Doubtnut Which is an Ed-tech Startup Raises 224 Crores in Series B Funding Round

Doubtnut is an Ed-tech Startup which was started in 2016. It is designed to solve the problems of students. If any student has a problem in any question in any subject, then he can scan and find the solution from this app. It became very popular among the students and millions of students have downloaded it.

On Thursday morning, the team members of Doughnut told in the news that they have raises 224 crores in Series B funding led by SIG and Lupa Systems. The company said that by using this fund, they will spread their service to students in many languages and will also launch many different-different courses.

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In the starting Doubtnut help students to find their solutions. As soon as the students liked the Doubtnut app. Now, they started providing study material, Online tuition, live classes and test series to the students. The company said that over 2.5 Million students use the app on the regular basis. On the Doughnut platform more than 600 million minutes use on the monthly basis.

The feedback from the students shows that the students are able to use this app very easily and the question whose solutions had to take hours of internet and teachers help to find them, they can find them in seconds by using this app. Team members of Doughnut told that by understanding the main problem of the students and using technology, they have given them solutions so that the students can understand more and more things in a short time.

Start-up Education Aggregator Based in Hyderabad Launches World’s First Abacus Learning App

LearnClue, a start-up education aggregator based in Hyderabad, announced the launch of its interactive mobile Abacus learning app. Touted in digital form as the world’s first Abacus, it allows students to practice Abacus inside the app, in addition to live and recorded expert sessions.

While originating in ancient Greece, Abacus has gained enormous worldwide popularity and has become a compulsory program for children in countries such as China, Japan, and Russia. By giving it a digital form and helping them learn Abacus in a hands-on way, said Prasad, our idea is to bring this ancient computing system even closer to children.

Established by Prasad and Satish Babu in August 2020, LearnClue has also incorporated many other modules into its app, including Vedic Maths, Expressive English, which includes gestures and body languages, modulation of style and speech, audio-video visuals, activity and practice worksheets

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And my School Live Class, A learning management system that allows school managers to build and operate a virtual school, to conduct live lessons, to upload digital audio-video classes, to delegate online homework and tasks, to conduct group discussions and tests, to issue student reports, etc.

LearnClue’s integrated app has seen more than 10,000 downloads in its beta stage itself, aimed at children between 4 and 14 years, and is now seeing 100 percent growth in month-on-month downloads, Prasad said. The business is in various stages of discussion to raise Rs 4.5 crore in early-stage funding with a couple of angel investors.

In two to three months from now, we expect the fund-raising exercise to end,” said P Hari Charan, LearnClue’s CEO. In addition, the company aims to produce revenues this year of Rs 23 crore and Rs 82 crore in 2022.

Airtel Launches ad tech platform: $10 billion Advertising Market as the Company Focuses on Technology Solutions

Bharti Airtel unveiled ‘Airtel Ads’ on Wednesday, marking its entrance into the $10 billion advertising market as the company focuses on transforming companies into a provider of technology solutions through interaction with its more than 320 million customers.

Airtel Advertising enables brands of all sizes to curate consent-based and privacy-safe promotions to one of India’s largest pools of quality consumers,” the company said on Wednesday in a statement.

Speaking to ET, Adarsh Nair, chief product officer of Airtel, said that during the beta launch, the company had already clocked near Rs 100 crore in annualized revenue in the ad tech space and had active campaigns with over 100 brands in the region.

Uncover strategies to permit last-mile fiberization to be scalable, efficient, robust & sustainable. It will not only include the technological aspects of the rollout, but also the constraints of human resources and infrastructure requirements.

However, Nair did not comment on the revenue targets of the company for the coming years, saying that the emphasis was currently on building business to provide their customers with High conversion rates versus mere ‘vanity indicators’ such as perceptions of customers. PepsiCo, CRED, Tata AIG, Zomato, Lenskart, Apollo 247, Gameskraft, Vahan, Harley Davidson are among the early advertisers, Cars24″ he said

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Using the deep data science capabilities of Airtel, Airtel Advertising enables brands to create high engagement and high impact promotions for the most important customer cohorts, the company said, adding that this meant that only the most relevant brand offers and not unnecessary spam is received by Airtel customer

“Pradyot Ghate, VP, product and partnerships at Zomato, speaking of Airtel’s advertising platform experience, said, “As a company, we are always looking for more engaging and authentic ways to connect with our customers. We have been able to create a high level of engagement and traffic on our website with Airtel Advertising.’

