First Time In India IIT Madras Startup Build A House Using 3D Printing Technology

The trend of 3D printing is growing very fast all over the world. Through 3D printing, we can make anything with very little time with more finishing. 3D printing is not limited to just small products. It can take a lot of time to build any such house. Apart from this, a lot of laborers and engineers work, and then a house is built, but through 3D painting, this work is done easily. It can be done in a pinch which takes months to work, we can finish the same work in a few days with the help of a 3D printing machine.

3D printing technology is also being used in India. But it is limited to making small products. The first time in India IIT Madras startup has built a house through a 3D printing machine. We will talk about what the benefits and disabilities of 3D printing started to be and how we can see such benefits in the future, apart from this, it is so complicated or easy to use. All will talk about it today.

The institute says that they have built a house in about 600 square feet’s one floor house in about 5 days. Which itself is a very big achievement because to build any one floor house, It may take more than 3 to 4 months but with the help of 3D printing they have done the same work in just 5 days.

Apart from this, they said that 3D printing requires a special type of concrete to build the houses, which they have develop that concrete. The Finance Minister of India says that by 2022, using 3D printing technology. It is not a big deal that 100 million of houses will build.

There are many benefits of 3D printing as well, one of which is that we can build the biggest buildings in a very short time, so that the expenses to build the building will be very low. Apart from this, we will be able to build more and more houses in a very short time. One downside to this is that the laborers working with it will not get work because the building will be made in a very short time by 3D printing, that is why this technology is not being used on a large level right now.

We will publish all the things related to 3D printing so that you will be able to know all the information related to 3D printing, in addition to this, if you have any doubt in your mind, then you can comment on the comment box.

Top 10 FMCG Companies In India – 2021

FMCG i.e. Fast Moving Customer Goods is a company that sold its product quickly because the expiry date of these products is very less, due to which the FMCG is also known as CPG i.e. Consumer Packaged Goods Company. If we talk in India, FMCG is counted as the largest sector in the Indian economy, because India produces and sells the most fast-moving consumer goods.

If we talk about the whole world, Nestle manufactures and supplies the highest number of fast-moving consumer goods in the whole world, out of which it has a branch in India which supplies the product with the name of Nestle India Limited. And speaking of India, Hindustan Unilever Limited is the largest product producer and supplier company in India. Hindustan Unilever is a UK-based company with its headquarter in London.

If you are looking for a list of FMCG companies, then in this article, we will talk about the Top 10 FMCG Companies In India that supply the most products, what is their market capitalization, what is their network, And how these companies operate. You will know everything in this article today, apart from this, if you have any query, then you can tell us in the comment box.

1. Hindustan Unilever Ltd

Hindustan Unilever Limited is one of the largest FMCG company in India. It is a UK based company named Unilever plc. The Head Quarter in Mumbai India. In everyday life, we use a lot of products that make Hindustan Unilever Limited, but still we know that product with different name and different brand because Hindustan Unilever Limited has distributed its product in many brands by which General people do not understand that the products they are using manufactures the same company.

Some of the Famous brands of Hindustan Unilever Ltd are Dove, Lux, Lifebuoy, Pears, Hamam, Lyril, Rexona, Surf Excel, Wheel, Comfort, Clinic Plus, Sunsilk, Fair & Lovely, Pond’s, Lakmè, Vaseline, Bru, Taj Mahal, Lipton, Brooke Bond, Cornetto, Kisan, Annapurna, Magnum, Close up, Pepsodent, and many more.

Products Manufacture By Hindustan Unilever Ltd – Annapurna salt and Atta, Bru coffee, Brooke Bond tea, Kissan squashes, ketchup, juices and jams, Detergent, Cleaner, Fabric softeners, Toilet cleaner, detergents and bleach, Aviance Beauty Solutions, Axe deodorant and after shaving lotion and soap, Health care and personal care products, Hair cream and hair gel, Anti-dandruff hair products, Clinic Plus shampoo and oil, Close Up toothpaste, Dove skin cleansing & hair care range, bar, lotions, creams and antiperspirant deodorants, Denim shaving products, Glow and Lovely, skin lightening cream, Hamam Indulekha ayurvedic hair oil etc.

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Mumbai, India
  • Founded In – 1933
  • Revenue – 40,415 crore
  • Operating income – 9,291 crore
  • Net income – 6,764 crore
  • Total assets – 20,153 crore
  • Total equity – 7,998 crore
  • Number of employees – 21,000
  • Parent – Unilever plc

2. Nestle India Ltd

Nestle India’s parent company is Nestle, which is a Swiss-based company whose headquarter in Switzerland. The headquarter of Nestle India in Haryana Gurgaon which manufacturer and supply the food and drinks products.

Maggi is a very famous band in India, its parent company is Nestle India. In addition, Nestle owns the brands like KitKat, Munch, and Koko Crunch.

Products Manufacture By Nestle India Ltd – Milk products and nutrition, beverages, prepared dishes and cooking aids, chocolates and confectionery. Nestle India manufactures products under brand names, such as Nescafe, Maggi, Milkybar, Milo, Kit Kat, Bar-One, Milkmaid and Nestea etc.

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – DLF City, Phase II, Gurgaon, Haryana,
  • Founded In – 1959
  • Revenue – 12,615.78 crore
  • Operating income – 2,674.99 crore
  • Net income – 1,969.55 crore
  • Total assets – 20,153 crore
  • Total equity – 1,932.26 crore
  • Number of employees – 7,649
  • Parent – Nestlé

3. Patanjali Ayurvd Limited

Patanjali Ayurveda i.e. Patanjali is an Indian multi-national consumer goods company. The headquarter is Haridwar Uttarakhand. It is started by Ramdev and Balakrishna, who is a very famous yoga enthusiast. Patanjali gives the same brand for all their goods so that you can easily identify Patanjali’s products.

All the products made by Patanjali are made from a combination of Ayurvedic and natural substances. Patanjali manufactures more than 2500 types of products, out of which more than 40 cosmetics and more than 25 food products are included. Patanjali’s Net Revenue has reached 10 thousand crores within 15 years.

