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Kritika Goel YouTuber ,Bio, Profile, Unknown Facts

Kritika Goel YouTuber

Kritika Goel is a traveller and lifestyle YouTuber. She is a popular YouTuber, mild-mannered however with an appeal. Kritika Goel Youtuber has currently 78.8k followers on Instagram and about 268k subscriber on her YouTube channel. She is one of the few famous female travel vloggers and travellers in India.

Kritika Goel Youtuber is also one of the popular influencer in India. She was born in Vellore in Tamilnadu state . Her father has a sweet shop in Vellore.

Kritika had done graduation in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College ,New Delhi and also did One Year of Masters from Xavier Institute of Communication ,Mumbai.

How Kritika Goel become Traveller YouTuber

She has worked in four different companies for their advertising department. In the end, she left the work and turned into a YouTuber. Kritika was working as a Marketing Manager in Mumbai and afterward she quit her job and turned into a full-time YouTuber and her family supported her.

Kritika Goel YouTuber
(Kritika Goel YouTuber)

She just started her blog as a fun side project along with her job and also posted regularly on Instagram. A year into blogging, she decided to start her own YouTube channel, as she felt she was a more visual person, and that changed her life! She enjoyed it so much that she eventually decided to quit her job and give YouTube as full time.

Her first blog was Blog of the Things , she pick this name because she wanted to write about all things but by passing time she liking Youtubing and build their personal brand . In her videos she try both fun and informative so that people get some value in her videos.

How Kritika Goel manages her Travelling Expenses.

After leaving her job, she began saving a great money for her travel as made a plan to turn into a full time traveller. She saved her 4 months pay for her absolute first trip.

She used to live in Mumbai, but since the house rent in Mumbai is expensive, she choose to move with their family in Vellore, Chennai.

How does Kritika Goel manage Vblog Creation

Since the most part of her video are video blog style, they are very unconstrained and normally don’t have a content set up.

Kritika Goel manage Vblog Creation

Yet, she do have a thought of what all to state, things to cover and the shots she need to take so she work in mind of that vision. Whenever that is done, at that time there are simply long periods of editing, beginning to search the correct music and afterward making a decent story out of all the content you have.

Aside from this, she is very active on instagram and post on Instagram consistently so she try to take great photographs and catch stories consistently also.

Her Favourite Influencers

Casey Neistat is her favourite Influencer all time but she also love to watch Dolly Singh from Spill the Sass , Cody Ko and Ashley from best-dressed.



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