India’s telecom sector is expected to create new milestones in the next-generation network deployments and service delivery in the efforts to allow policies like more quantum of the spectrum.

LIC Agent Monthly Salary (2021) – Become LIC Agent Know Exams, Salary, Commission

Who is a LIC Agent

It’s not an easy job, but it’s also not a tough one. It is the easiest work if you grasp the definitions. It can be said that the LIC agency is a corporation, not a work. Without much investment, you’ll be an entrepreneur. Your job is to raise awareness of LIC and make individuals understand the value of life insurance. As an instrument for financial planning, you can implement the LIC policy.

This is a job where you’re your own boss and where your growth is not limited to the stars. There are agents in India who receive a fee of a few crores a year.

How To Become LIC Agent in India 2021

Your educational qualification should be at least 10th pass in order to be a LIC agent and the age should be 18 years minimum. Earlier, to become an agent, it was mandatory to have a 12th pass certificate.

Contact your LIC branch office nearest you and meet the development officer there. An interview will be taken by the Branch Manager and if h/she feels you are fine, then you will be sent for training to the Department/Agency Training Centre.

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The training time is 25 hours. All facets of the life insurance sector are covered. It is important to pass the pre-recruitment examination conducted by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India upon successful completion of the training (IRDAI).

You will obtain an appointment letter and identification card upon clearing the review. The Branch Office will appoint you as an agent and you will be part of the team under your Development Officer.

LIC Agent Monthly Salary in 2021

Money Back plan

Premium Paying TermCommission
 1st Year2nd and 3rd Year4th Year Onwards
As per plan15%10%6%
12 year15%8%6%

Endowment plan

Premium Paying TermCommission
 1st Year2nd & 3rd year4th year Onwards
2 to 4 yr5%2.25%2.25%
5  to 9 yr10%5%5%
10 to 14 yr20%7.5%5%
15 yr & above25%7.5%5%

Term Plan

 First Year2nd and 3rd year4th year onwards
5 -9 years10%5%5%
10 – 14 years25%7.50%5%
15 years and above25%7.50%5%

Pension Plan

Premium Paying TermCommission
 First Year2nd Year Onwards
2 to 4 year5%2%
More than 4 years7.5%2%
yearPremiumCommission RateCommission
1st year10000025%25000
2nd and3rd year1000007.5%7500
4th year onwards1000005%5000

Benefits of Becoming An LIC Agent in India

1. Attractive Remuneration

LIC India deliver one of the industry’s best remuneration schemes, which not only takes care of your present earnings, but also assures potential earnings. What’s more, for the rest of your life, you can set your own revenue goals with the ability to receive as much as you want.

2. A Successful Team

By joining LIC, you will be part of the best team of life insurance agents in the world. They contributed 4021 participants to the Million Dollar Round Table in the year 2015: a global forum that salutes the most profitable insurance agents in the world.

3. Full Range Of Products And Services

In order to help them accomplish all their financial objectives, you can give your clients more than 50 package variations of LIC exclusive goods and riders. LIC are also actively working on newer and more creative goods in order to give you a greater competitive advantage.

4. World-Class Training

As that is what differentiates LIC Agent from the rest, they provide you with the best-in-class training programs. Multi-dimensional training program, taught by trained in-house training team, will make you an expert in life insurance sales, even though you do not have prior experience in sales.

5. Rewarding Career

By achieving their financial objectives, you will help people realize their dreams. More rewarding and satisfying than you could ever imagine is the difference you make to their lives.

How Two Friends Start a Milk Revolution in Non-Metro Towns with Dairy Startup Puresh Daily

Why two friends decided to start a milk revolution in non-metro towns with dairy startup Puresh

Manish Piyush, an IIM graduate, who had worked in 14 nations was visiting his old neighborhood Ranchi when he understood the issue: the absence of spotlight on non-metro towns, particularly in his state, Jharkhand. “Individuals need to take care of metropolitan issues, however relatively few are taking care of some fundamental issues in India,” Manish says.

