Facebook Changed it Name to Meta | Facebook New Name for Company’s Expansion in AR & VR

Facebook name meta

Have you heard that facebook have changed its name to meta its is because they see AR, VR as the future and its aligns with the new rebranding of facebook. Mark Zuckerberg shared picture from its social media account on instagram & facebook saying Welcome Meta.

Facebook Changed it Name to Meta

On their new brand page i.e meta.com they have displayed “connection is evolving so are we” this shows they know people were not using facebook as a whole they were spending more time on Instagram or either other social media platforms, to avoid thier platform dysfunctioning they rebranded thier facebook company name to Meta.

Future Plans of Facebook With Meta

Thier Meta home page is showing “Metaverse will be the social” which shows company vision in AR & VR technology. Facebook has vision to expand in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Smart Glasses, etc.

In the facebook keynote he shared his vision for meta and also explained how metaverse will change the future of internet. He also said video becomes the main way people consume content today. Metaverse will change how people connect today, shop, learn and perform any activity on the internet. He also said Metverse will be the successor of the mobile internet.

Facebook Horizon Worlds

In the keynote he also shared different metaverse experiences could feel like for a normal human being.They have heavy plans for thier future in AR world. With thier metaverse concept people can play games, attend parties, enjoy experiences with thier Horizon Worlds.

Facebook oclus meta horizon worlds

With Meta/Oclus Horizon worlds anyone can create, explore and experience things together. Currently its in beta version however you can regester for horizon Worlds beta program. You can signup with this link: https://www.oculus.com/facebook-horizon/sign-up/

You guys can also signup with your facebook account for horizon worlds creators program.

Let’s see how facebook rebranding will help Meta expand and grow its vision to Mark’s vision.



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