Personal Branding in 2021: A Social Media Revolution

personal branding

The importance of personal branding in 2021 is slowly paying richer dividends than expected. Personal branding has become the new mantra for staying ahead of the competition.

The main question that arises is:

Why should we go for personal branding?

Personal branding has improved the efficiency in job hunting, client connections, and growing your own business. Whether you are a businessman or a job seeker, personal branding exposes you to your targeted consumers.

It is that one opportunity you need to sell yourself properly and it is that one particular time that you must deliver value to your listeners.

So, if you have still not started with growing your personal brand, it’s high time that you get started.

This article will show you three ways you can build your personal brand from scratch.

The only thing that will drive you to build your personal brand is consistency.

So, no matter what you are doing, make sure you do it consistently for at least a quarter to see visible results.

1. Leverage the social media platform: 

It is important that you make yourself presentable over social media. Our thoughts, our actions, and our posts can tell people what to expect from us.

LinkedIn has been growing at an accelerated rate when it comes to building personal brands. The congregation of recruiters, clients, and business partners, begins here. Personal brands on LinkedIn can help users gain a lot of traction.

Channelized branding over social media has shown a return of investment of more than 75%. It goes ahead to show the power that social media has that can help you grow, develop and continue your business.

2. Start your own website: 

Your website is your identity. If we are not having a website, it means that we don’t exist.

If you are a content writer, then you would surely like to show your clients the work that you’ve done. If you are an artist, you would love your portraits to be viewed & appreciated as well.

This is where websites come into play.

Websites help you in developing your brand, growing your business as well as connecting with the right people who share an interest similar to yours.

Hosting your website can be quite tricky.

There are numerous web hosting platforms, but selecting the best web hosting platform might be a little difficult.

We recommend you look into it. at least 5 alternatives before making the final choice.

3. Make the best use of video content: 

Start your YouTube channel. Or gear up for your Instagram reels. What is going to last forever is video content.

Studies have shown that videos have a higher retention rate, better return on investment, and lower bounce rate.

With videos, you can share a story that can inspire people & help you develop your personal image.

Brand means that you are giving the recruiters, the clients, and your business partners a chance to connect with you.

Bottom line:

 Personal branding is not just about making LinkedIn posts. It is a combination of connecting with the right people, growing your reach, and staying consistent.

The brand that you can be today is yourself and your biggest brand identity is going to be the skill that you are going to deliver.

Stay relevant, stay connected!


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