Products Manufacture By Patanjali Ayurveda Limited

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India
  • Founded In – 2006
  • Revenue – 9,500 crore
  • Operating income – 9,291 crore
  • Net income – 590 crore
  • Total assets – 4,345 crore
  • Number of employees – 2,00,000
  • Name – Patanjali Ayurved

4. Varun Beverages Ltd

Products Manufacture By Varun Beverages Ltd – Pepsi-Cola, Seven-Up, Mountain Dew, Mirinda, Evervess, Tropicana Slice, Nimbooz, Tropicana Frutz, Aquafina

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Gurgaon, Haryana, India
  • Founded In – 1995
  • Revenue – 4,948 crore
  • Operating income – 859 crore
  • Net income – 226 crore
  • Number of employees – 8,570
  • Name – Varun Beverages

5. ITC Limited

Products Manufacture By ITC Limited – Atta, Ghee, Salt, Spices, Ready To Eat Meals & Instant Mixes, Biscuits, Cookies & Cakes, Potato Chips & Finger Snacks, Ready To Eat Gourmet Cuisine, Masala Mixes, Chutneys & Conserves, Instant Noodles & Pasta, Juices & Beverages, Confectionery, Confectionery, Gums, Luxury Chocolate, Gourmet Coffee & Beaten Coffee, Dairy Beverages, Blended Spices, Frozen Prawns, Snacks & Kebabs, Fresh Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables and Tomato Puree, Fine Fragrances, Deodorants, Hair and Body Shampoos & Bathing Bars, Shower Gels, Bathing Bars, Handwashes, Essential Oils, Body Oils and Bathing Accessories etc.

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Virginia House, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  • Founded In – 1910
  • Revenue – 52,001 crore
  • Operating income – 20,081 crore
  • Net income – 15,584 crore
  • Total assets – 77,367 crore
  • Total equity – 62,021 crore
  • Number of employees – 27,279
  • Parent – ITC Limited

6. Britannia Industries

Products Manufacture By Britannia Industries – Biscuits, Bread, Cakes, Rusk, and Dairy products including Cheese, Beverages, Milk and Yoghurt.

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  • Founded In – 1892
  • Revenue – 11,878 crore
  • Operating income – 9,291 crore
  • Net income – 1,860 crore
  • Total assets – 7,253 crore
  • Number of employees – 4,480
  • Parent – Wadia Group

7. Marico

Products Manufacture By Marico – Hair Oil, Coconut Oil, Hair Serum, Anti-Hairfall, Male Grooming & Styling, Wellness, Skincare,

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Santacruz, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Founded In – 1990
  • Revenue – 7,439 crore
  • Operating income – 1,424 crore
  • Net income – 1,043 crore
  • Total assets – 5,002 crore
  • Total equity – 2,869 crore
  • Number of employees – 1,631
  • Name – Marico

8. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd

Products Manufacture By Godrej Consumer Products Ltd – Fatty Alcohols, Fatty Acids, Surfactants, Glycerine and Specialty Products, home and personal care, pharmaceutical and food industries etc.

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Founded In – 2001
  • Revenue – 10,023 crore
  • Operating income – 1,977 crore
  • Net income – 1,495 crore
  • Total assets – 14,957 crore
  • Total equity – 7,796 crore
  • Number of employees – 2,768
  • Parent – Godrej Group

9. Parle Agro

Products Manufacture By Parle Agro – Chocolate Biscuit, Nimkin, Happy Happy Cream Biscuit, Milano Cookie, Parle – G and Monaco Biscuit, Candy, 2 In 1 Toffee, Fruit Drops, Orange Bite, Londonderry and Melody Chocolaty, Wafers, Fulltoss Candy, Salted Biscuits, Cheeselings and Namkeen, Fusion Chocolate, Exquisites Chocolate, Tasty Treasures Chocolate and Rich Delights Chocolate, Wheat Rusk, Chocolate Cream Biscuit etc

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Mumbai, India
  • Founded In – 1984
  • Revenue – 2,800 crore
  • Number of employees – 5000
  • Name – Parle Agro

10. Amul

Products Manufacture By Amul – Amul Milk, Bread Spreads, Cheese, Paneer, Dahi, Beverage Range, Ice Cream, Ghee, Milk Powders, Chocolates, Fresh Cream, Mithai Mate, Happy Treats, Amul PRO, Bakery Products, Amul Puffles, Mithai Range, Roti Softener, Panchamrit, Amul Sour Cream, Amul Cattle Feed, Amul Recipes

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Anand, Gujarat, India
  • Founded In – 1946
  • Revenue – 38,550 crore
  • Number of employees – 1,000
  • Name – Amul

Virat Kohli Net Worth In 2021: Startups, Earning Sources, Car Collections, Properties

Team India Captain Virat Kohli is one of the highest-paid cricketer. He is also the most followed person on Instagram. In 2021 according to the estimated data Virat Kohli Net Worth is about Rs 960 crores. Virat also invested in many startups. According to the statement Virat invested in two startups in which the first one is an insurance tech start-up based in Bengaluru and the second one is a fashion start-up called USPL.

Virat belongs to a poor and middle class family, apart from his hard work and challenge, he became a rich athlete, he has been able to buy those things in his life and own the things that everyone wants. He made his journey as a cricketer who has earned a great name and fame in the cricket world, besides Virat is a well-known athlete all over the world.

The major income sources of Virat Kohli are sponsorship, brand deals, and cricket. In this article, we know all about Virat’s income sources. Virat Kohli also loves luxurious things like cars, bikes, and private jets.

Virat Kohli Net Worth In 2021

If we talk about the net worth of Virat, then according to the 2021 report, Virat Kohli has a net worth of about 960 crores, making him a well-known rich athlete in the world, he is one of the highest-paid cricketer all over the world. Virat earns the most money from the sponsorship, the brand deals.

Virat KohliNet Worth In USD and INR
Net Worth in 2021$ 130 Million (960 Cr)
Net Worth in 2019$ 110 Million (814 Cr)
Net Worth in 2018$ 95 Million (703 Cr)
Net Worth in 2017$ 82 Million (606 Cr)
Net Worth in 2016$ 65 Million (482 Cr)

In Which Startups Virat Kohli Invested

In this way, Virat has invested money in a lot of startups, but according to the report, we know about two such startups that he has invested more than 20 crores in two startups, the first one is an insurance tech start-up based in Bengaluru and the second one is a fashion start-up called USPL.

If we look at the film industry or the athlete industry, almost all the personalities are associated with a startup, either they own a startup or they have invested money in other startups. A startup is a high-end paid industry in which the investors make money by investing in the startups, but starting a startup in India is a big challenge in itself because a startup involves a lot of things. If you want to start your own startup, follow our website. We publish lots of startup-related articles on the daily basis.

