New Online Revolution Is Started Due To COVID-19 | B2B Startups Are Booming In This Pandemic

B2B Startups Are Booming In This Pandemic

Due to COVID-19, there are a lot of offline businesses that have completely ended, and either their market has come to a standstill but due to this, there are many companies that are growing too much. The businesses in the field of online education and e-commerce have taken a lot of growth in this pandemic.

Due to Coronavirus, a new revolution of online has started, due to which many people who were not even aware of online are thinking of switching their business online or have done so far as well as all the retail shops are fast shifting to online.

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According to the indoor supply chain startup ShopKirana, he has grown more than 30% in his business. In this coronavirus pandemic, he says that all the retail shops that had before Coronavirus were moving very slowly online or not. But due to this pandemic, a large number of retail shops are coming online.

If we talk about why so many retailers are shifting online, the biggest reason for this is that due to coronavirus, many people make online payments, but wholesalers take case payments from retailers. Because wholesalers do not have good facilities. B2B startups such as ShopKirana take online payments, and all retailers order online if they need any goods. It can also conduct its business very well online. Read the Report.


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