MUTUAL FUND: What is 15-15-15 Rule in MUTUAL FUND

What is 15-15-15 Rule in MUTUAL FUND

In this article we will discuss What is 15-15-15 Rule in MUTUAL FUND.

To increase wealth, mutual funds have emerged as a great option in Corona period. The current speed of these are still intact. In the last one and a half years, many schemes have given a sturdy return.

Rather, during this time investors have increased the money manifold. That is why there are many questions in the mind of mutual funds investors at this time, whether they should book profits, should stop their existing SIP or take advantage of the market. There is a magnificent 15-15-15 Rule in MUTUAL FUND, which will help you to find answers to such questions.

15-15-15 Rule in MUTUAL FUND

Now as you know well that Mutual Fund can help you increase property. Keep a simple rule in such a way that will help you to find out 3 aspects related to investment in mutual funds.

  • The amount that you need to save every month to reach your financial goal
  • How long will you have to invest
  • How much growth will you need to reach the goal of Rs 1 crore

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Understand the rule 15-15-15 in Mutual Fund investment

This rule uses three times 15 figures representing all 3 factors (annual returns, number of investment years and required growth rates). So to deposit the amount of Rs 1 crore, the annual growth of 15 percent and 15 years i.e. 15 * 12 months and the amount of Rs. 15000 per month will help to reach your goal.

Any person can benefit from Rs. 73 lakh on the investment of 27 lakh rupees in the 15-year tenure. For better recovery of your targeted target, you have to pay attention to the adsted amount for inflation and goal.

Investments should be done for long time. But there is no talk of investing. Rather keep an eye on this regularly. Review your portfolio. Keep checking the return of every scheme.

If there is no benefit in a fund then change the fund with advice from knowledge. Go to the fund where the objective is expected to be more.

Only after taking money from any fund, it should be considered when the financial goal has been received or it is going to happen. If the goal is to be completed and you give money to it, give such advice to know because if you drop the market at one of your time, the fund will decrease.

Therefore, knowledgeable says that by completing the target, invest in non-risk options like FD and invest. With the rest of the time, pay attention to the returns of schemes and get your priority to get out of the less benefit scheme.


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