Petrol price & Diesel prices Reached At The Record Level

Petrol price

At the global level, the impact of making new records of crude oil prices has also been at the price of petrol, diesel. Because of this, Petrol and Diesel Rate (Petrol and Diesel Rate) in the country reached the highest level. In the major cities of the country, on Wednesday, there was 26-30 paise in petrol prices and 34-37 paise in the price of diesel. After this recent increase, petrol prices have reached Rs 102.94 per liter in Delhi. Similarly, the price of diesel has been Rs 91.42 per liter.

Petrol rate in Mumbai reached Rs 108.96 per liter and diesel prices at Rs 99.17 per liter. Petrol prices in Kolkata reached Rs 103.65 per liter and diesel value at Rs 94.53 per liter. To buy liter of petrol in Chennai, you have to pay Rs 100.49 and 95.93 rupees to buy diesel।

Petrol and diesel prices are different in different states. It depends on the local level tax.

Meanwhile, the metropolis gas has increased by 2.59 rupees per kg and PNG in the price of CNG and Rs 2.27 per SCM.

Petrol price in Noida

Petrol prices in Noida reached 100.24 per liter. At the same time you have to spend 92.04 rupees to buy a liter diesel. Petrol prices in Ghaziabad reached Rs. 100.02 per liter and diesel prices at Rs 91.84 per liter.

Petrol price in Patna, Lucknow

In Bihar’s capital Patna, the value of petrol reached Rs 10.89 per liter. Similarly, diesel prices reached Rs 97.85 per liter. After the recent increase, petrol prices in Lucknow crossed the level of 100 rupees per liter. The price of a liter petrol in the city reached Rs 100.01 per liter. Diesel prices have also been Rs 91.85 per liter.


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