Record Sales of Apple’s iPhone 13 series, More than 4 Million Phones in the Festival Season

iphone 13

Apple’s festival Season has been quite spectacular in terms of sell. The company has sold crores of iPhones throughout the world during the festival season. The company launched the iPhone 13 series in September 2021, which was launched to iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The smartphones of this series have become a good sale throughout the world and the company has made a record of crores of units of millions of units in the Festival Season.

According to Wedbush Analyst Daniel Ives in a report of Phonearena, Apple has more than 4 million iPhone 13 models in the 2021 Festival Season. With this, one thing has also been revealed about Apple’s Market Capitalization. It has been said that soon the company’s market captioning will reach 3 trillion dollars.

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Analyst says that Apple will continue with iPhone 13 in the company’s speed 2022. In the new year, the iPhone 13 is estimated to grow in the cell. This will also happen because the demand for the iPhone 13 Series was very high in the fourth quarter of 2021 but the company was not successful in fulfilling the supply.

Due to Corona Pandemic, the effect of chip shortage in the world was seen which Apple had to bear. In the last 3 months of last year, the demand for 1.2 million iPhone 13 units could not be completed. This means that there was a decrease in supply from the company to 1.2 million customers who wanted to buy iPhone 13.

Research has said that the demand for iPhone 13 handsets will continue continuously until the middle of 2022. This in other words, Apple iPhone 13 series has proved to be a hit series. Due to popularity, this series will be liked by the customer until the Apple iPhone 14 series does not knock in the market. Analysts say Apple’s iPhone could launch 14 series company by 2022 Sitnbr K But until then will continue to demand the iPhone 13.


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