Top 5 Live Chat Tips to Improve Customer Service 2022

Tips for Live Chat Support to Your Customers

Customer satisfaction is the key to customer retentions & business sustainability. 83% of customer build loyalty when a brand prioritizes & resolves their queries. However, many companies are unable to provide effective & timely customers service. Why? It’s difficult to establish an SOP, train staff, and deal with multiples complex customers issues.

An efficient solutions that emerged recently was live chat support. Live chat customer service is a conversation with the customers in real time that addresses their pain point & blocker. It is an online tool that allow interaction with the clients, the recording of transcript & the sharing of resources. Simply put, it fills in all the gap in the prevailing customers support systems.

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Need for a live chat support system

Live chat support can strengthen customer relationship, which strengthen your business goals. Customers satisfaction is a non negotiable aspect of a business & live chat services take businesses one step closer to that. However, there are some problems that companies face with live chat systems, such as:

  • Lack of personalization,
  • Lack of trained people,
  • Missing SOPs, and
  • Prolonged hours to resolve a complex query.

Benefits of Live Chat Support

Live chat service benefits are not confined to customer service. Not only is it crucial for customer service team, but also the marketing & sales team can leverage this tools. Here are advantages that live chat support offer that could potentially boost your business growth by 4-8% in the market.

Information about the customer pain point

Realtime conversation with customer not only solve your problems, but also equip you with your pain point. If you get recurring comment or queries in your inbox, you may need to look for an effective solution that will handle it permanently.

For example, you may receive many DMs regarding the refunds policy from the shipping cart page. Then adding more detail to the same effect on individual product pages would increase customers satisfaction. 80% of customers service team rely on customers satisfaction insight & review to improve.

Tips for Providing Live Chat Support

1. Aim for quick responses

90% of customer want a quick response from the brands. But how fast? 10 second? 1 minute? 5 minutes? 60% of customers dial fast like 10 minute wait time. Timely responses are crucial to customer service.

They are the real deciding factors. With live chat supports, accepting a chat request and eventually resolving a query takes time, especially if there is a lot of chats supports traffic. However, agent should try to juggle a few customer at a time to reduce wait time.

2. Benefits of live chat support

An agent cannot have answer to all queries. A crucial role in timely response is transferring the chats to the correct departments. The correct agents would be quicker with responses.

In addition, it improves the relevance of the offered solutions. Therefore, all department must cooperate to achieve customer satisfactions. Next, a good customer service teams must also collaborate with the marketings, sales, and product teams to ensure 100% customer satisfactions.

3. Use web analytics

Web analytics can help you deliver a relevant & personalized solutions to the customers. It consists of the recent pages the user visited on the site & help the agent map out the customer journey. As a result, the agent obtains a brief history of the client & improves the offered solutions. The agent can give a better response that correct the query, eliminating unnecessary friction.

4. Consistent brand voice

Whether it’s content or customer supports, having a consistent brand voice help establish brands image & improves brand recognition. Improves the relationships with the client by distinguishing the messaging.

In addition, it separates you from your competitor and optimizes the impression of your brands. For example, Zomato always look like a brands with puns & a comedic brand voice. Therefore, sticking to a brand voice can have a critical impact on brand reputation.

5. Automate

As mentioned above, your agent cannot works 24/7. Therefore, taking the helping hand of AI and automating processes can extend customer supports hours. Additionally, AI enables quick responses, saves money, and collect more information about the users.

However, you cannot totally trust these as they would remove the human touch. After all, 69% of customers prefer realtime communication to chatbots. It cover the hours outside the office of the agent & keep the customer service active at all times.

6. Appropriate training

Agent play an important role in live chat support services. They are the front face and interact with customer. So giving them the right training to starts a conversation, continue the interaction, resolve queries, switch channel, and close the right way gives them an edge.

Additionally, having agent with cross departmental knowledge promotes self sufficiency, which improves response time. You can hire staff to provide training or have short training session to equip agents with the right skill set and knowledge.


70% of customers are satisfied after a live chat supports session compared to 61% over emails & 44% over phone. Live chat is appreciated and chosen by the customers. Businesses need to embrace technology & use it efficiently to bridge the gap between customers satisfactions.

These were 5 tips that increase the efficiency of your live chat support systems. There are only four key aspect to successful live chat supports relevance, empathy, conciseness, & personalization. If you achieve these four goal, you will probably masters the customer service tool live chat.


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