6 Best Payment Gateways for SAAS Startup

Best payment gateways for saas startup

Guys if you are looking Best payment gateway for your SAS base startup company then you have landed on the perfect block post here in this block post and going to share Best payment gateways that you can collecting payments in your SAAS startup.

it is very crucial payment gateway is really very crucial for collecting payments check out and for invoice payments.

listing down some best payment gateway solutions start startup that you check out an opt for.

Best Payment Gateways for Your SaaS Startup

1. Stripe

Stripe is one of the best payment and popular payment gateways for any software businesses with this payment gateway you can easily collect payments online with just one click.

2. Paypal

People is widely used payment gateway all over the globe and one of the popular payment gateways for receiving International payments you can also get payments for subscription model businesses.

small and medium scale businesses majorly use this payment gateway for sending and receiving payments businesses.

3. Razor Pay

razor pay is one of the best payment Gateway is in India. now you can use Razorpay to receive International payments and also use pay later facilities to receive payments from wallets and a later companies you can easily activate more features and set payment from multiple banks from all over the globe.

4. Brain Tree

Braintree is a payment gateway that you can use for your company and this opening has been buy Paypal in 2013 the basically have two products in major one is brain 3 direct an another one is brain 3 extend this is also funded by world’s largest and famous fintech brands nowadays some top companies like get her Uber are using their payment gateway as a service.

5. Instamojo

instamojo is also one of the best payment gateways that you can use for your SAAS startup. Instamojo also a wide range of wallet and accept Visa and MasterCard payments also and even you can also integrate upi to get paid.

this Bangalore based company has in past 3 to 4 years.


These were some of the best Saas payment companies that you can opt for your Sofware as a service business. also you can ask this company discount on there largest per transaction if you are receiving payments in bulk also you can them to reduce there per transaction charges.



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