Virat Kohli Car Collections

Virat is very fond of cars, that’s why he owns luxury cars. His most loved car is the Bentley Continental GT that he bought in 2018. Also, he owns the latest model of Audi. There is a lot of cars, you can see on the list which are the famous cars that Virat Kohli keeps in his garage, apart from that there are some cars which Virat buys and resell.

Car Collections of ViratPrice in INR
Bentley Continental GT₹ 3.29 Crore onwards
Land Rover Range Rover Vogue₹ 2.01 Crore onwards
Bentley Flying Spur₹ 1.70 Crore onwards
Audi Garage₹ 2.97 crore.
Toyota Fortuner and Renault Duster₹ 35.52 Lakh & ₹ 14.12 Lakh

Virat Kohli Earning Sources

Virat Kohli is one of the well-known all over the world who highest-paid athlete, apart from this, he has many earning sources, out of which four are major, the first of which is from brand deals, sponsors, cricket, and startups.

Virat Kohli has more than 112 million fan followers on Instagram in which he charges over 1.35 crore for taking a sponsorship. Apart from this, he works with a lot of different brands and as his brand ambassador. He earns a lot of money, in addition to this a lot of merchandise also he promotes in their social media through which he earns a lot of money.

4 Best Type of Watches For Travelers In 2021

Watches come in all types and sizes, which means that there are various types of timepieces that you can choose from. Some wristwatches will have a large face where you can read the time, but others will have a small face with numbers, either with a scratch-resistant surface, so that the time will last for many years. Some have GPS trackers, and others do not. All of these things factor into how functional the watch is for the individual who needs to wear it.

If you’re always on the road or moving, not all watches can suit your needs. You’ll need one with extra durability, a long battery life, scratch resistance, among other features. Here are some types of watches you might want to check out when next you go shopping. 

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  1. Pilot Watches 

Whether you’re a pilot or an airborne traveler, you should have at least one pilot watch in your collection. The pilot wristwatch was designed to provide easy viewing of the time in higher altitudes. It was first created in 1904 by Louis Cartier and his friend, who was a Brazilian aviator.

Pilot watches feature an illuminated dial with a pointer that can be used to navigate through the numbers. They come in a wide variety of price ranges and with features that anyone can find on an original model—brands like Breitling manufacture different models of pilot watches. 

It has an illuminated face that is highly resistant to the effects of water or even brightness; it is equipped with flight computer bezel markings and is highly legible, amongst other distinctive features. A distinctive feature of this type of wristwatch is the large face. The big face allows the watch to display the time in large letters so you can easily tell the time at a glance. The price of a Pilot watch might be more expensive than your typical men’s wristwatch, but it is well worth the price.

  1. Automatic Watches

What exactly is an automatic watch? To put it very simply, a watch is a mechanical watch that self-winds with the regular motion of the wearer, making manual winding unnecessary if you wear the watch frequently. If you’re a traveler, you might hardly find the time to wind your mechanical watch daily, meaning buying an automatic watch instead might be a better option. 

Remember that an automatic watch is not necessarily suitable for all occasions, but you should end up with something that you love with some careful consideration!

  1. Sports Watches 

If you’re a regular traveler, chances are you play tourist from time to time. Being adventurous means going into unfamiliar territories, hiking, climbing, etc. To perform these activities, you’ll need a durable that is suitable for the outdoors. There is a wide variety of sports wristwatches available to choose from. Most sports watches today have a digital display that can be easily read in extreme temperatures and conditions. 

Another popular feature of sports watches is that it is fully functional as a watch and includes a calorie-burning calculator and a GPS tracking unit. Another benefit of this watch is that you can use it for a long period due to its battery life. 

If you are going to purchase a sports wristwatch, it is important that you know what you are looking for and try several models out. There is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a watch unless you are a professional athlete or can afford one.

  1. Military Watches

Military wristwatches are some of the most durable and rugged watches that you will find. They are designed for military personnel and tough and durable even after being exposed to strenuous activities. If you are in the military and are looking for a unique decoration piece, a military wristwatch is what you need. The best thing about wearing a military watch is that not only is it solid and durable, but it also comes with additional features like GPS tracking and luminosity. 

It is not common to see a military watch as they are normally reserved for the armed forces. Some military watches are made for women, but these are not very common. You can find unisex designs that can fit both genders. 

In Conclusion 

Today, many watches on the market are considered to be fakes, and some of these fakes are made to try to pass off as authentic watches. When it comes to buying a wristwatch, you need to do your research and make sure that you are getting a timepiece that is going to be worth the money that you are paying for it. Also, consider your use for it, in this case, as a traveler. 

Thinking of where to buy these timepieces? Make sure to check out WatchShopping’s timepiece catalog online! Get the best deals and order them at the comforts of your home. 

How to Pre Register For Apex Legends Mobile on Playstore – Step by Step Guide

Hello friends in this article i will guide you How to Pre Register For Apex Legends Mobile on Playstore in India and Philippines.

Respawn studios and Electronic Arts recently reported the coming of Apex Legends Mobile in the mobile gaming market. This game was being worked on for the most recent few years and at long last, the first round of beta testing is going to start in certain country. Here is the way you can pre register for the first round in India and Philippines.

India and the Philippines are incorporated for the previously shut beta testing. Around a thousand players will access the game in this stage and they will get the first hands being trial on Apex Legends Mobile.

This round will start not long from now yet the pre-registration has already effectively begun.

Players who want to get beta access to Apex Legends Mobile can pre-register on the Google Play Store.

iOS user are excluded from this stage and backing for eligible gadgets will be carried out in the upcoming stages. The players who are keen on taking part in the first round of close beta testing can follow the below step to register themselves for Apex Legends Mobile.

How to Pre Register For Apex Legends Mobile on Playstore


  1. Click here to go to the Apex Legends Mobile page.
  2. Click on ‘pre-register’ to enroll yourself in the process.
  3. If the prompt says that your device is not eligible, kindly wait for the next round of testing.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant : Best guide for hiring a Virtual Assistant in 2021

Are you looking for hire a Virtual Assistant ? In this article we will discuss about how to hire a virtual assistant in 2021 .