Manish held hands with his beloved companion, Aditya Kumar, to begin milk membership application Puresh Daily Foods in 2019. The Ranchi-based startup gives natural cow milk and compound free dairy items.

Get started : Puresh Daily

Manish and Aditya did their tutoring in Ranchi, and proceeded to learn at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra (Ranchi). Afterward, they left their old neighborhood to seek after higher examinations. Subsequent to finishing his designing course, Manish found an employment in a showcasing function with the Tata Group in Jharkhand. He worked for a few years, chosen to do a MBA at IIM-Indore, and afterward flew abroad to take up a worldwide part at the Tata Group.

Manish says he worked in 14 nations from 2009 to 2017. He got back to India in 2017 as the General Manager of Tata Motors in Mumbai. During this time, he discovered that his home state was coordinating an occasion called Momentum Jharkhand, on business prospects in the state. During the meeting, “a chai-sutta break outside the gathering” with his companions turned into a defining moment for Manish.

He saw a couple of nearby tribals from Jharkhand and felt that “gatherings like these are only for two days, however Jharkhand remains equivalent to the best personalities move out”.

“The cerebrum channel issue in India may have been comprehended, yet not for states like Jharkhand,” he says. This incited Manish to call his cherished companion Aditya to inquire as to whether he needed to return to their old neighborhood and accomplish something together.

Strangely, Manish and Aditya didn’t invasion into the milk business from the outset. While they were sorting out what to do, they realized innovation would be center to any business, thus, in their 40s, they picked up coding, and sold programming for living.

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“Selling and creating programming was an instrument to comprehend various organizations,” Manish says.

The land of honey or milk?

The aha second was the point at which the team got an undertaking to create programming for a milk handling organization in Jharkhand. They were stunned to see “the sort of milk we as a whole were drinking”.

“We understood that the kind of cycles and synthetic compounds that go into the treatment of milk are truly unnerving,” Manish reviews. Starting a milk business came to fruition at that point and the couple additionally purchased five cows and lived like milkmen for a couple of months To attempt to comprehend the dairy business. Manish says he never realized they would invasion into a dairy business.

“Everything began with an amazingly essential issue at home: admittance to great quality milk,” he says.

Reviewing when he lived abroad, Manish says admittance to drain with Omega 3, Vitamin D, and so forth, was simple, not at all like in India. “In Ranchi, I was searching for acceptable quality milk, and the brands accessible didn’t give me the affirmation that the milk was without corruption and cleanly handled,” he says.

He features that India’s antiquated writings uncover that in times past dairy animals would eat spices and produce milk with spice and mending properties.

Manish and Aditya investigated these lines with their dairy animals, and “the outcomes were brilliant”. “The protein content in milk in well known milk brands were 2.9 percent, we got 3.6-4 percent for every glass,” he asserts. “This was our pilot run.”

The couple put in seed capital of Rs 10-15 lakh, raised from loved ones. To guarantee nutritious milk, Puresh Daily develops its own vegetables and spices on its ranch to take care of its cows. As of now, Puresh has around 80-100 dairy animals, and a group of 40 individuals. Puresh accomplished breakeven inside the initial a half year of tasks, and the benefits have been recycled in the organization.

Manish says the organization has set up a resource light model and tells that it enlists conveyance young men who utilize their own bicycle, and “we give them our licensed sacks, which needn’t bother with any uncommon conveyance vehicle”. Starting today, Puresh has clients across Ranchi, Bokaro, Ramgarh, Jamshedpur, and is before long going to dispatch in Patna.

Vedantu Acquires Instasolv Which is a Doubt-Solving Platform With An Undisclosed Amount

On Monday, Ed-tech start-up Vedantu said it had totally acquired Instasolv, a doubt-solving software for physics, mathematics, and IITJEE and NEET students in grades 6 to 12. However, the ed-tech corporation did not reveal the deal’s financial details. As part of a pre-series A round fund in Instasolv, Vedantu had invested $2 million earlier in 2020.

