CHUNAUTI Startup Challenge: IT Ministry Helps Next-Generation Startups

CHUNAUTI Startup Challenge

Almost all the startups coming in the future are software-based in India. Due to Coronavirus internet users have increased a lot in India. keeping this in mind. The Union Minister for Electronics and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad has launched a new challenge “CHUNAUTI”.

The IT minister of India announced on Friday that he was coming up with CHUNAUTI Startup Challenge which will help many startups and train him to pursue Indian startups.

All the small software-based startups in India, they will help them with the money and provide them all the facilities so that they can run their startup well in India, so that they have passed the entire 95.03-crore fund.

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Through this initiative around 300 software-based startups in Tier 2 State provided him Rs 25-25 lakhs each to start and scale their startup and also he provided all the IT related facilities, Guidance, paperwork, and legal guidance.

Under this challenge the Ministry of Electronics and IT will invite startups in the following areas of work edutech, agritech and fintech solutions for masses, supply chain, logistics and transportation management, infrastructure and remote monitoring, medical healthcare, diagnostic, preventive and psychological care, jobs and skilling, as well as linguistic tools and technologies.

Under this challenge, such startups will also benefit those who are thinking about starting a startup and they have a good idea, they will train them for 6 months and along with this, they will give them the support of 10000 per month in the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) at Muzaffarpur in Bihar.


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