars, bikes, and scooters more. But also, the biggest reason is that the pollution emanating from the vehicles we run with petrol and diesel is very harmful. If we look in the metro citizen area, then the number of vehicles is very high, so cities getting caught by pollution. It is very important for us to finish it.

Electric cars, bikes, and scooters can be seen in India as well, big companies like Tesla are now bringing electric cars in India. Students of big institutes are doing various kinds of experiments which In the coming time, it will be safe for us and our environment. Because increasing pollution is harmful to our health. Diseases are occurring. The animals living with us are also very badly impacted.

Key Features of E-scooter by IIT Delhi

Let us know what is the specialty of an E-scooter that IIT Delhi has built and how we will be able to travel 20 paise/km on this scooter.

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  • This scooter has been made using modern technology, along with battery management and data management, Which give you all kinds of information, so that you will be able to monitor every single thing of your scooter closely, this is a smart e scooter bike that can say that IIT Delhi says
  • The battery on this scooter is portable so that you can charge your battery anywhere, there is no need to bring your scooter inside your house, only by opening the battery, you will be able to charge it.
  • Its previous seat has been made by adjusting it so that later on you will be able to do adjust keeping in mind the variety of food Delivery companies and e-commerce, grocery delivery, this bike has been made in such a way that people can use it to make food, e-commerce, grocery delivery. You will also be able to use huge amounts to deliver works like e-commerce products, which will also reduce its expenses and will be environment friendly.
  • Full charging at 4 hours. It gives you a range of 50 to 75 kilometers in full charge. Besides its motor power are 250 watts and 48 vats voltage which you can easily drive your scooter at 25 kilometers/hr. Apart from this, It has a power braking system.
  • While driving this scooter, you can adjust it according to your own like can choose the option of pedal or throttle.
  • Aditya Tiwari, who is the Founder and CEO of Geliose Mobility, says that we can easily see the increasing pollution and climate change reports in our routine and we need to take a big step. We will launch this scooter for ₹ 46999 in the market which will be very affordable, this is a scooter that is eco-friendly and an internet smart e-scooter.
  • You can park this scooter easily because it has been made using the technology which is capable of parking in any kind of difficult places.



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