We took a strategic decision last year to invest in Instasolv to reinforce our position in doubt-solving, which is one of the core facets of online learning. In Instasolv, we have seen the tremendous potential and share the same goal of democratizing education in the nation,” Vedantu CEO and co-founder Vamsi Krishna said in the release.

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This is the first acquisition of Vedantu to strengthen its focus in the immediate doubt-solving room in an education technology business, where doubts are solved by quality teachers in a chat format. In 2020, Vedantu offered 75 million hours of lessons across its website, attending LIVE classes with 6.3 million students.

“We are pleased to expand Vedantu’s financial commitment to a complete takeover. Instasolv has been at the forefront in offering doubt-solving solutions and its partnership with Vedantu will only strengthen Vedantu’s Live Class platform and help in achieving quality learning outcomes to millions of students,” said co-founder Aditya Singhal, Instasolv CEO. The acquisition of Instasolv takes to Vedantu’s network nearly 1 million of its future active learners, the statement said.

CAIT’s Complaints About Amazon and Flipkart’s FDI and FEMA Violations

In December last year, the DPIIT urged the Reserve Bank of India and the Compliance Directorate to take the requisite steps following CAIT’s complaints about Amazon and Flipkart’s FDI and FEMA violations.

On Sunday, the Traders’ Body Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) requested the “immediate intervention” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to streamline e-commerce rules and policies to “save domestic trade from the clutches of big e-commerce companies’ malpractices.” In a letter addressed to PM Modi, the federation alleged a breach of the laws by an unholy relation between banks and e-commerce companies.

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“It also accused e-commerce marketplaces dominated by Amazon and Flipkart of “openly breaching FDI rules, laws and regulations without fear of law by engaging in unfair pricing, deep discounting, loss financing, inventory management, sales of advertised goods exclusively on their respective portals, which are explicitly limited Press Notice 2 of G’s FDI policy.

“Press Note 2 released in December 2018 by the Department for the Promotion of Business and International Trade (DPIIT) noted that e-commerce markets” do not require any vendor to sell any commodity exclusively on its website,” CAIT said that in Press Note No. 2 of the FDI Regulation, e-commerce firms have sought different escape routes,

And thus, PM Modi demanded, “a new press release-blocking all escape routes and abolishing all such provisions that may prompt these businesses to breach the rules or policies.” It also called for a regulatory authority to control and track the e-commerce sector along with an e-commerce policy that prescribes specified e-commerce business criteria for vertical and organized e-commerce development.

Nevertheless, “no such investigation has been launched on the matter by RBI or ED,” MoS Commerce and Industry Som Parkash said in a written answer to a question the last Rajya Sabha we said in a written answer to a question in the Rajya Sabha.

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In The Governing Council of NITI Aayog on 6th Meet: PM Modi Stresses on Tech and Startups To Achieve Self-Reliant India or ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’

Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba, and NITI Aayog members have held a cabinet meeting. In the 6th meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told a lot of things related to technology on 20th February, he said that the use of technology is increasing day by day and we should promote startups to achieve self-reliant India or ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat on the talk of meeting in NITI Aayog Governing Council.

Along with that, he also highlights the “Zero Defect Zero Effect” mantra that he gave to Indian entrepreneurs in August 2014. This means that we should create technologies in which the environment is not harmed in any way.

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He also talked a lot about startups, he said that we should start more new startups so that we will be able to achieve ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ because technology penetration has increased a lot. Peoples now understand the importance of technology. They know that technology is the future. In the coming time, we will need technology very much.

In the last month, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the Union Budget 2021-22 also was discussed in this meeting too. They said that we will give a huge fund on infrastructure so that India’s economy Improves and create lots of employment opportunities.

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Whitehat Jr Experiments With Digital Franchise Model

Whitehat Jr Experiments With Digital Franchise Model

It’s the attempted and-tried approach to make advances into hinterland India and adventure into Tier 2 and past — present items at lower value focus and construct a disconnected presence to get clients. For quite a long time, this has been the best approach to reach ‘Bharat’, as per authors and VCs.

