[High Rated] Top 99 Network Marketing Companies in USA for 2021

Network Marketing Companies in USA

Network marketing is such a marketing tactic by which any company uses this method to reach its product to the customer. There are many giants who understand network marketing very well and have become Millionaire.

There are many companies in USA which are very popular and millions of people have made good money. In this article I will tell you which are the best network marketing company in USA that you can join.

Before writing this article, we have thoroughly analyzed every company, their products, customer review, and rating, We found out which big companies have also recommended on that company, after that we have The list has been prepared for you so that you will be able to thoroughly analyze each company in one place.

Network marketing seems to be very easy to hear successful MLM Marketers have lived in this field. Which makes us feel very good that we will also be able to become like them by doing network marketing is another aspect of it.

Network marketing is not for everyone. In MLM you have to convince people, and convincing itself becomes very much challenging work because if you recommends any wrong product to people, then your relationship with it also gets spoiled. If we understand network marketing in one line, it means that how do you build a relationship with other peoples.

How successful you will be in network marketing is the most important which company you have joined because you will recommend the products of the company to other people, that is why it is important for the company to be very good. So let’s know which network marketing companies are good in the USA which you can join.

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List of High Rated MLM Companies in USA

1. Amway

Amway is a very old MLM(multi-level-marketing) company that is famous all over the world and the company sells health beauty and home care products. According to the report, they did more than $10 billion sales in 2020. The headquarter of Amway in the United States of America. Apart from this, there are many sister companies all over the world.

2. Avon

There is a very old company that works all over the world or it is a direct selling company that manufactures products in the beauty, household, and personal care categories. It is more than 135 years old company with headquarter in UK ie United Kingdom. According to the data, more than 25,000 employees work in the company.

If we talk about the commission of Avon, then this company gives a commission range from 25% to 50%. It depends on your annual sales. If you sell $5000 in 1 year the minimum percentage of commission is 25% and if you sell more than $220,000 in one year then you get up to 50% of commissions.

3. Herbalife

Herbalife is an global MLM company that started in the United States of America and California. It is a very old company and is famous all over the world. As the name itself suggests the company works in the Nutrition industry. It Manufactures products in the Health Management, Dietary Supplements, Personal Care and Sport Nutrition categories.

If you have good knowledge related to nutrition, diet, and health. Then you can get a good commission by joining with Herbalife. Apart from this, more than 9000 employees work worldwide in this company. Its Head Quarter located in Los Angeles, California and it works in more than 94 countries.

4. Mary Kay

Mary Kay is a private limited American MLM company that was started in 1963 and it works in cosmetic and skincare products. Mary kay is famous all over the world. According to the data, in 2020, the company sales more than $3 billion dollars. More than 5,000 employees and more than 3.5 million salespeople work in this company worldwide. Its headquartered in Addison, Texas, and the U.S.

5. Nu Skin

Nu Skin is an American multinational MLM company started in 1984 as the name suggests. The company operates in the personal care dietary supplements and skin care categories. More than 5000 employees work in this company world wide, Apart from this there are 1.2 million distributors who are independently associated with this company, in addition it is working in more than 54 countries all over the world.

6. Tupperware

Tupperware company was started in the United States of America in 1946. It is a world-level multinational MLM company that operates in the categories of kitchens and household products. Tupperware is the most famous plastic container for food storage. There are more than 15000 Employees working in this company worldwide.

7. Melaleuca

The company started in 1985, in the United States, the company operates over 400 products related to nutrition, personal care, home cleaning and cosmetic products. It operates in more than 25 different countries and has its Head Quarter in the USA. It is counted among the most branded companies as it is one of the oldest wellness products manufacturing brand in world.

8. Primerica

If you are looking for an MLM company related to Insurance, Investment, and Financial Services. Primerica may prove to be the best for you because it provides Insurance, Investment, and Financial Services to middle-class families in the USA or Canada. The company started in 1977 in the United States, there are more than 5000 employees working in it.

Quick List of MLM Companies in USA

1AmwayHome Care
4Mary KayBeauty
5Nu SkinBeauty
6TupperwareFood Storage
7MelaleucaHome Care
9Rodan + FieldsBeauty
11doTERRAEssential Oils
12Ambit EnergyEnergy
16It Works!Supplements
17Team NationalCoupons
22Young LivingEssential Oils
25Team BeachbodyFitness
26Market AmericaFinancial
27A C NHome Services
31Nature’s SunshineSupplements
324Life ResearchSupplements
34Optavia (Take Shape for Life)Supplements
35Southwestern AdvantageEducation
37Pure RomanceSexual Health
38Alphay InternationalSupplements
40NHT GlobalSupplements
45World Global NetworkTechnology
47Family Heritage LifeInsurance
49Hy Cite EnterprisesHome Care
51Princess HouseTravel
52Le-VelHealth & wellness
53Life PlusPersonal care
54LifeVantageHealth & wellness
55LR Health and BeautyFashion & beauty
56LyonessReferral income
57MannatechHealth & wellness
58Mega HoldingsIT solutions
59MelaleucaPersonal care
60ModereHealth & wellness
61MorindaExotic herbal beverages
62Nature’s Sunshine ProductsDietary supplements
63Nerium InternationalAnti-ageing products
64Nucerity InternationalSkin and eye care products
65NuricheDietary supplements
66Organo GoldExotic herbal beverages
67Origami OwlCustom jewelry
68Perfectly PoshFashion & beauty
69PhytoHair & skincare
70Plexus WorldwideHealth & wellness
71PM InternationalDietary supplements
72Premier DesignsFashion jewelry
73Purium HealthHealth & wellness
74QNetMultiple products
75QSciencesHealth & wellness
76Rain InternationalDietary supplements
77Rodan and FieldsPersonal care
78Seacret DirectDead Sea salt based cosmetics
79Send Out CardsGreeting card system
80Sevenpoint2Skincare & nutrition
81Shopping SherlockDiscounted shopping
82Sisel InternationalPersonal care
83Skinny Body CareSkincare & nutrition
84SoZo GlobalExotic herbal beverages
85Stampin UpExquisite paper products
86Stella & DotFashion jewelry
87StemtecDietary supplements
88SunriderPersonal care
89Synergy WorldwideHealth & wellness
90Talk FusionVideo communication solutions
91The Limo CompanyLuxury car rentals
9231GiftsPurses, totes, bags
93Total Life ChangesEssential oils
94TrevoSkincare & nutrition
95TruVision HealthEssential oils
96Unicity InternationalHealth & wellness
97ValentusDietary supplements
98ViSalusDietary supplements
99World Global NetworkExercise equipment



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