What is Quick Commerce | Features of Quick Commerce 2022

What is Quick Commerce

Quick Commerce is a new way of doing business on the Internet that involves harnessing the benefit of digital technology to create a more efficient and personalized shopping experience for customer. This includes things like offering free shipping on all order over a certain amount, offering free returns & exchanges, and even allowing customer to pay by credit card.

The idea behind quick commerce is that it create a better customer experience by helping businesses connect with their customer faster & more effectively than traditional method. It also helps companies overcome some of the logistical challenge associated with online marketings, such as managing customers data and tracking customer behavior across multiple channel.

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What is Quick Commerce

It is characterized as a distinct business models with a small order placement & delivery window and is often referred to as the next generation of e-commerce. Due to GenZ dominance in the digital ecosystems, the delivery cycle has changed from a 1 day delivery window to a 10 30 minute window.

Quick Commerce is an expedited order fulfillment method that handle small & small food order, including groceries, office supplies, prescription drug, and many other item. The main emphasis is on serving micro & smaller quantities of light items, from everyday groceries to pharmaceutical need.

Advantages of Fast Trade

The Q commerce approach can be really beneficial for businesses. The following are some of the benefit of opting for the q-commerce approach :-

  • Companies that use a Q-Commerce strategy can better satisfy their consumer. By doing so, companies can build & maintain customers loyalty, as customer will remember the brand more if they have a memorable & rewarding shopping experience.
  • Opting for an eCommerce approach to your business will allows you to have an expanded selection of product. You will be able to sell the goods that you could not due to the urgent needs for their distribution.
  • Having a fast trade approach mean local delivery of goods. Since the delivery radius is reduced, logistics cost are lower than traditionals shipping method. In this way, you can use the money saved in other areas of your business.
  • It will help increase the conversion rate, as fast and quality delivery is something that almost all customer love.

Quick Commerce Features

Quick Commerce is a complete commerce solutions that comes with many feature & benefit. It is designed to provide you with a wide range of features and benefits, including :-

Fast delivery speed

Quick Commerce has an impressive array of features including fast delivery of product & services. The ability to get your product to your customers as soon as possible is the main goal of adopting this business models.

Now customer don’t have to wait long for their product, nor should they have to pay extra money for shippings. Quick trade companies can ship order instantly because they have the necessary warehousing facilities, including micro fulfillment center, and the technology required for demand forecasting, inventory allocation, and last minute courier delivery.

Micro Compliance Facilities

Micro fulfillment facilities or micro-warehouses are a crucial component of fast trading. Micro fulfillment is when you ship small quantities of product at a time, rather than large shipments. This allows you to keep costs down and also allows you to serve customers faster & more efficiently than ever before.

Having orders delivered by micro fulfillment facilities ensures that all order are fulfilled at high speed and low cost. It’s a new way to move your products quickly & easily. It allows you to fulfill orders in minutes instead of day.

24*7 delivery

Customers can receive their order at any time that is convenient for them, thank to Q commerce. It does not impose any time restrictions on client. The service is available 24/7 & offers seamless transaction in real time. Also, customers are guaranteed quality & delivery because these companies have a good reputation.

Low prices

E-commerce companies often buy product in bulk, which lower the average cost of each product and allow them to offer great deals or discount. This allows the platform to meet the needs & demands of the customers and gives them a competitive advantage over other e-commerce competitor.

Also, it is easy to attract a wider audience when a platform offer good quality product & services at lower prices than its competitors. This will increase the total sales of the company & generate more income.

one stop buying

Companies that offer quick commerce services create application that allow consumer to order products online from a single platform, but also offer them the opportunity to pick up their purchases in person at physical store. This means that a customer can order many things at one stop without having to go to different stores & have them delivered to their home. For example, the US fast trading platforms, Instacart, offer a range of more than 500 millions product in the US & Canada. It also offer new offers from time to time to attract more customers.


quick commerce is important because it provides a way to create an online presence that is both efficient and effective. With Quick Commerce, you can build your online presence using tools that are better suited to your business compared to traditional methods like setting up an eCommerce store.


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