In the virtual center point of innovation, new patterns and business openings are building up each day. The old customary techniques for work are being supplanted by new current strategies. Virtual Assistant is the new type of employment profile, which permits organizations to recruit a skillful assistant in the virtual structure. For a few, it’s another odd route and for a few, it’s the better approach for recruiting. So now we should discover the advantage of recruiting a Virtual Assistant for companies and what is the correct rules to delegate a VA or how to Hire a virtual assistant.

Type of Services That Virtual Assistant Provides to A Company

A company can recruit a virtual assistant to improve its presentation regardless of with whatever size or area they are working in. Be that as it may, the difficult lies here is the ignorance of the producibility and capacity to work which can be performed by a virtual assistant. Albeit, because of this explanation huge numbers of the endeavor proprietors don’t have a clue how to use the range of abilities of a Virtual Assistant without limit. In addition, on the off chance that you are intending to recruit a virtual assistant for your developing business needs, at that point you can request the accompanying administrations from them :

  • Social Media Management
  • Online Marketing
  • Online Advertisement Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Live Chat
  • Email Management and Sorting
  • Calendar Planning
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Website Development and Analysis
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Automation.

These are a couple of services that a virtual assistant can help you with and there are different services which can be used by entrepreneurs. The vast majority of the undertakings took care of by a virtual assistant are administrator related, non-basic, and regularly are not client confronting.

The organization must be clear with their prerequisite and sort of administrations they need from a virtual assistant prior to employing for the work. The following stage here comes is to locate a virtual assistant with satisfactory characteristics who can perform and complete the errand inside the specified time. The standards and strategies to enlist a virtual assistant online are altogether different from naming the individual to an office. So on the off chance that you’re intending to enlist a virtual assistant, at that point remember the accompanying focuses:

Use Online Agencies to Hire A Virtual Assistant

To recruit an able individual with essential ability an organization should enroll with the expert sites that offer online types of assistance to choose an assistant. They set aside your time and cash from the problem of managing uncouth workers and just gives you proficient representatives, who know their employment well.

Advertise Online

In the event that you need to recruit fresher and inventive representatives, at that point you can utilize the online medium to publicize a work and where you can meet various contender to choose the ideal individual. The destinations, for example, Truelancer, Upwork, PeoplePerHour offer the types of assistance to publicize on the web.

These were a couple of simple techniques to employ a virtual assistant. Nonetheless, an endeavor has various advantages from recruiting a virtual assistant and particularly the new businesses use the advantage of employing virtual assistant instead of designating full-time workers.

Some of tools for working with a virtual assistant

Categories Best tools
Time TrackingToggl, Time Doctor, AndCo
Social MediaBuffer, Meet Edgar, DrumUp, Post Planner, Content Studio
Work MonitoringTimeProof, Screenshot Monitor
ScreenshotsMonoSnap, Gyazo
Graphic DesigningCanva
Screen RecordingLoom, Kap
Task OrganisationTrello, Asana
Collaborative DocumentsGoogle Drive
Shared FoldersDropbox, Google Apps, Huddle, pCloud, 15Five
Team InboxFront, Loop
Social SchedulingBuffer, Doodle, Float
MeetingsCalendly,, UberConference, Brosix
Signing DocumentsHelloSig

Required Skills for Virtual Assistant.

  • Word Processing aptitudes.
  • Oral Communication and Writing aptitudes.
  • PC aptitudes.
  • Self Motivation and Discipline.
  • Brisk Thinking and Effective Decision Making.
  • Finally, Love for Continuous Learning.

Advantages of A Virtual Assistant

  • The greatest advantage of employing an individual external the company is to make secrecy. There are not many secrecy of enormous company which they need to stow away from their workers and in such circumstance, it is excellent to recruit a virtual assistant to deal with an errand.
  • Besides, an company can get enhancement in the assignment and they can use the administrations of far off workers. Each individual has an alternate way to deal with handle a similar circumstance and this will gives them to pick up various parts of a similar circumstance.
  • As we as a whole realize that new businesses have a restricted spending plan and it’s exceptionally hard for them to recruit full-time office representatives, so employing a virtual assistant is a good thought to spare expense and increment the rate of profitability. This is a mutually beneficial model for both the sides, as a virtual assistant get presentation to working with new businesses.

The Virtual Assistant is new term but various realities are not satisfactory about it. The advantages of employing a virtual assistant are building up each day and what’s to come is even brilliant and has loads of chances. In spite of the fact that, the Indian organizations need to investigate a greater amount of this framework, the same number of western organizations got accomplishment from it. Feel free to recruit a virtual assistant to get the best degree of profitability for your business.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant (Even Without Experience)

  • Choose your Business Structure.
  • Decide which type of Virtual Assistant Services you will provide to your Clients.
  • Decide your prices rate table.
  • Create your Online presence by launching your Virtual Assistant Services Website.
  • Try to get New Clients by Pitching and Networking.


Taking the assistance of virtual assistant to turn out to be more profitable and develop your business is not, at this point an extraordinariness – it’s near turning into a need.

Having a go-to individual for basically the entirety of your necessities is an incredible help to any individual or business.


What is the meaning of virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is an independently employed laborer who works in contribution managerial administrations to customers from a distant area, normally a home office. Normal errands a virtual assistant may perform incorporate planning arrangements, settling on telephone decisions, making travel courses of action, and overseeing email accounts.

What are the skills required to become a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant skills: Word Processing skills, Oral Communication and Writing skills, Computer skills, Self Motivation and Discipline, etc.

How to hire a good virtual assistant?

Stage 1: Document the assignments you need to re-appropriate.
Stage 2: Create a set of working responsibilities.
Stage 3: Post your set of working responsibilities online.
Stage 4: Review applications and timetable meetings.
Stage 5: Give your top competitors a test.
Stage 6: Give the best candidate a trial period.

What are the best virtual assistant companies?

Some of best Virtual Assistant companies in India:
Hubstaff Talent.
Brickwork India.
Acelerar Technologies.
Ossisto, etc.

How to become a Virtual Assistant?

Pick your business structure.
Choose which service you’ll offer your customers.
Settle on your evaluating structure.
Launch your site and make your online presence.
Begin pitching and systems administration.
Build connections.

How to register in IOCL as a Vendor | iocl e tender registration

For registration in iocl e tender , all new vendors must have to themselves enlisted in iocl e tender portal .In this article we will provide all details how to register as a Vendor with iocl.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (iocl) is an Indian public sector gas and oil company which having its essence in practically all the stream of Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, and elective fuel sources.

