Top 5 Ways Make Money from Printify on 2022

How Can You Make Money With Printify

A print on demands service that is designed to allow business owner to make custom designs to put on t-shirt, hoodies, and a few others product is what defines Printify. The company was founded by James Berdigans, Artis Kehris, and Gatis Dukurs and operates as a B2B marketplace connecting manufacturer with e-commerce store.

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Printify 5 Ways to Make Money

Printify makes it easy for store owner to focus on building their brand by taking care of mundane task like fulfilling order, including billing, manufacturing request, and shipping.

E-commerce business owner can print their design, logos, art, or photos on clothing, accessories, stationery, jewelry, home décor options, etc. using Printify & then sell them directly through their own online marketplace.

Printify attracted a $3 million investments in 2019 from Bling Capital, which was founded by Ben Ling, a former general partner at Khosla Ventures. Ling said: Printify is perfectly positioned to enable the new trend of micro & boutique brand. Consumer & SMB alike can benefits from Printify fast, affordable & high quality printing platforms.

How to generate income from Printify

A Printify stores only generate revenue if consumer shop at it. There are a few step entrepreneurs can take to increase their income on Printify :-

1. Create a website


This option requires a certain amounts of monetary investments, time and some other resources. It allows the entrepreneur to create his own space and organize it his way. It also allow the entrepreneur to have full controls over how the consumers views the business & its products offerings.

2. Expand e-commerce footprints

Limiting the exposure of the business & its product to a single e-commerce site is counterproductive to its expansion & growths. Printify offer integrations with WooCommerce, eBay, Shopify, Wix, Etsy, and more that broaden horizons & exposure. Each pathway open the door to a whole new demographics of potential customer.

3. Monetize YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most populars & accessible video services in the worlds. It’s a great platforms that’s easy to use to organically feature a Printify products. A piece of Printify equipment can be used during the video that resonates with the audience without specifically talking abouts it. It also multiplies the possibility of a sale or an affiliation. All of this is in addition to becoming a YouTube partner by fulfilling certain condition & being accepted by the relevant arbitration board.

4. Mobilize Tiktok

The demographic that this video maker app appeals to is the young generations. It’s a good idea to make a series of videos compatible with a personal skill or idea. It’s good for grabbing the attention of a large audience, who can then be guided to a landing page. Another idea is to feature video contents from Printify products store launches & use it in some sort of story, plot, or theme. The idea is to engage the public. However, the app is not available in India. But users outside the country can definitely use the platform to get the most value out of it.

5. Unique graphics design

If the entrepreneur is equipped with an educationals degree in artistic fields, such as a Printify store owners, this skill can be used to create personal designs that are unique & different, that are engaging & have an emotional connection with people. There are some program that can be used to create these design.


The contemporary eCommerce ecosystems thrives on innovative thinking and a strong desire for success. As effective as these method are, the more resourceful the store owner is in attracting customer, the better the chances for business expansion & growths.


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