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Addressing Inc42 prior to building Bharat-first items, Lightspeed India Partners’ Harsha Kumar, noticed that organizations don’t really need to change their client experience (UX) for Tier 2 and past, yet there must be customizations as far as ticket sizes, onboarding, and go-to-showcase procedures.

What’s more, BYJU’S-claimed WhiteHat Jr is by all accounts doing precisely that with its new advanced establishment model. WhiteHat Jr has subtly presented a computerized establishment model as an approach to make further entrance for its online courses; it’s banding together with nearby occupants (neighborhood entrepreneurs) the nation over to produce leads.

While, WhiteHat Jr didn’t remark on Inc42 question about the establishment model, a specialist at Franchise Ideas, Thirumoorthy disclosed to us that it was dispatched a couple of months after the pandemic among July and August 2020. He had addressed WhiteHat Jr about the establishment model in September. Additionally, another client looking for an establishment organization likewise affirmed that the model was launched around July this year.

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Aman Sharma, an inhabitant of Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, who was a planned establishment accomplice, disclosed to us dependent on a discussion with a WhiteHat Jr agent that the organization has concocted the minimal effort establishment model so as to arrive at the majority in India, who probably won’t have the option to manage the cost of the higher expenses for the direct 1:1 courses from WhiteHat’s site.

Under the computerized establishment model, WhiteHat Jr is offering an instructor for each six understudies rather than the 1:1 coding classes under its own foundation. This new model permits the organization to offer the program at a cheaper reach when contrasted with 1:1 classes. The two bundles offered under the establishment model are estimated at INR 10K for 24 classes and INR 16K-INR 20K for 36 classes individually. In examination, on WhiteHat Jr’s site, the 36-class course with 1:1 meetings is accessible for around INR 34K.

While WhiteHat Jr didn’t straightforwardly react to Inc42’s inquiries about the establishment model, the organization has been running numerous online media advertisements about establishments. It has additionally posted an employment opportunity for the top of the franchisee in February 2020.

At the point when we acted like a potential establishment accomplice to see more insights concerning the establishment model, we were educated by a WhiteHat Jr deals chief that establishment associations are yet to go live, yet the preparing of adding accomplices have begun. The principal clump at establishments is as yet going through preparing.

It is indistinct whether WhiteHat Jr expects to take the establishment model forward in a more huge manner and a great deal could rely upon how the underlying establishments perform. We were told by the business leader that the organization is seeing an enormous reaction from the market.

WhiteHat Jr Next Big Focus on India

The account of WhiteHat Jr so far is fundamentally the same as how BYJU’S developed and got income positive — just one of every nine unicorns in India had a positive EBITDA in the past money-related year. WhiteHat Jr developed from 0 to $150 Mn ARR (yearly income rate) in less than two years and sacked a valuation of $300 Mn. At the hour of WhiteHat Jr’s obtaining in August 2020, the organization professed to have acquainted 3 Mn kids with coding and was leading 20K live classes every day educated by 5,000 educators.

Around then, WhiteHat Jr CEO Karan Bajaj, noticed its development in the US market as a huge piece in the organization’s development story. Bajaj ascribed this development to the enormous addressable market opportunity in the US ($26 Bn) and the higher normal income per client on account of the higher spending limit in the locale.

Be that as it may, WhiteHat Jr was just focusing on metropolitan families in India with kids in the 6-18 age section and a pay over INR 10 Lakh at that point. With the new advanced establishment model, the organization is by all accounts extending its objective base. It should be noticed that WhiteHat Jr is important for the BYJU’S universe, which is a funding supported juggernaut and WhiteHat Jr would be dependent upon a similar high-pressure climate that BYJU’S is known for.

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Edtech startup Testbook additionally went down the way of making a comparable neighborhood accomplice network in Tier 2 and past urban areas. Fellow benefactor Ashutosh Kumar noticed that the test prep startup saw a huge development in their transformation rates after 1.5 long stretches of dispatching the nearby accomplices’ program. With such models, notwithstanding disconnected development, there is likewise online development that starts setting in whenever clients are familiar with the stage.

“We saw critical development in our immediate and aberrant deals subsequent to dispatching the neighborhood accomplice organization. Our traffic and computerized change rate from places like Bihar was 1% before the organization was dispatched, it expanded to 14%-15% after the neighborhood accomplices’ organization was set up,” said Kumar regarding Testbook’s nearby organization model.