It holds the best position as India’s most elevated positioned PSU in Fortune India 500 list for 2020 and 151th in Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s biggest organizations in the year 2020. It has also subsidiaries branch in Sri Lanka (Lanka IOC), Mauritius (IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd), and the Middle East (IOC Middle East FZE)

IOCL e-Tender Portal

The government’s eProcurement System of the Public Informatics Place is a stage towards automation and responsibility towards their Suppliers and Contractors. It gives free portal registration to the Bidders and gives straightforwardness in the entire tendering cycle.

The bidder can download the Tender Schedule free of cost and then present the bids online through iocl e tender portal. This e tender iocl will help in decreasing the tendering process duration and reduce the vast majority of the extra expenses.

In this article we will also explain you the process for obtaining User id and password for cooperation in e-Tenders and get themselves enrolled as Bidders/Vendors.

Pre – Requirements for participating in iocl e tender

Vendors or Bidders need to have a legitimate Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of Class III (3) to participate in e tenders of iocl and the DSC should be enlisted 24 hours prior to Bid accommodation. DSC can be obtained from any of the Affirming Authority enlisted under CCA India, as nCode, MTNL, Sify, eMudra, and so forth.

Steps to Register as a Vendor/Bidder with IOCL

  • Click on the link Online “Bidder Enrollment” for e tender. (right hand side as marked in above image).
  • A new page will be open. The is an online form for enrollment.
  • Enter your vaild email address for login id . As login id once only generated further can’t be changed.
  • Fill all the details for getting user id. The marked box with red box is mandatory.
  • Click on Submit button by filling correct captcha.
  • After verification of your documents, a remarkable ‘user Id’ and ‘Password’ will be sent to your email, if the document are discovered to be all together.
  • Ensure you enter the legitimate email address or Valid number during the enrollment since these are the only methods of correspondence. Furthermore, the login
  • Also, note the check code is legitimate for 900 seconds from the time ‘Send Confirmation Code’ is clicked.
  • When you get the unique id and password, use those to get to the e-Procurement site of IOCL to take participate in the e-tendering process

FAQ related on the Digital Signature Certificate on iocl e tender registration

1. What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the digital same (that is electronic format) of physical or paper certificates. Instances of actual certificates are drivers\’ licenses, passports or participation cards. Certificates fill in as a proof of character of a person for a specific reason; for instance, a driver\’s permit distinguishes somebody who can lawfully drive in a specific nation.

Moreover, a digital certificate can be introduced electronically to demonstrate your character, to get to information or administrations on the Web or to sign certain records digitally.

2. Why is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) required?

Like physical documents are signed manually, electronic documents, for example e-forms are required to be signed digitally using a Digital Signature Certificate. Transactions that are done using Internet if signed using a Digital Signature certicate becomes legally valid.

3. Who issues the Digital Signature Certificate?

An lincensed Certifying Authority (CA) gives the digital signature. Certifying Authority (CA) implies an individual who has been conceded a permit to give a digital signature declaration under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000.

4. What type of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is to be obtained for eSigning and Authentication on the eTendering Portal?

DSC of Class 3 classification gave by a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) should be gotten for efiling on the eTendering Portal. Class 3 DSC is the most significant level where the person needs to introduce oneself in front of a Registration Authority (RA) and demonstrate his/her identity.

5. What is the cost of obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate?

The expense of acquiring an advanced signature certificate may shift as there are numerous elements giving DSCs and their charges may vary. The estimated cost could differ between ₹ 2000 to ₹ 3000 relying upon the quantity of years for which it is given.

For more FAQs you can visit official website of iocl e tender

Top 12 Network Marketing Companies in India in 2021

There are more than 50 network marketing companies in India, but among them, we will discuss the Top 12 Network Marketing Companies, MLM, or Direct selling Companies in India based on their performance, the success rate of new members to earn more than 1 lakhs rupees after joining those Network Marketing Companies.

But before that , we should know What is network marketing and how does it work?

Network marketing is a business model that relies upon person-to-person sales by free representatives, often work from home. A network marketing business may expect you to assemble a network of business partners or salespeople to assist with lead generation and bringing deals to a close.

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Top 21 Small Scale Business Ideas in India : 2021

There are many reputable network marketing operations, yet some have been reprimanded as pyramid plans. The latter may zero in less on sales to purchasers than on enlistment of salespeople who may be needed to pay forthright for costly starter units.

Companies that follow the network marketing model regularly create tiers of salespeople—that is, salespeople are encouraged to enroll their own networks of salespeople. The creators of another tier (or “upline”) earn commission on their own sales and on sales made by the individuals in the tier they created (the “downline”).

As expected, another tier can grow one more tier, which offers more commission to the person in the top tier as well as the center tier.

Along these lines, the earnings of salespeople rely upon enlistment as well as item sales. The individuals who got in early and are in the top tier make the most.

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Now i am going to tell you the best of best network marketing companies in India 2021.

Top 12 network marketing companies in India 2021

1. Amway

Amway India is India’s leading network marketing or multilevel marketing or direct selling company with more than 150 workplaces in India. Amway features a faith in India and also the future of Network Marketing or MLM in India. Amway India have done a speculation of Rs 600 crore ($100 million USD) for another delivering facility in Tamil Nadu – to create a distinctive quality item in India, for India.

India is the third nation inside the reality where Amway has contributed with a delivering facility. Amway India has established themselves as India’s largest direct marketing company.

Amway India is as of now among the Best 10 Network Markets globally. In any case, the target is to have India inside the top three markets. Amway is best network marketing companies in India among all companies.

Amway sells more than 140 world category items in India. Amway incorporates a powerful arrangement of brands.

2. Modicare

Modicare founded by Sameer Modi is one of the fastest developing Indian network marketing companies in the nation.

It offers wide range of items from categories like Wellness, Skin Care, Personal care, Home care and so forth

What makes Modicare not the same as other MLM companies is their exceptional business plan also known as Azadi Plan.

As a Modicare consultant you can purchase items 20-25% cheaper and offer it at a colossal benefit to others earning 25% benefit. Consultants with higher sales volume are awarded Power Seller Bonus which can be between 5% – 20% relying on BV (Business Volume).

You earn commission contingent on your level in the organization.

You also get Accumulative Performance Bonus ranging somewhere in the range of 7% and 22%. Other rewards are Director Bonus – 14%, Leadership Productivity Bonus – 15%..

3. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Ltd.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is a direct selling company which was established in the year 2013 in Chennai. At this moment it is India’s quite possibly the most popular MLM companies.

The company offers wide range of quality lifestyle items for day to day use which are approved by Ministry of AYUSH.

Company’s present income is more than Rs 1500 Crore. You can register with the company and join their wide network of distributors.

Mi Lifestyle aim is to give the best things to the customer, who are the focal point of the organization. The distributors are trained professionals and the shopper gets best with extraordinary advantages and beneficial chances.

4. Herbalife

Herbal Life is an international network marketing or multilevel marketing sustenance company that has assisted individuals with pursueing a healthy, active life since the 1980s. Herbal Life’s health and sustenance, weight-management merchandise are offered totally through over 2.3 million freelance distributors in excess of 95 nations.

Herbalife Nutrition is an international network marketing corporation that creates and sells dietary enhancements and health care routine items. Herbalife Nutrition’s merchandise has weight reduction and protein shakes, moreover as protein bars, teas, aloes, vitamins, and sports beverages, energy, and personal care item.

Herbalife’s item is created at the company’s 5 delivering facilities inside the US and China additionally as outsider creating partners.

All of Herbalife items’ are sold by its associates and are not available in any general stores.

You can join the Herbalife and turn into its associate to get minimum discount of 25% on each purchase. By then you offer these things at a retail cost to others. That is the methods by which you make benefits.

5. Vestige

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Is a network marketing companies in India which started its operations in the year 2004, is a leading direct selling company dealing in top notch health and personal care items. Vestige is constantly developing at a phenomenal rate each year.

With the motto of spreading Welth, for example spreading wealth through wellness, Vestige has kept on advancing the lives of every individual who is a part of the company and the individuals who have faith in its items.

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd detailed sales of $302 million in the financial year of 2019.

6. Oriflame

Oriflame a Swedish beauty company has a gigantic presence in India. OriFlame offers mainly beauty and skin care products.

Anyway OriFlame is not a sole MLM company like RCM or Herbalife. Individuals can purchase products from their site directly and need not to purchase from a direct dealer.

You can register with OriFlame as an advisor and begin selling items on their behalf. At the point when you register as a VIP customer you can buy items at a discount of 20% to 40% and sell at a higher MRP to customers.

You will earn immediate benefit joined with business class benefits. Besides, you also earn PD (Performance Discount) on achieving certain degree of sales.

7. Avon Products

Avon Products, Inc. manufactures and markets cosmetics and beauty related products. Its item categories are Beauty, Fashion, and Home. The company operates through five geographical portions: Latin America; North America; Central and Eastern Europe; Western Europe, Middle East and Africa, and the Asia Pacific. Avon Products was founded by David H. McConnell in 1886 and is headquartered in New York, NY.

It is the second-largest direct-selling enterprise globally (after Amway), with annual income of $4.7 billion in the year 2019.

Presently the companies that are listed further are as yet filling in the market of staggered marketing in India, they are based in India not at all like the companies referenced above these companies are at this point unclear in the global market however are growing rapidly in India.

8. Safe Shop.

The safe shop is an MLM company that gives a platform to earn through direct selling of products that are marketed by safe shop. A purchaser turns into the proprietor of a business community relying upon what he purchases.

It detailed annual income of more than 500 cr in the year 2019. *Asort: Established in 2011 ASORT is a digital biological system to accelerate and enable Co-Commerce. … It is about getting the networks of dealers, makers, and influencers together to encourage network building and network nourishment by creating an economically sustainable biological system for everybody to flourish and become together.

The company actually is in its dormant structure is developing on an exponential scale in the past years. It also marked an annual income of in excess of 500 cr in the year 2019.

9. 4Life:

4Life is a network marketing or direct selling company that offers food enhancements and backing general health and prosperity.

4Life aims to attain healthy style goals with 4Life Products and merchandise, to assist you to take care of great health, get more fit, and far additional.

The 4Life distributors can purchase merchandise to devour or construct your own business as a 4Life distributor and earn cash and lead a healthy and financially free life.

10. Forever Living:

Forever Living – The Aloe Vera Company is a multi-billion dollar Network marketing and direct selling company that manufactures and sells a huge number of health and beauty products all over the world.

Forever Living merchandise has been dedicated to searching out nature’s best hotspots for health and beauty and sharing them globally.

Forever Living Company has a passion for serving others to look bolder and feel good, and pride that comes from doing things a touch otherwise. They own their own plantations, creating facilities, research and improvement, internal quality control laboratories, and even own distribution channels.


NASWIZ retail private limited is an Indian based direct selling company. Naswiz works at Multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct selling.

It is very simple to associate with NASWIZ company however just when counseled by somebody who is an already member of NASWIZ.

In NASWIZ, you can make money easily when the deals of home based generally or every day use items are done and the wholesaler gets an assortment of commission consistent with the Network Marketing or MLM systems.


Radha Madhav Corporation Limited started on 2005 . RMCL is also recommended as Top Network marketing company in India in 2021.

RMCL UNIVERSE is popular for selling particular kinds of products to its customers. It supplies such things as health supplements, self care products, food and drinks, home based products, lifestyle & fashion, stationery and education related products.


What is Network marketing?

Network marketing is a business model that relies upon person-to-person sales by free representatives, often work from home. A network marketing business may expect you to assemble a network of business partners or salespeople to assist with lead generation and bringing deals to a close.

How does Network marketing Work?

Companies that follow the network marketing model regularly create tiers of salespeople—that is, salespeople are encouraged to enroll their own networks of salespeople. The creators of another tier (or “upline”) earn commission on their own sales and on sales made by the individuals in the tier they created (the “downline”).

Who is the best network marketing companies in India?

Here is the best top 10 network marketing companies in India 2021 are as follow –
1. Amway
2. Modicare
3. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Ltd
4. Herbalife
5. Vestige
6. Oriflame
7. Avon products
8. Safe Shop
9. 4Life
10. Forever Living

Who is the fastest growing network marketing company in India?

Modicare is one of the fastest growing network marketing or MLM company in India. This company was established in India. Modicare offers a wide scope of products under Health care, skin health management, personal care, home based products and so many. Modicare offers an interesting buisness plan called as Azadi plan.

Who is the No 1 network marketing company in India?

