Top 5 Best micro saas business ideas in 2022

Micro SaaS businesses Ideas

Micro saas business ideas – Software as a Service SaaS, also known as a cloud application service, is a software delivery models that allow a software or application to be accessed from any device with an Internet connections and a web browsers. An external service provider host the application and maintain the servers, database, and code. From small businesses to large corporation, SaaS has become a software deployment methods.

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What is Micro SaaS

Micro Saas has become a hot topic for entrepreneur trying to solve problem for a small target audience. A micro business or SaaS products focuses on solving a problems in a niche markets, using minimal resources. There is no needs for large budget & investment. The business is usually operated by one person or a very small teams with a small but dedicated customers base.

Benefits of Micro SaaS

Micro businesses like micro saas offers benefit to both service provider and end user. Let’s explore the advantages that come with a micro saas.


Given the smalls & focused functionality, a micro SaaS requires less efforts & resources and therefore less time to build. In fact, an MVP can be developed in less than a weeks.


When it comes to upgrade, micro SaaS is king. You don’t have to worry about your customer running an outdated piece of software. Micro SaaS update seamlessly within the browser.


With no outside participation, the business is owned by you. You make the decision & rule the roost. If you want to get out of the 9 to 5 rat race, a micro SaaS is a quick way out of it.

1. Workforce managements

A trending SaaS software that enables organizations to effectively plan, track & manage labor resource allocations. It is anticipated that by 2023, at least 95% of new workforce managements application sales will be deployed in the cloud.

2. Billing and Billing

Software to create customizable invoices that can be converted to PDF or emailed to customer with a single click. Save your customer time with recurring invoices. Along with time tracking, it can improve productivity controls in the business.

3. Email Management

Email management software help organization manage their electronics correspondence & share timely update with partner & customer. Email tracking & analytics give you actionable insight to support the productivity of your email teams.

4. Cookery and Recipe Software

Cooking is fast becoming everyone favorite activity during lockdown. Chefs & restaurant share their recipes and performs live demonstration of populars dishes. An application that allows customer to manage, organize & share recipes is a very good business ideas.

5. Journaling

Not everyone like to write about the experiences they are having in their daily lifes. People now have more time than ever to reflect on their live. Software like Punkt make it easy for anyone to journal their thought with a unique one sentence technique.

6. Learning For Employees

Empower employees to activates the potential of your organizations. Remote learning software with productive binge worthy content will helps employees thrive while staying indoor. This microlearning approach is more engaging & less times consuming.

7. Training and Mentoring

Training app offer out of the box courses for both kid & adult. More and more people are taking online courses to learn the latest skill & level up in career and life. If you are an instructor yourself, earn money teaching people from all over the worlds.

8. Content management system

A content managements system has all the tool you needs to create beautiful, optimized contents for websites. A collaborative approach is followed where the contents, design & developments team produce a finished products.

9. Analysis Solution

Web Analytics software allow organization to tracks & analyze informations about their website visitor. Advanced analytic information help convert more routes into paying customer & generate more revenue for your customers.

10. SaaS based grocery service

There has been a significant increase in the numbers of people shopping for groceries online. Grocery delivery app are now more in demands than ever. With a SaaS based models, implementations is very quick & easy.


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