He credited the development in deals to the lower value focuses and trust factor worked by the nearby accomplices. In more modest towns, individuals will in general believe things they see more than apparent advantages and nearby accomplices become brand delegates in these towns. Guardians that are not as computerized adroit, think that its a lot simpler to contact these nearby delegates if there should be an occurrence of inquiries and complaints. Admittance to a nearby delegate likewise expands the organization’s perceivability and brand esteem, which additionally adds to the trust in the item.

Neighborhood agents likewise accompany the advantage of nearby language and setting which encourages them to showcase the item obviously superior to an online promotion.

How does WhiteHat Jr’s Franchise Model Work

Under WhiteHat Jr’s franchise model, associations must be profited by entrepreneurs and their underlying venture relies upon the number of inhabitants in the city or town. For Thirumoorthy, who is situated in Chennai, the WhiteHat Jr sales rep had cited INR 5 Lakh speculation for a selective zone establishment restricted to two pin codes in the city. With this speculation, the establishment accomplice stands to procure a benefit of 15% for every enlistment with specific terms and conditions joined.

Under the arrangement, which Inc42 has inspected, WhiteHat Jr will give the establishment accomplice advertising guarantees for the advancement of the courses, onboarding understudies and getting login qualifications. The mentors for these clumps will likewise be given by WhiteHat Jr while the establishment needs to deal with the enlistment of understudies from the assigned district through disconnected and online advancements. They are likewise entrusted with helping understudies in installments, and guaranteeing that the understudies approach workstations or PCs and a fast web association.

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The organization likewise gives the establishment accomplice a rundown of schools in the locale, who could be drawn closer for WhiteHat Jr online classes focused on understudies and guardians. This online course will be led by the organization delegates, while the establishment accomplice goes about as a connection between the organization and school.

Other than this, the establishment accomplice just needs to pay the venture sum and give a GST number to the organization. There’s no overhead on the establishment accomplice with regards to welcoming on board instructors or other care staff for the exercises themselves.

While the establishment model is presently run totally on the web, our sources said that WhiteHat Jr should seriously think about dispatching disconnected homeroom habitats in every city once the circumstance around the pandemic settles.

How do you become a white hat junior teacher?

WhiteHat Jr is the only association qualified to certify teacher as Early Childhood Coding Experts. Post your application, WhiteHat Jr trains you for nothing and certifes you as a Coding Expert after finishing 500 live classes in training programs.

Which Programming language does WhiteHat JR teach?

They teach basic of Object-Oriented Programming (Javascript) and figure out how to design Games, Apps & animations.

Is WhiteHat Jr free?

Some of the WhiteHat Jr classes are providing by which is totally free . The courses offered by WhiteHat Jr are intended to train children to code with center programming skills, and improve the capability of the kids coding languages.

How much does WhiteHat Jr pay their teachers for classes?

WhiteHat Jr pay teachers minimum Rs 16000 and maximum Rs 43000 per month.

Huge Drop In The Prices Of Gold: Worst Start To Year For Gold Compare to 30 Years

According to the report, there is a huge drop in the prices of gold, experts say that such a decline of gold has been seen after a lot of years and they also say that their price is going to decrease even more. This year, we can see many things which are affected because after such a big pandemic our economy is going to see a lot of changes which will be stable according to the time.

If we analyze the entire data, about 30 years or so, we have seen a decline, which is the most ghost condition of the decline of gold prices this year, gold has always been considered a stable investment, and people consider the safe zone to invest money on gold and buying gold.

Spot prices hit a seven-month low on Friday, worsening a slump and breaching through a support level that analysts claim could portend more declines. Bullion pared some of Friday’s losses as the dollar headed lower, though is now down more than 6 percent this year.

Gold’s start to the year is the worst since 1991, according to data gathered by Bloomberg. A gain in Treasury yields is weighing on demand for non-interest-bearing bullion, with the metal widening losses after developing a so-called death-cross trend earlier this week. Yields on 10-year Treasuries soared to the highest pace in almost a year this week.

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