Amway India has set up itself as India’s biggest direct marketing company. Amway India in 2021 among the Best top 10 Network Markets all around the world. Nonetheless, the target is to have India inside the top three business market. Amway sells more than 140 world categories Products in India.

Top 15 Business Ideas in Bangalore 2021

In this article we will discuss Top 15 Business Ideas in Bangalore with low investment. It will help you to find out the way to start a small business of your own and become your own boss.

Best Business Ideas in Bangalore with Small Investment

1. Green Architectural Design/landscaping

With the business blast, many workplaces are working to exploit natural light to decrease lighting bills. You can plan a design that eliminates superfluous warming or cooling uses. You can also scene with local plants that require less water and suit your atmosphere. Be that as it may, you should attempt to keep away from the using of compound pesticides and composts to ensure the local water supply.

2. Home-Based Catering

An enormous number of working experts living in Bangalore like to buy prepared dinners as their bustling timetables don’t permit to cook for themselves. Having home prepared food conveyed to homes and workplaces would be obviously favored by them. If you like cooking for other people and are acceptable at time the board, locally situated providing food service will suit you.

This private venture thought will require an underlying speculation on cooking hardware and capacity in order to oblige the enormous amounts and keep up cleanliness norms. You will also have to get a permit to maintain a food business where government authorities will check your home to check whether it fulfills guidelines.

In the event that you are living in a leased space, you will also require composed assent from the landowner to maintain the business. This business requires consistency regarding food quality as one awful survey could close down your cooking.

3. Grocery Store with Delivery Service

Busy city implies busy individuals and something that saves their time has extraordinary business potential. Start a little grocery store with delivery choice, or even you can have uncommon estimating from local grocery store if you need more spending plan to set up one.

The grocery shop business will require leasing a little space at a helpful area for you (since you should keep the store open for extended periods) and ideally in a market area (for additional customers). This one is really a decent Business Ideas in Bangalore.

The way to maintaining a fruitful grocery business is looking after inventory, understanding your customers’ necessities and developing with the adjustments in customer tastes.

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4. Online Retailing

E-commerce stages like Flipkart and Amazon help sellers meet buyers. Even if you don’t have your own item to sell, you can generally become a vendor for an existing manufacturer. You will need sufficient inventory space and bundling equipment. The delivery services will be fulfilled by the e-commerce stage. On the off chance that you receive postive reviews, the number of orders will increase and eventually your earnings will increase.

5. Personal Money Manager

Accounting is essential part in the worlds of business, investing, finance, and taxes. In this part, you discover why. Accountant are the “data gatekeepers” in the economy. Without accounting, a business can’t work, wouldn’t realize whether it’s making a benefit, and would be oblivious of its monetary circumstance. Accounting is good choice with Small investment business ideas in bangalore as there are so many corporate offices.

If you have an essential understanding of financial paper and other accounting concepts, then there are a great Small business of private ventures and people who need this service.

6. Event Management

Event planners are being called upon to develop and stage literally millions of events every year. These events range from first-birthday celebration parties to political fundraisers, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, style shows, item launches, conferences, graduations, and reunions, to name only a couple.

People consistently plan events and need help doing it. On the off chance that you have a style for event management and arrangement; then you can enter into this business; and watch the profits come in.

7. Real Estate Brokerage

People hoping to change accommodation, new residents, people leaving the city and business owners searching for commercial spaces consistently need real estate consultants and brokerage services. Despite the fact that there’re numerous already operating in Bangalore, offering a unique service that reduces their hassle can be an exceptionally profitable Business Ideas in Bangalore.

If you have been living in the Banglore city for a some of time, have contacts and great at negotiations, rental brokerage services should suit you. Property owners, new residents, and business owners need real estate guides to help them connect with each other.

This business does not need starting investment however requires a person to be proactive and with solid relational abilities.

8. Childcare/Day care Business

The biggest concerns of working parents in Bangalore are the safety and security of their children when they are away for work. Consequently, day care center provide the best alternative for them.

Not exclusively does it ensures the kid is safe yet additionally make them learn beneficial things. On the off chance that you own a major house or can rent one, childcare startup should be the ideal business for homemakers.

9. Car Rental Business

Banglore additionally has its fair share of tourists. Even residents of the South Indian city prefer traveling in towns and cities close by. Both inter-city and out of station vehicle renting services are sought after among the residents of the city.

On the off chance that you have a vehicle that you need to rent out, there are numerous vehicle rental services like Ola, that you can tie up with to get regular income and work at hours preferable for you.

This could be run as a part-time or side business for an extra source of income in the event that you would prefer not to quite your existing job.

10. Webpreneur

Becoming one out of a city like Bangalore is none excessively difficult, because it has all the technology and infrastructure to let you explore the web and develop your own empire online. Let it be a local information website, city deals website or simply anything that creates value for local people or for a broader network, ready and waiting!

11. Restoration Business

So many people want to reestablish their homes to its previous state; yet they were disappointed because of the absence of data about renovating old homes. In the event that you have design abilities, and can reestablish homes, there are incredible business openings in this field.

12. Organic Food Delivery Business

A many people in the city need fresh food each day. In the event that you can move ranch fresh organic food from the homesteads to the city, you can set up an online store and begin conveying new food to customers.

13. Mobile Food Truck Business

The mobile food truck business in Bengaluru has seen a great deal of changes in the previous few years. A couple of years back, there were a great deal of food trucks seen on the side of the road of zones like Koramangala, Indiranagar, and HSR. This one is decent business ideas in Bangalore

In spite of the fact that the portable food truck idea got immense acknowledgment from customers, the excitement decreased extensively in light of inferior quality food and non-upkeep of guidelines from food-truck owner.

But still, there is as yet a scope for the food truck business in Bangalore in the event that somebody accompanies some new theme and maintains the business according to rules set by local authorities.

14. Start a Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo is a lot of well known among the youth in Bengaluru. On the off chance that you have the required skills, there will be no deficiencies of customers in this city without a doubt.

15. Start a Cleaning Business in Bangalore

There has been an impressive ascent in cleaning business in Bangalore as of late. Practically all organizations and many family search for proficient cleaning services company.


