Top 5 Best Marketing Automation Software 2022

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing is a very important aspect of any business. If your marketing effort are in the right direction, you can increase your brand awareness & conversion rate. Marketer do a lot of thing, from creating content strategies, capturing & nurturing lead, managing customer information, creating ad campaigns, scheduling task, and much more.

All these tasks require a lot of time & energy. Although if you want to save time & increase your productivity and sales, you can use marketing automation tool to put these tedious task on autopilot.

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What is marketing automation software

Marketing automation software is a tool that automate marketing related action & task. This type of tool can streamline marketing workflow & help measure the overall success of marketing related campaigns & accompanying strategies.

The best marketing automations software will provide you with a central, easy to manage database that will have all your interaction and information in one place. In turn, this help create timely, efficient, and conversion driven marketing campaigns across several different types of platform.

Best Marketing Automation Software

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub
  • Oracle Eloqua
  • Pardot
  • SendinBlue
  • EngageBay

HubSpot Marketing Automation Software


When you think of a marketing automation tools, the first thing that comes to mind is HubSpot. The tool has an immense reputation in the markets. With this tool, you can streamline your entire business workflow in one place. No need to switch between different program.

With the easy to use visual editor, you can create workflow specific to your email campaign or multi stage journeys. Advanced targeting lets you decide which audience will sign up for which workflow and when.

Pricing :-

  • Starter – $45/mo
  • Professional – $800/mo
  • Enterprise – $3,200/mo

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation Software

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Tools

Oracle Eloqua is an all-in-one marketing tools with which you can nurture lead, get detailed analytics, automate workflow, & manage cross channel B2B marketing campaign. Segment your user based on web visits, specific attributes, interests, and geography.

Easily create campaigns using the drag & drop editor. Get statistics on what users are doing on your website in real time. Use SMS messaging to send event reminder, product updates, or get feedback.

Pricing :-

  • Basic – $2,000/mo
  • Standard – $4,000/mo

Pardot Marketing Automation Software

Pardot Marketing Automation Software

If you’re in a B2B business, Pardot by Salesforce is a perfect marketing automation tools. With this tool, you can build relationship with your customers and increase your income. Pardot gives you real time sales alert, lead activity tracking, & sales campaign tracking.

With the drag & drop editor, you can create landing pages & form. Get highly profitable leads with Pardot automated lead scoring feature. Put your common marketing & sales tasks on autopilot.

Pricing :-

  • Growth – $1,250/mo
  • Plus – $2,500/mo
  • Advanced – $4,000/mo

SendinBlue Marketing Automation Software

With SendinBlue, you can automate all your tedious marketing effort, capture leads, segment your audience, and send the right message at the right time via email & SMS.

You can set up a workflow & create a set of rules that trigger an action that you want to take for your prospect. This includes sending email and SMS automatically, organizing contact into different lists, and updating your database in real time. Automate lead scoring & A/B split testing.

Pricing :-

  • Lite – $25/mo
  • Premium – $65/mo

EngageBay Marketing Automation Software

EngageBay Marketing Automation Software

Most of the tool on this list focus on automating your marketing & sales effort. But, EngageBay also automate your support systems. This allows you to provide top notch after sales service to your customer.

You can set up live chat software on your website. Whenever user start a chat, your sales team will receive an instant notification. Find all the tickets raised by your customer in your control panel. You can set up standard responses for ticket. Create support groups based on department or skill and route your support ticket to the correct support groups.

Pricing :-

  • Basic – $11.99/mo
  • Growth – $39.99/mo
  • Pro – $79.99/mo


As you can see, all the tool will help you automate your works, but you should not choose a software randomly. Understand your business need, budget, and technical expertise, and you’ll soon find the right tool. Since most of the tool come with a free trial, you can try them out first, and once you’re satisfied, you can purchase them.


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