Top 5 High Paying Skills of the Future 2022

High Paying Skills of the Future

High Paying Skills – Leading organization are in a never ending search for employees who possess the best skill & the most sought after skill. Although there are numerous skill technical & non technical that people must have for high paying job & a great career, these qualities also have an order of predominance.

Some skill are in higher demand than other. Startupcrow has compiled a list of the highest paying skills in demand in 2022. These skill will ensure you never find yourself out of a job.

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Top High Paying Skills

1. Software coding and improvement

Tech and IT companies pay great salaries to people who have excellent coding skill. By hiring such people, these companies can develop amazing product & provide the best of services. Therefore, coding is one of the most in demand skill in 2022. It is a perennial skills that will guarantee a promising career if you can become an experts in it.

2. Networking Development

The entire world has become a unified entity thanks to the power of the Internets. And you need people who can keep the World Wide Web running. These people are networks engineer, administrator, & architects. And they all have one skills in common: network development & administration.

There is no shortage of networking related certification the list is quite extensive & includes CCNA, CCIE, JNCP & many other. Clearly, network development/engineering is an important job given the number of certification out there. Computer networking was & will continue to be a fundamental skills not only in 2022, but also one of the most populars skill in the futures.

3. Soft skills

Organization need employees who can complement strong technical skill with strong interpersonal skill. Your gestures, way of speaking, communication skills & body language are some example of interpersonal skills. Eye contact is anothers crucial factors.

Why soft skills? Technical expertise is useless if one cannot explain the same thing to other. The audience rarely pay attention to presentations and seminars where the speaker is unable to convey the intended message despite having a detailed presentation. (High Paying Skills)

Another benefit of honing your personal skill is the increased chance of cracking interview. If you can verbally convince the interviewer why you’re a good fit for the job opening, he or she may overlook his technical weaknesses. Remember, excellent communication skill won’t save you if he speak well but doesn’t dress properly.

4. Algorithm Designer

Algorithms power machines, software, & various other things. And someone need to design these algorithms through analytical & logical thinking. The branch of engineering that deals with algorithm is known informally as algorithmic engineering.

Can everyone design algorithm that have practical application? Probably not. This high earning skill require the ability to think outside the box, performs complex calculation when they arise, and put seemingly disparate pieces together. If you can master the skill of algorithms design, tech giant like Google, Facebook, DE Shaw and others will welcome you into their workforce. But this well paid skills of 2022 is not for you if math equation & research works scare you. (High Paying Skills)

5. User interface designer

Mobile apps, websites, software apps. you need a user interface for everything digitals. What is a user interface UI? The user interface connect the hardware with the software & allows user to performs operation smoothly.

With various mobile and web applications being released every other day, the requirements for UI designer is at an all time high. And UI design isn’t just about putting a few buttons here and there. The ideal user interface design connect with the customer on an intimate level. In addition to providing access to feature & functionality, a well designed user interface makes it easy for customer to use.

UI designers are well paid in today’s times. If you’re creative, have a passion for design, know how to use tool like Adobe After Effect & Sketch like a pro, and understand the consumers perspective, you can make big money as a UI designer, a technical skill in high demand in 2022.

6. Data science

In these fast paced times, all organization want to stay ahead of their competitors with strategic planning and sound decision making at the right time. What helps an organization make better decisions is the insights hidden in its huge volumes of data. So today, one standout skill that is gaining in popularity is data science. It refers to the use of mathematic and statistic, scientific methods, algorithms, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to extract actionable insights hidden in an organization’s noisy or unstructured data. Due to the increasing demand in the market, data science is one of the highest paid skills today.

7. Content Creation

Content is what makes a brands or its ads speak for themselves. Once upon a time, text was the only form of content, but over time content has branched out into various other form, all of which are successful in their own way. We can see many writing bots in the market, however, the need for talented content writer can never go away. Also, although content writing is relevant today, audio and video content has also grown at an incredible rate and is on par with content. (High Paying Skills)

Content is among the most in demand skills & acts as the main ingredient in preparing a flawless marketing mix, keeping content creation in the demand it deserves.

8. Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the cutting edge technologies whose demand is increasing rapidly. Blockchain can be defined as the systems of recording informations in a way that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to hack, change, or cheat the systems. Therefore, blockchain is a technology that is empowering digital security and therefore a desperate need of the times.

We can see many new Blockchain companies springing up today. Blockchain is a relatively new technology and can easily rank among the most in demand skill for the futures. (High Paying Skills)


If you start working on these core skill, you can build a great career for yourself, earn money, and build a brands. And rest assured, these competitions will remain populars for a long times.


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