1. What is the best business to start in Bangalore?

Here is top 15 best Buisness to start in Bangalore
1. Green Architectural Design/landscaping
2. Home-Based Catering
3. Grocery Store with Delivery Service
4. Online Retailing
5. Personal Money Manager
6. Event Management
7. Real Estate Brokerage
8. Childcare/Day care Business
9. Car Rental Business
10. Webpreneur
11. Restoration Business
12. Organic Food Delivery Business
13. Mobile Food Truck Business
14. Start a Tattoo Parlor
15. Start a Cleaning Business in Bangalore

MIUI 12.5 Release Date Out : India Availability, MIUI 12.5 Eligible Devices (Full List) : Top Features MIUI 12.5

MIUI 12.5 eligible device list is out. The new MIUI 12.5 update will be launched to 27 select device through OTA update.

MIUI 12.5 has been professed to be a superior variant of MIUI. The MIUI 12.5 update offers a bunch of new features with better security and execution redesigns. The new MIUI operating system is supposed to be better than the past MIUI version.

MIUI 12.5 release date out, it’s preceding the year closes. Jin Fan, who heads the software department uncovered MIUI 12.5 release timing with a normal MIUI 12.5 rollout timetable. The top Xiaomi administrator affirmed MIUI 12.5 release dates with the planned time. The beta program is now live at this point.

According to Fan, the MIUI 12.5 release will occur before the finish of December.

Prior to MIUI 13, the following MIUI update is coming as MIUI 12.5 update. Xiaomi has suspended MIUI 12 beta program and the organization has begun on delivering the MIUI 12.5 update. MIUI 12 update has been formally turned out for 31 Xiaomi gadgets till now.

Xiaomi Indonesia GM Alvin Tse, said MIUI 12.5 will offer steadiness and optimization before the MIUI 13 upheld gadgets.

MIUI 12.5 form will basically be the base update before MIUI 13 releases. Xiaomi is now creating MIUI 12.5, and Mi 11 arrangement will be the first to run on the most recent UI stage. The forthcoming changes and optimizations will be the establishment for the following MIUI 13.

MIUI 12.5 beta update is as of now live now, and MIUI 12.5 release will occur by end of December.

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MIUI 12.5 Release Date: MIUI 12.5 Release Date In India

MIUI 12.5 India availability will before long be affirmed. The organization has reported the release of the “middle of the road” MIUI form before the dispatch of the following MIUI 13. MIUI 12.5 release dates from an official source is out. Jin Fan, who heads the software department uncovered MIUI 12.5 release date with a normal MIUI 12.5 rollout course of events.

The top Xiaomi chief affirmed MIUI 12.5 release dates with the planned time. According to Fan, the MIUI 12.5 release will occur before the finish of December.

Coming to MIUI 12.5 India release date, it’s yet to be affirmed. Whenever it is turned out in China, the MIUI 12.5 India availability will be affirmed. MIUI 12.5 release date in India could be chosen January and February 2021.

MIUI 12.5 Eligible Devices: MIUI 12.5 Update Full List

Here’s is the full story from start to end you need to know about the upcoming MIUI 12.5 update.

Checkout the full list of MIUI 12.5 eligible devices.
  • Redmi 7A
  • Redmi 8A
  • Redmi 8A Dual / Pro
  • Redmi 8
  • Redmi 9A
  • Redmi 9AT
  • Redmi 9i
  • Redmi 9C
  • Redmi 9C NFC
  • Redmi 9
  • Redmi 9 (India)
  • Redmi 9 Prime
  • Redmi 10X 4G
  • Redmi 10X 5G
  • Redmi 10X Pro
  • Redmi Note 7
  • Redmi Note 7S
  • Redmi Note 7 Pro
  • Redmi Note 8
  • Redmi Note 8T
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • Redmi Note 9
  • Redmi Note 9S
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro (India)
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro (Global)
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
  • Redmi Note 9 4G (CN)
  • Redmi Note 9 5G
  • Redmi Note 9 Ultra
  • Redmi K20
  • Redmi K20 Pro
  • Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition
  • Redmi K30
  • Redmi K30 5G
  • Redmi K30 5G Racing Edition
  • Redmi K30i 5G
  • Redmi K30 Pro
  • Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition
  • Redmi K30 Ultra
  • Redmi K30S Ultra

MIUI 12.5 Update Full List: MIUI 12.5 Poco Update

Poco F1

Poco F2 Pro

Poco X2

Poco X3

Poco X3 NFC

Poco M2 Pro

Poco M2

Poco C3

Poco M3

MIUI 12.5 Update Full List: MIUI 12.5 Mi Update

Mi 8

Mi 8 Pro

Mi 8 Under Display Edition

Mi 8 Explorer Edition

Mi 8 SE

Mi 8 Lite

Mi 9

Mi 9 Pro

Mi 9 Pro 5G

Mi 9 Explorer Edition

Mi 9 Lite

Mi 9 SE

Mi 10

Mi 10 Pro

Mi 10 Ultra

Mi 10 Lite

Mi 10 Youth Edition

Mi Note 10

Mi Note 10 Pro

Mi Note 10 Lite

Mi CC9e

Mi CC9

Mi CC9 Pro

Mi 9T

Mi 9T Pro

Mi 10T

Mi 10T Pro

Mi 10T Lite

Mi Mix 2S

Mi Mix 3

MIUI 12.5 Update Full List: MIUI 12.5 Release Date

Blackshark 2

Blackshark 2 Pro

Blackshark 3

Blackshark 3 Pro

Blackshark 3S.

MIUI 12.5 Features: MIUI 12.5 New Features, Updates

The MIUI 12.5 release date will occur in February. MI 11 arrangement will be the first to accompany MIUI 12.5 update.

Surmised Location

MIUI 12.5 update will accompany better area security. You will be informed about the application utilizing your estimated area, not the specific area.

New Launcher Animations

The livelinesss inside the envelope and other framework settings have been improved.

New Power Menu

There will be a couple of capacities or highlights with settings for the Power menu. Configuration has additionally been improved.

New Volume Controller

The volume regulator will get an update with MIUI 12.5 update. There are new movements with another look.

Convert Photo To PDF

You can now rapidly change over any of the photographs inside the application to PDF design straightforwardly.

New Latest Apps

The application styles are currently adaptable with MIUI 12.5 update. With MIUI 12.5, the new applications can likewise be utilized evenly.

New Notification bar

Thr warning focus carried nearer to the Android 11 view. Notices, messages and quiet warnings are parsed.

New Cleaner Interface

The application interface has been again cleaned up with some extra customisations.

New Camera Settings Interface

The camera application has a couple of updates. MIUI 12.5 update intricacy has been supplanted by an all the more plain interface.