Home News Jio 5G Phones Just to Cost Rs 2500 !

Jio 5G Phones Just to Cost Rs 2500 !

Jio 5G Phones To Cost Rs 2500

Jio 5G Phones at Rs 2500: 80-90% Cheaper 5G Phones Possible In India?

Reliance Jio is now all ready to enter the lucrative and highly sought-after Jio 5G phone market in India.

According to the unnamed Jio employee exposure, they will soon be selling 5G phones for just Rs 2,500.

The cheapest 5G phone available right now costs Rs 25,000.

How Jio 5 phone sell only at Rs 2500 ?

Jio 5G Phones To Cost Rs 2500:

Jio’s plan is to launch a new 5G phone for less than Rs 5,000 and then ramp up production to bring the cost down to Rs 2,500-3,000. Jio aims to sell Rs 20 crores of such 5G phones, and according to the information received, the sales volume will reduce the cost.

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90% Cheaper 5G Phones introduce by Jio:

The cheapest 5G phone in India is Oneplus Nord, which currently costs Rs 25,000. Hence, if Jio can sell 5G phones for Rs 5,000, then it will be 80% cheaper than the cheapest 5G phone right now, and if the price drops to Rs 2,500, then it will be 90% cheaper.

Since Jio was the first to launch free 4G phones with a deposit of Rs 1,500, it looks like Jio’s next breakthrough will be 5G phones.

Chairman Mukesh Ambani has already stated that they want to make India 2G free by turning all 35 million 2G users into 4G and 5G users and sparking a new wave of digital waves in the country.

Google has already invested Rs 34,000 crores in Jio and plans to roll out 5G services in India as soon as possible.

Could Rs 2,500 5G Jio phones be the catalyst India needs?



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